Trouble Loves Company


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Scene Title Trouble Loves Company
Synopsis Tess drops in on Quinn at Ichihara and the pair become fast friends.
Date October 4, 2010

Ichihara Bookstore

It’s been far, far too long since the last time Quinn actually went to work at Ichihara – long enough that she had been rather surprised that she still had a job, leaving poor Lydia and Kaylee, as far as she knew, to tend to the place on their own. Lydia haven’t even been in most of the day – long enough for Quinn to say she was coming in today, and she hadn’t really seen much of her since. So, besides dealing with the occasional customer, Quinn had taken to organising the shelves. She already knew where everything should be, at least category-wise. If she could master a two story Barnes & Noble, she could learn this place easy.

Or at least, she had been. There hasn’t been customer for a bit, and Quinn is has long since been past bored. Sitting behind the corner gets old after a while, so she’s pulled a book off the shelves – a romance novel, something she wouldn’t normally read, particularly given that most normal romance novels don’t do anything for her.

But then, who can pass up a book called Mean Heat?

It's a good thing that a customer comes in to relieve the boredom of the day! Tess comes in, almost identical to how Quinn saw her before, right down to the gloves and backpack and big grin on her face. Does nothing get this girl down for long? She shuts the door behind her and wanders a few feet in, glancing over the books to her left, then her right, then continuing forward.

It's a moment before she notices the clerk behind the counter, and a moment more before recognition hits. "Oh hey! You're that Somethin' Quinn chick from the salon! The one who's pretty but not as pretty as me! Hi! How's it going?" she asks, beaming and starting towards Quinn.

Tess’ arrival doesn’t really cause Quinn to look up at first – normally she’s more enthusiastic about bouncing to a customer’s aid, but to be truthful she’s half asleep from boredom, half wrapped up in the amusement presented by the book in front of her. Cowboys. Honestly. But when she hears Tess’s voice, her attention is grabbed almost immediately, Quinn looking up and regarding her with amusement.

“Somethin’ Quinn, eh? So I’m not memorable enough t’ remember m’ first name, then?” Quinn’s bookmark is retrieved and slipped into the pages of her romance novel, the book set a bit to the side as she smiles at Tess. “Robyn. And you’re Tess, yes?” She doesn’t respond to the comment of who’s prettier, simply offering a smile. “You’ve found me at my more mundane job, I’m afraid. So it’s going… mundanely. And you?”

Tess grins, wholly unapologetic. "Lots of names. And I'm a busy girl! I can't be expected to remember everyone's names! Besides, I remembered one of your names, so that's somethin'. I'll just call you Quinn. Make it easy. And yep, I'm Tess, but what do you mean about mundane job? What's your other job? Do you breathe fire? Parachute into warzones? Tame tigers? Oooh, that'd be so fuckin' awesome. The tigers. They're so pretty! Maybe I should learn how to tame tigers! That'd be so much more awesome than workin' in a salon or strippin'. Especially since I don't actually have either of those jobs yet," she says, barely taking a breath. As usual.

“Jesus Christ, take a breath!” Quinn stares at Tess for a moment, before laughing. “You talk a mile a minute, it’s hard t’ keep up.” She shakes her head, leaning forward against the counter, eyeing Tess for a moment before she speaks. “Okay, t’s nothing that excitin’. Well, strippin’ might be, but it’s not my thing, an’ it might be harder t’ find teh crowd I’d like t’ strip for.” She laughs, shrugging. “I’m a DJ at a club. An’ in a band. I do a lot of music related stuff when I’m not stuck in awesome bookstores.” Fingers drum on teh counter for a moment before the Irish woman looks around the room. “Is there anythin’ I can help you find while you’re here?”

Mention of music has Tess perking up. "Oooooh. A band? Band's are awesome! What sorta music do you play? What instrument do you play? Do you sing? I sing, and it sounds good," she says, grinning broadly. "DJ's cool too, but not nearly as cool as actually makin' the music that DJs play. And nah, I was just lookin' around. Figured maybe I'd find a good book on the sights so I can hit cool places'n take pictures. I have a whole album that's just ready to be filled with New York City pictures!"

“I’m sure we have a few books on stuff like that… I can’t promise it’s all the most up t’ date stuff, but I’m sure we’ve got somethin’.” Quinn leans up and away from the counter, meandering around to Tess’ side. “I play a bunch. Violin, piano, guitar, bass. An’ yeah, I sing. If you do too, the club I work at does karaoke an’ the like sometime. You should come by an’ show off, you seem like you’d like that!” Quinn turns, making her way over to one of the shelves, scanning it. “As for the band it’s hard t’ say yet. We’re still gettin’ started. I do solo stuff, though. What do you do, besides take pictures?”

"Oh, it doesn't have to be that up to date. I'm sure I'll find stuff not in a book anyway," Tess says, shrugging and following after Quinn. "Right now I mostly run around and take pictures. Pause for some socializin' and some job huntin'. But I don't just run, I do parkour. It's really fun. You're all jumpin' and leapin' and spinnin' and flippin' and stuff. It's awesome. Plus, so much cooler than drivin'!"

“Oooh!” Quinn sounds intrigued at the mention of parkour, even as she pulls down a book on teh sights of New York down from the top of a shelf. “I’ve always thought that kinda stuff looked really cool. But I have two left feet, I could never pull it off m’self. That’s awesome that you can actually do stuff like that!” There’s a paus as she looks over the book, before offering it over to Tess. “If you’re looking for some money, the club I work at is doin’ a big thing this comin’ weekend, an’ it’d be really cool t’ get someone in some blacklight clothes an’ have ‘em run around as part of the show.”

"Oh pfft. You could totally do it. I'll teach ya if you like. It really is fun. Plus, good way to see the city, no traffic jams, and plenty of photo opts!" Tess says with yet another dimple-filled grin. She takes the book, flipping through it as she continues to talk. "Hmm…You talkin' just one night? I dunno. Maybe. Could be cool, but really lookin' for somethin' more long term. Or a lil' less short-term anyway. Though I do like odd jobs."

She glances up, smirking faintly. "Back in New Orleans, I worked for a while as a tour guide, takin' people through the cities of the dead. The cemeteries, yanno? Since all the graves there are above ground, we've got all this really fancy crypts'n stuff. It's pretty cool, and if you go at night, there's a total creep factor. It's awesome on Halloween. Especially if you give the tour in a grim reaper costume."

“Eh,” Quinn says with a dismissive wave of her hand. “I can barely kick at someone without fallin’ on my own ass. That shit you do? Whew. I’d probably split my head open.” Quinn shakes her head, hands slipping into her jeans pocket as she walks her way back around the counter. “Maybe. I dunno, she might make it regular. I’m not really in charge. And maybe we could get more, that would be cool…” Quinn trails off, clearly beginning to form an idea in mind.

“New Orleans? I’ve never been further south than Jersey. I think I’d just be kinda… lost down there. Mum might like it cause a’ the French heritage, though. If I ever go, I’ll be sure t’ ask you about the sights first!”

Tess busts out laughing. "Lost? Quinn, you live in New York. It's not exactly easy to navigate. Plus, more traffic. I mean, yeah, there is some chaos from Katrina and all that, but it's still fuckin' awesome. You've got the Cajun food, all the music, the whole occulty thing, the accents. People here talk so weird I miss the way we talk back home." She sighs softly. "Sucks dad doesn't want anything to do with me. Be nice to hear someone else talk like I do."

“I barely get around here. I liked it better in Boston, at least when it came t’ gettin’ around.” Quinn gives a bit of a shrug as she leans back down against the counter, taking the book she had been reading up in hand. “You think people talk weird here? You should come t’ Ireland sometime. I thought the same thing when I moved t’ Boston from there.” The last comment of Tess’ gets a bit of raised eyebrow. “Now, wait a second. Doesn’t want anythin’ t’ do with you? I mean, my dad an’ I don’t get along, but I just can’t imagine that…”

Tess moves back to the counter, putting the book on it and digging in her backpack for her wallet as she shrugs, her tone nonchalant. "Yeah, well, he tried to shove a bunch of money at me'n tell me to leave the city, then started talkin' 'bout my mom. He never knew I existed, see? So the money I could've dealt with. He talked about my mama though, so I had to punch him."

“Sounds like a dick,” Quinn offhandedly comments, before covering her mouth. “S-Sorry. I mean, I guess I shouldn’tt alk about someone else’s dad like that. But it sounds like he kinda deserved gettin’ knocked around. That’s kinda sad, though, haavin’ a dad who doesn’t know about you, then havin’ him be all like that when you meet him. You’re doin’ well, though?”

Tess blinks at Quinn for a moment before she busts out laughing and shrugs. "He seems like a dick. Everyone who knows him says so, and that he's a womanizer and drunk and all around unpleasant guy. Plus, what guy who isn't a dick tries to pay his daughter to leave town? I mean, it's not even like I talked to him bunches, but whatever. I'm good. Been enjoyin' the city. It's way different from home, but not in a bad way. Even got a cell phone! It's all shiny and pretty and plays music!" she says, beaming at Quinn.

Tess’ enthusiasm over possessing a cell phone gets a bit of a confused look from Quinn. “At least you’re not lettin’ it get you down, then. That’s the way t’ go about things, if you ask me. Stay happy an’ stay hopeful, don’t let things get you down. Doesn’t always work, but it always helps.” Quinn gaves a bit of a nod as she leans over to the register, beginning to ring up the tourism book that she had picked out for Tess. “Did you just want the one book, then?”

"Yep, just the one. Though I might be back later for another. Who knows!" Tess says, shrugging and pulling out cash to hand over to Quinn. "And I don't let anything get me down. What'd be the point in that? Then you just get all depressed'n mopey and waste your life worryin' about what isn't instead of enjoyin' what is. No way to live your life, if you ask me. So my dad doesn't want me, so what? He will. And in the mean time, there're other people who like me."

“Feel free t’ come by anytime, even if you’re not picking up a book. We get a good amount of traffic here, but sometimes it gets slow, so it’s nice t’ have someone t’ talk to.” Quinn gives a bit of a grin as she takes the cash and returns Tess’ change in kind. “Like I said, is you ask me, that’s the way t’ do things. Hell, maybe your dad’ll se you happy and be like ‘shit. I could be happy with her.”

Money is taken, tucked away in the backpack along with the book, and Tess grins. "Well, how 'bout I give you my cell number and we can hang out sometime? I like hangin' out. And I could show you some parkour, even if you don't wanna learn yourself. Oh, oh! And maybe…maybe you can teach me to play an instrument or somethin'!" she says brightly.

Quinn grins wide at Tess, pulling her bag up from behind the counter, digging around inside. “I can’t argue with a pretty girl who wants t’ give me her number,” she says with a laugh as she pulls out an iPhone, the upper corner of its screen visibly cracked. “I’d certainly love t’ teach you how t’ play somethin’. Always fun t’ spread music a bit futher. Plus, I can’t turn down watchin’ someone do some of that cool freerunnin’ stuff.”

There's a pause, her head tilting while she considers Quinn, then brightens again. "You know what I'd like to do? I take pictures, yanno, but like, maybe I could be a photographer! Take pictures for money! That'd be all awesome. And you could be my first model! Like, the first real model!"

Quinn blinks, blushing noticeably as Tess basically tells her she thinks she could be a model. “That… could be fun,” she replies after a moment, still blushing. “I imagine there’s a lot of ways t’ make money takin’ pictures. I say do what’s most fun – that’s why I want t’ make a livin’ playin’ music. So, if you enjoy takin’ pictures so much, we’ll have t’ see what can be found for you t’ do.” She coughs, clearing her throat before addressing Tess again. “I think I could, um… try being a model. I’ve never considered anythin’ like that before.”

The blushing has Tess perking up and fumbling in her backpack for her camera. Poor Quinn gets several shots snapped of her with the color in her cheeks. "That's so cute! Keep blushin'! Can you blush on command? That'd be awesome for the pictures! And yeah, I love pictures. Pictures and parkour are my two totally favorite things. Aside from sex of course. That's gotta be number one. Well, maybe tied for first. Who knows!"

Quinn makes no attempt to hide from teh camera - not that she could, it’s out and snapping before she realises what’s going on. But her comments don’t help the blush, in fact it only deepens, a process caught entirely on film. “Ah- you’re going t’ get me in trouble, I think,” Quinn half teases, shaking her head. “I don’t think anything that can make me blush on command is suitable for film anyway,” she notes quietly. “I’m glad it works for your pictures, though.”

There's a bit of bright laughter. "That's fantastic!" Tess says, sounding delighted. "But how would I get you in trouble? I live for gettin' into trouble, but not the bad kind! I like the good, fun kinda trouble. It's the only kind there should be. Hmm…Suitable for film? I dunno. Maybe…maybe! I could be like, a photographer for Playboy or Playgirl or somethin'! Though I don't think those people blush much anymore, what with the published nudity and all that."

Quinn gives a laugh of her own. “Don’t worry about it,” she says, her blush really not fading that much. “Trouble can be fun and bad at the same time, I guess it really only depends on t he situation an’ all that.” Quinn gives a bit of a shrug, walking back around the camera. “I imagine those kinds a’ photoshoots get rather borin’ after a while anyway.”

"Pfft. No photoshoot can be borin'!" Tess says, waving a hand dismissively. "Nude or clothed, it's awesome. Besides, I could totally make a nude photoshoot fun. I could like, hit 'em with water balloons filled with paint, or give 'em whipped cream to play with. Or naked Twister! See? Lots of fun ideas. Just as many clothed too. You? Something music-y. A musician should have music stuff in her photos!"

“Maybe you can do photoshoots for my band,” Quinn comments offhandedly, giving a nod. “Though, I’d have t’ warn you about are guitarist. She’s far, far less subtle than I can be,” she says with a grin. “But I’d certainly find a way t’ pay you for that, once we’re at that point. That certainly would be a lot if fun, now that I think about it. And probably safer than nude photoshoots.”

The word 'subtle' has Tess staring at Quinn for a long moment before she grins broadly. "Like I'm subtle? I'm prolly the least subtle person you'll ever meet and I love it that way! Not shy either. Which is really funny sometimes. Like this guy once said I wouldn't dare strip down after I just met him, and, of course, I totally had to. I mean, he dared me. And I'd love to take pictures of your band. Oooh. Shopping excuse! If I'm gonna take like, really real pictures I so totally gotta get a better camera!" Some girls go nuts over shoe shopping, or clothes shopping. Tess? It's all about the cameras.

Quinn can’t help but stare at her for a second. “Tess, I think you an’ I are going t’ get a long fine, but can I ask you a favour? Please don’t ever drink with me. It won’t end well.” As to why, Quinn gives another wide grin. “I’m glad you like the idea. Sable’s a different kinda unsubtle though. She’ll see you an’ want t’ carry you off t’ bed, o be sure. Just fair warnin’.” Quinn gives a bit of a shrug, leaning against the counter. “Anyway, I’ll let ‘em know I found something for that! The band’s called Mad Muse, which I think is a pretty awesome name.”

"But, why not? I like drinkin', when people'll serve me. It really sucks only bein' twenty, you know. But! In a few months I turn twenty-one, and there had better be one hell of a party with lots of booze!" Tess says, grinning and shrugging. "And nothin' wrong with people wantin' to drag me off to bed. I'm picky 'bout the girls I sleep with, but if she's super pretty, who knows! If not, then maybe I'll just make out with her and go back to takin' pictures."

Quinn can’t help but laugh, reaching up and ruffling the just slightly shorter girl’s hair. “You’re going t’ fit in a little too well around here, I think,” she says happily, nodding a bit at Tess. “We should so somethin’ sometime soon, then, at the very least I can introduce you t’ the rest of the band, maybe have a few drinks. We could use another happy face around, at the very least.”

"Well, you've got my number! Call me whenever. I'm jobless for the moment, so I can be wherever whenever. Especially when there's meetage and fun stuff goin' on," Tess says, grinning and not bothering to straighten her hair after the ruffling.

“Sounds like a plan t’ me!” Quinn responds, pushing away from the counter. “Jobless? Well, I’ll have t’ see about makin’ sure you get somethin’ good for photo opin’ the band. An’ maybe some solo stuff. An’ I’ll talk t’ my boss about that parkour show, if you wre actually interested in that.”

"Yep. But it's cool. I've got savin's. And now I've got a direction to go! I should see about takin' some photography classes. They should be totally fun. And I'll think about the parkour thing. Prolly not though. I like enjoyin' parties, not workin' 'em, you know?" Tess says, winking and taking a few steps back towards the door.

“Please. Nothin’ says y’ can’t do both, trust me on that,” Quinn replies with a wink of her own, moving back around behind the counter. “Gimmie a call if you think you’re interested, though, an’ I’ll see if we find anyone else who’d be up for it. It’d be really cool t’ have afew people up an’ movin’ on stage all awesome like.” Quinn taps her foot, and then grins. “Enjoy your book. Feel free t’ come back an’ see me sometime. I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

"Ahh, but I don't have your number, just the other way 'round," Tess reminds with a grin. "But gimme and I'll give ya a call for sure," she says, pausing in her backwards progress to make grabby hands towards Quinn.

Quinn blinks, unable to believe she had forgotten such a crucial step in this process. A pen is grabbed from the desk, Quinn quickly scrawling her number down before making her way back across the counter and offering it over to Tess. “I’ll give you a call next time we practice, if nothin’ else. You’ll get t’ meet the band an’ a few of my friends. It’ll be a fun time.”

The number is taken, looked over, then tucked away in her backpack before Tess grins again. "Sounds good. I look forward to it. You take it easy, Quinn. Don't do anythin' I wouldn't do. Which, of course, means do whatever the hell you like!" And on that note, she turns and heads for the door, whistling some bouncy tune.

“The same t’ you!” Quinn practically shouts back, waving as Tess heads for the door. “An’ I don’t think we have t’ worry about that!” Unfortunately, Tess leaving means a return to having little to do, but there’s always the book she’s reading, and it’s not quite time to get off yet. Oh well! It was a welcome reprieve none the less, Quinn still grinning as she walks aback around the counter and opens her book.

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