Troubles Show No Sign of Ending for Tour

WASHINGTON — Hot on the heels of the gas-main eruption that cut the President-Elect's tour short, and amid unverified rumors of a failed attempt on his life, President-Elect Allen Rickham is now facing increased scrutiny by members of Congress after it was discovered on Thursday that his pick for Secretary of the Interior, Joshua Talbot, had connections with the Pro-Evolved terrorist organization PARIAH.

In a statement delivered this morniing by President-Elect Rickham's camp, he announced that he was unaware of Talbot's undisclosed involvement with PARIAH, and affirms his disapproval of the methods used by the former Pro-Evolved group, which was presumed disbanded last month during a government raid of their headquarters.

It was information obtained during this raid that led government investigators to a paper-trail of finances allegedly put forth by Joshua Talbot over the course of a year, money which may well have funded their illegal bombings and terror campaign.

This blow so shortly after the election has caused a growing level of discontent in Washington over Rickham's other cabinet choices, and further scrutiny is expected to fall on the President-Elect to determine his exact knowledge of Talbot's connection to the organization.

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