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Scene Title Truce
Synopsis Aaron and Wendy declare a truce.
Date October 26, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

Monday morning. It felt like a whole week he knew, and yet it's Monday morning. It hasn't been more than four days, in actuality, but Aaron still feels badly for not coming sooner. Here Peyton's gone back and forth several times, and he's been stuck at home with some self-imposed house arrest to prevent him from doing anything stupid. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Whether it's kept him out of trouble or not, Aaron has gone out. He hauls his guitar into St. Luke's, not entirely sure how he's going to react to the situation. And it's far darker than he was expecting. He may not be directly affected by the emotions of those around him, but he's emotionally so just by the knowledge of how much pain he sees as he walks down the corridors, inquiring at the desk where to find Wendy Hunter. He claims to be a friend, which could be true in some totally twisted way. Only if it is, what kind of friend is he?

When he approaches the door and sees three unfamiliar men watching it, he flusters his way through them saying he's a friend. But his real surprise doesn't quite come until he's entered Wendy's room, because she looks far better than most of the people in the hospital. She looks better than Peyton did. And that stops him from speaking too, instead he just stares in confusion.

Took a bit the previous night for Logan's manipulations to wear off and when they did Wendy was feeling better. Much better. It's not refrain, but damn close and close enough to ward off the hankering. She was going to get him something as a thanks when she was out of here. A thank you of some sort.

Doctors in, doctors out, brothers lurking, and two departing after Aaron's showed up so that they can go tend to their own families save for the youngest who just nods a chin and ambles off to flirt with a nurse. One can see that the Hunter clan all pull from the same genetic pool. No mistaking them.

Wendy's flipping through channels, dressed in proper PJ's as opposed to the tie back hospital ones. Flowers dot the room, a few teddy bears and a fruit basket. Empty bowl of coldstone ice cream scraped clean on the moveable table gives way to the slightly more gaunt than gangly brunette. The gauze swatched side of her face is hidden from view, just the fading bruises from Danko's rifle stock and wrapped left hand that has a few stunted fingers by an inch or two on it.

"Hey John, do you know if mom or dad is gonna stop at starbucks on their way in? I'd really kill for a caramel frappuchino" She looks over, assuming it's her directly older sibling and stops pressing buttons at the sight of Aaron. Second to last person she expected to see at the door. It brings her to silence which leaves just the beeping of the monitors, hiss of oxygen and the occasional beep from the IV stand.


"Hey back," Aaron says. She hasn't seem outwardly appalled at his being there, so he takes a tentative step into the room, sadness in his eyes. "I'm so sorry this happened to you." As though he could have stopped it or done something to prevent it. Well, for all he knows, he could have, but that's too many what ifs to go playing around with. "From how Peyton looked, I thought… you… you look OK, Wendy." He covers his mouth. No, that doesn't sound right either. "Your emotions aren't in as bad a shape as I expected." Another step.

"I had some friends help out. Family, brother. I'm promise that I'll get something akin to an ear at some point back. Just stick to my right side okay? I can't hear shit out of the left. For fucks sake Aaron, get in or get out, enough with the inching forward" The remote is put down after dampening the sound coming from the TV. "Peyton make you come? Please tell me she's getting some sleep finally. God damned woman doesn't seem to want to leave my side since she found me"

Aaron sets his guitar down near the bed and sits down in a chair. He sticks to her right side. "Yeah, I noticed," he says, rubbing at his eyes, "I don't think she's been back there in at least a day or something. If she has, I clearly slept through it." That's something he doubts, given how well he sleeps. "No, she didn't ask me to come, didn't force my arm or anything."

"shocking. You're the last person I thought I'd ever see cross the threshold into my hospital room" Wendy reaches for the dregs of the caffeine free coffee brought earlier by her siblings. "I suppose Peyton told you I was here, and you've come to see if you can use your evo vampirism to cheer me up?" Empaths. How many fucking empaths were in this god damned city.

"That's a way to put it," Aaron says morosely, looking down at his feet. Obviously, the thought had occurred to him. "Of course she told me you were here, how could she not? She didn't exactly look peachy. I'd say I came here to ask how you were, but I can kinda cheat on that regard." Yes, he's gone defensive with her remark, "Clearly you don't need me, though."

"Aaron. I don't want to fight. I swear, you always come trying to pick a fight, if you're gonna be here in my room, you're gonna make an effort to not .. be.. grumpy. Same as I'm making an effort to not scream for John and have him toss you out. At least you didn't come with flowers and chocolates this time" She waves to a comfortable chair that's adjacent to the bed. Then to a bag of chocolate covered caramels. "Have some, sit and watch a movie with me. Parents will be here in an hour probably, along with some guy to look at my ear"

She doesn't want to fight. Aaron bites down really hard to avoid saying anything about her and her assumption that he came to use his ability on her, even if he did. He switches chairs to the one Wendy points to and eyes the bag of chocolate covered caramels. "If I knew how not to be depressed, do you really think I would be?" But she doesn't want him to be grumpy, so he immediately changes topics. "You really have anything good to watch in this place?"

"I got a laptop, movies and I have three brother who at this moment, will do anything for their baby sister who's missing most of an ear, hearing and chunks of finger." Wendy sits up proper in the bed, feet dangling over the side and looks at Aaron before offering her good hand. "Truce?"

Aaron didn't really need verbalization of her injuries, and that makes him blanch, not only because he feels terrible for Wendy, but because the idea of it all makes him just a little queasy. "Truce," he says, taking Wendy's offered hand in his own clammy one. "So when are you getting out of this place?"

"Couple days. Once they're sure they've quashed everything that might have thought to take up residence in my chest, and my blood. Geeze Aaron, you look like you're gonna faint and I didn't even show you my ear" Wendy actually cracks a grin. "Sit, sit and play, if it'll make you feel better. I could do with some good music anyways, really, or the company. John is starting to get his sense of humor back and I wanna brain him"

"Please, don't show me your ear," Aaron says, blushing furiously at the fact that she thinks he's going to faint just hearing about what injuries she has. It doesn't help that it reminds him of when he did faint, not too long ago, on Staten Island. He lets out a sigh and reaches down for his guitar case, opens it, and pulls it out. "Music, I can do. And it'll make you feel better, too, you know."

It's been past 48 hours since Jean Harlow asked Peyton to do her a "favor," and Peyton's still alive, so this is a good sign. She carries a bag of bagels and two smoothies in a to-go container into the room. "Oh, hey Aaron," she says with a smile. She still looks like crap, with pale skin, dark circles under her eyes. She frowns a little at the guitar, wondering if Wendy's upset, and her eyes flicker to the patient. "How are you, Wen?"

"Yeah, as good as Logan does" There's a hint of a smile as Wendy eases her legs back up on the hospital bed, sticking feet under the covers. "Hey, make sure to nail pey down and make her sleep. She really needs it aaron. She's in bad need of res-" Speak of the devil.

"see what I mean?" A gesture to Peyton as she comes in and Wendy makes room on the bed for the other woman. "Good. Mom and dad got their fancy doctor coming in late today. Oh the joys of money huh"

Aaron looks to the doorway as he hears Peyton's voice. He should have expected it, but it's oddly startling since he's arranged himself to not see the door on account of all the darkness he sees in the folks in the halls. Few people are happy in hospitals. His eyes go to Peyton's frown, which makes him look down at his guitar and then to Wendy, then back to Peyton. Yeah, she looks terrible in more ways than one. "Don't worry. She gets to sleep in her own bed tonight," he assures Wendy.

"Bagels," Peyton says, sticking out her tongue after guessing what it is Wendy's talking about. The fact she looks like shit seems to be the first thing out of everyone's mouths these days. It's saying something, given the fact that she's either high or drunk in most of the photographs taken of her after the age of fourteen. She tosses the bagels on to the bedside table and hands Wendy one of the smoothies. "Want some of mine?" she says, offering Aaron a half-full one that looks and smells of berries. "Got Ginseng for awakeness, never fear." Artifical alertness. She perches on the bed next to Wendy.

"Oooh smooothie" Wendy seems better, less twitchy and antsy. Peyton might recognize the signs that someone got a hit of something that wasn't doctor prescribed. "Pey, you are too good to me" Peyton really is. "Aaron was gonna sing and finish putting me in that good mood that only he can put anyone into" Good hand clutches at the smoothie brought to her and she lifts it to her lips.

On the plus side, Peyton's absence helped Aaron avoid any possibly awkward questions about being found on the couch with two Gillians. He gives a light shake of his head to Peyton's offer, "I'm good," and goes pointing his finger at Wendy not long after. "I never said anything about singing. Music, not song. You're an artist. I figured you'd appreciate some classical music, though I suppose that may have been a bad assumption." Nevertheless, he begins to play Sleepers Awake.

Peyton sets down the smoothie on the other bedside table and stretches out beside Wendy. She can use the special brand of musical therapy that only Aaron can provide, as well. Once her head hits the pillow and the notes begin to soothe away the tensions, the youngest of the trio begins to fall into a deep slumber, leaving Wendy to float in her happy place provided by Morphine and Logan and Aaron, while all Aaron gets in turn is the knowledge that he's eased their pain.

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