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Scene Title Trust
Synopsis Odessa gives Ethan a taste of what she's capable of.
Date December 6, 2008

Dorchester Towers: Ethan's Apartment

Dorchester Towers is home to many upper class, or more wealthier inhabitants. This apartment seems to be no exception. First impressions of this place, give a homey, and well furnished feel. Lamps are put in the right place, decorations here and there. The living room consists of a large green sofa facing the wall of windows, which has a large flat screen TV in front of it. Speakers are installed all around for the Surround Sound feel. Next to the TV is a cabinet full of DVDs. Most of these movies include a gun of some sort in each of them. A small coffee table sits in front of the couch, a few magazines spread out on it.

The kitchen is well stocked, with a microwave, coffeemaker, and of course a toaster. There is an overhead pan rack hanging over the stove which has many pots, pans, and other utensils hanging from it for easy access. Three doors lead away from the kitchen and living room. Two are large, comfortable bedrooms, complete with posters on the walls, and one is a room that is furnished with a stand up punching bag, dumb bells, a treadmill, and other types of work out equipment.

For the -extremely- well trained eye, or for someone who knows what they're looking for it would be apparent that there are little things off about this apartment. Reinstalled panels, etc, that would suggest whoever lives here has done some renovation work. (Note:Ethan has 'toys' hidden throughout his apartment, in case of 'emergencies'.) Overall though, this spacious living area has been well taken care of, and kept very tidy.

Boots pound through the hall as the Wolf makes his way to his apartment. He holds a bag in his hand, a Faraday bag. Recently he has given the order that no cell phones ever be in the apartments or Eagle Electric unless in a Faraday bag. A pain in the ass for their communication, but a precaution he feels is necessary. His movements are filled with anger, hand darting for the door to unlock the thing. Stepping in he closes the door violently.

He is not dressed in his normal, classy attire. But he rather looks quite homeless or thug-ish. Bullying about homeless people requires certain dress requirements. His features are harsh, his entire demeanor expressing a bit of rage. The bag is tossed onto the table as he begins to take off his coat.

Odessa's disturbed from her nap on the couch. Sitting up and extremely startled, she peers at Ethan. "Welcome home," she says in a quiet voice, afraid to upset him. She smooths out the grey wool of her skirt, made fuller by - of all things - a ruffled petticoat beneath it. She doesn't ask what's wrong, because she's afraid of his reaction almost as much as the answer.

Throwing a few things down, Ethan is soon dressed down to a shirt and jeans. His gaze swivles to Odessa at her greeting. "I'm sorry I woke you." His gravelly voice is calm, trying to restrain the anger he feels. Going into the kitchen, two beers are produced and soon the man is marching back to her. Standing above the couch, he waits for her to sit up and scoot over. Once she does, he will take a seat next to her, offering an opened beer.

Odessa scoots over and accepts the offered beer with a nod of thanks. She takes a drink and fingers the neckline of her cream-coloured blouse. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Munin's gone." He says simply. "Phoenix fuckers have 'er." He practically growls. Tilting the beer up he gulps down a good bit of it before setting it down on the coffee table before them. "And I still 'aven't got any fucking coasters." This normally wouldn't be such a big problem. But right now, it is a very irritating issue.

Odessa jumps quickly and dashes to the kitchen. She returns with two carefully folded paper towels and sets one down in front of each of them. Makeshift coasters. "One problem solved." She sets her beer down. "So when do you and I go and get Eileen back?"

A quick huff, what passes for a chuckle at the new coasters. A defiant grin creeps up on his lips. He looks over at her for a good moment. "Soon, lovely." He answers, softly, going to lean back into the couch. "Be on the look out for a Dodge Spirit with California plates." He murmurs, placing his hands in his lap.

Odessa looks puzzled for a moment before she finally nods. "Oh. A car. I see." She doesn't know makes and models well, go figure. "You can point me in the right direction and I'll find her. No one can stop me." She reaches out to rest one of her hands over his own.

"Yes. A car." He affirms with a little smile. "I'll show you some pictures. A shite car. One owned by people 'oo can't afford better." He smiles softly at her testament. "I know, love. You're a walking atom bomb." It's not sarcasm. He says it with a loving smile, as if he really is confident of her abilities. Turning his hand over, he grips her and brings it up to his lips.

"I don't obliterate," Odessa admits. "I just make it easier for those who do, or are so inclined." She blushes faintly and scoots in a little closer. "I'm far more subtle than that. But, obliterating or not, I can still find her and bring her back."

"That will only be the beginning love." He slowly lowers his and her hand back to his lap. Though he doesn't release, though his grip isn't tight should she want to reclaim her hand for herself. "I'm going to make these fucking kids pay." He says coldly. "They don't know what they're doing. And I am going to make that very clear to them."

A sigh escapes Odessa's lips as she leans in to rest her head against Ethan's shoulder, her hand tightening on his. "Do you think she's all right? I'm scared."

"She'll be fine." Ethan hopes. His own head going to rest on top of hers. "She's a good girl. She'll be strong. But I'll find 'er. I'll drop everything else to find 'er." Ethan says softly. "She was taken in Chelsea.. Phoenix has at least one member who is poor, or 'omeless. I've been pushin' around 'omeless lads to see what I could find. Nothin' yet."

"Why did they take her?" There's got to be a million reasons why someone would take Eileen, but Odessa still asks the question. It's… It's Eileen. Who could do this to her? "Where do we look next?"

"To find out about us. To get to us." He gives a little snort. "What fools. We look for the Dodge Spirit. I 'ave Wu-Long going to look at the traffic light cameras. I'll show you pictures of a fool, and this car. You can be lookin' about for 'em." He indicates. "But I want you to be careful, Odessa." His free hand raises to her head, where he casually begins to stroke her hair back.

"Of course I'll be careful," Odessa responds airily. She indulges in the hand in her hair for a few moments before she sits up again. "Do you have a gun on you, Ethan?" It's a silly question, but it seems more polite than to simply say, 'take out your gun.'

"Of course I do." He has two guns on him. And two knives. "Why?" He asks softly, releasing her hand and giving her a curious look.

Odessa's hands clasp together in her lap and she presses her lips together. "I trust you, Ethan. And I'm ready to show you what I can do."

"If you feel that way." Ethan says. He does his best to hide the excitement that sparkles behind his eyes. It's like Christmas. "You need a gun to do that?" The man asks casually.

"No. You need a gun to do that." The blonde rises to her feet backs several paces away from the couch. She busies restless fingers with undoing and redoing the top button of her blouse at least three times before she settles for wringing her hands nervously behind her back. "I want you to take out your gun, and fire at me."

Ethan smirks quietly. "I'm sure you're about to amaze me." The man says softly. "But I don't think firing a gun in my apartment is a particularly good idea. Won't the neighbors 'ear? Do you deafen the sound or something, like Wu-Long?" He asks, reaching back to take his pistol out of the back of his pants regardless. Though he does not point it at her.

Odessa frowns faintly. She really hadn't thought that part of her plan through, exactly. "Not exactly. But I don't think anyone will hear…" She turns quickly to the TV and the DVD player, plucking up her latest rental - Bonnie and Clyde - and quickly brings up the scene selection guide. Once she's found the appropriate scene, she turns the volume up. Way up. "Okay, even if I screw up, we can blame it on the television." She points to the screen. "Once the gun fight starts, fire." She resumes her position again and waits.

A soft smile. Ethan strolls over to the table where his coat is. A small black object is produced. A silencer. It is quickly screwed on to the glock as the man walks back, facing Odessa. "Now. You're sure about this? If you tell me to fire I will fire. But if this is a strange way to commit suicide, I will be very upset."

"If I wanted to commit suicide, I'd ask Sylar," Odessa quips. She bites her lip, "Just, ah, don't aim for the face, okay?" One deep breath - in through the nose and out through o-shaped lips. "Okay. I'm ready." She glances at the TV. Bonnie and Clyde are about to be ambushed and killed. Hopefully the lovers on the screen will be the only ones to die here. "Do it."

A little shrug. That's not very reassuring. "Please don't die." He murmurs softly. Pointing the gun forward, the safety is flicked off and then the trigger is pulled. A 'pew' is made from the silencer as the bullet springs out of the chamber and towards Odessa.

Odessa jumps and gasps. Her hands come up in front of her as if to intercept the bullet even as she shuts her eyes tightly and shrinks back, afraid of what's going to happen if she messes this up.

She doesn't.

The bullet is stopped in midair, only inches from her outstretched fingers. Slowly, she opens one eye and relearns how to breathe, her chest heaving. Finally, a wide smile breaks out over Odessa's face. "I did it." She knew she could, but there was always that doubt. "Pretty cool, huh?"

The gun is quickly tucked away. Ethan slowly walks forward, a small smirk on his lips. He peers closely at the stopped bullet. It's not telekinesis. Telekinesis doesn't look like that. "Can.. Can I touch it?" He asks, raising a hand as if to poke the bullet in midair.

"It… might be hot," Odessa warns. "I assume bullets are hot when they're discharged." She shrugs slightly. She takes a step back to give Ethan room to examine her work. The room is silent, the movie on the television paused.

"They are.." Ethan comments casually though he continues to peer at it stuck in the air. "That's incredible, love." He says soflty, looking over his shoulder to her. Gifting her with a small smile. "So.. You can include me? Like Wu-Long or Elias, they bring me along. You can bring me along?" He asks, sticking his hand out.

"In a sense," she says. "It's not that simple." Odessa shrinks back from his hand. Suddenly, she's holding a tea towel from the kitchen and plucking the bullet from the air to wrap it inside. "Some areas are more difficult than others. And like Wu-Long, I can't over-extend myself without consequences." She tosses the towel and bullet to Ethan and drops her hands to her sides once more. The television begins blaring in tandem.

A little grin at the towel, and at the bullet inside it. "Ow 'andy." He says, slinging the towel and its content to the couch in favor of examining Odessa instead. His fingers go up to his chin, scratching it a bit. "You can tell me the details later." He takes a few steps toward her.

"Dina knows," she says quietly of her ability. "And Sylar suspects. But please don't tell the others. Don't tell Kazimir." She worries what their leader would do with that sort of knowledge. When Ethan steps toward her, however, her thoughts are derailed some. She stands still, waiting for what he plans to do next.

"Dina?" Ethan asks in indignation or perhaps confusion. "Ow the.." His path towards her is currently halted. "You trusted that little.." He simply trails off, peering at her incredulously. "I won't tell anyone. You work with me. Not Kazimir. No need. But.. Dina?"

"I didn't trust her, Ethan. She… She figured it out on her own and confronted me." Odessa folds her arms over her chest and looks away, furious at the truth of it.

A little chuckle escapes at that. One hand raises to dig out one of hers from the folded position. "Easy, love." He says with a grin, attempting to tug her closer to him. "You want to watch a movie?" He asks gently as his head slowly floats towards her.

Odessa glances to the television and considers this for a couple seconds. "Sure. How about I go jump in the shower and you can make us some popcorn? It'll be almost as good as watching in a proper theatre." She drops a soft kiss on his cheek, but doesn't pull away yet.

His lips lower to her neck, planting a kiss there. "Sounds like a plan, love." He says softly, squeezing her hand gently before releasing. Once he allows her her exit he makes his way back to the couch. Picking up the towel there he examines the bullet intently. Then his eyes raise to the window. Wherein he begins to speak to someone not present. "I'm coming, Princess."

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