Trust Enough


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Scene Title Trust Enough
Synopsis Braving the weather, Kaylee shows up the Hanger to try and convince Scott to let Brennan free to go home.
Date May 11, 2010

The Hangar

The world is white and empty, dreary and depressing. It's like a post-apocalyptic nightmare in some ways as there is no one in sight, except for the occasionally brave taxi drivers, the flashing red lights of emergency vehicles as they hurry to one call to the next, but mostly the world is silent and dead. Enough so that the figure making its way up the street, can hear her foot steps crunch loudly where her snow shoes step. Her mind is so sluggish at this moment that it's hard for her to really care about the sound.

It's taken some time for Kaylee Ann Thatcher to make her way from Staten Island to Greenwich Village. A very long, very cold journey. Taxi drivers were jacking up prices, they could easily, people would pay it, so she spent a lot of time walking the distance. There are several layers on her, but the cold has sunk into her body, thanks to the fact she's been walking through the sleet as well. Her teeth chatter wildly, behind the ice crusted scarf she wears over her face. Her eyes are focused solely on the icy ground before her, making each foot step in front of the other.

Ice crystals are dislodged from lashes, as she wearily blinks them, gaze lifting to the buildings around her… the snow changes the look of everything, but somehow she's managed to find the building that contains, The Hangar. This is where she has always found Scott before, with hopes he's there now.

Her fingers are stiff with the cold, as she unwinds her arms from around her, gaze going up the stairs. Normally, they wouldn't be so daunting if her legs didn't feel so heavy and like lead. Kaylee actually, tries to force her cold fingers to grip the stone railing so that she can pull herself up to the door. It's awkward with the snow shoes and she actually ends up loosing her footing on the inches of ice on the steps.

With a strangled sound, Kaylee cracks her knees painfully on the edge of the stairs, and sits there for a long moment, just plain tired of walking and the cold. Reaching up, she grasps the handle of the door, and pulls herself up, so that she can bang on it.

Whoever is first on her mental radar gets a… It's Kaylee! Let me in.

The last time she felt this way, she had walked home through the cold, wet and with barefeet.


Freezing cold wind driving stinging ice crystals blows into the foyer of the Hangar when Kaylee makes her announcement. The young man at the door reaches out to grab her by the sleeve of her jacket with a gloved yank, yanking her in before slamming the door shut with a press of his shoulder. The deadbolt clacks heavily in the lock, and the doorman's wide eyes focus on Kaylee and the frost crusting her "Scott!"

Thundering down the stairs right by the door, Scott Harkness' booted feet carry him and his sloshing cup of coffee down just far enough to notice Kaylee's condition. "Jesus H Christ," he breathes out in a guttural tone of frustration, continuing down the steps without much of a greeting to Kaylee. Forcing his coffee into the young man's hands, Scott rests a hand on Kaylee's shoulder and offers, "Just stay still, people say this tingles," as a latticework of blue light suddenly forms something of a web or a grid over her field of vision, and the world goes black—

—and what feels like an instant later, Kaylee feels a sense of vertigo as she realizes she's laying down on a bed in her still frozen clothing, though space heaters have been arranged around the bed and the familiar blonde visage of Else Kjelstrom is unzipping her jacket, pushing it open and sliding an arm beneath Kaylee's waist and lifting her just a little off the bed so she can pull her out of the coat. slide it down off of her shoulders with Scott's help and then lay her back down on the bed, pulling off her gloves. "Just lay still, Kaylee. 'Shesus, 'ow long were you out in'na weather like that? Y'gonna' get yerself killed or lose fingers, an' that ain't pretty."

Through one of the windows nearby, Kaylee can see that it's darker than it was when she arrived, like hours just passed in the blink of an eye. The young man who was tending the door earlier is walking to the bedside with a few rolled up, damp and steaming towels held on a dinnerplate, picking one up unrolling it and offering it out to Else. Apparently— they're prepared to treat frostbite.

For the second time in as many weeks, Kaylee's eyes open up in a bed. Her heart skips a beat and she tenses up, eyes widening for a moment, but the familiar faces standing over her, keep her from fully panicking. She relaxes visibly, letting her head fall back onto the pillow with a heavy sigh of relief, letting them do what they need too. Her body shivers violently as it works to warm itself up.

"I — I came straight t-t-to the Hanger from the G-g-garden." The telepath explains, between the chatter of teeth, her voice sounds rough and almost alien to her, she swallows painfully, throat raw from the cold air. Kaylee shifts her head to look at Scott, her expression worn. "I n-n-needed to talk to you about Dr. Brennan. I…" Eyes drift shut even as she continues to talk, her voice soft, ".. w-w-would have come by s-s-sooner, but the blizzard. I'm s-s-sorry. " Yes, she's apologizing for staying safe, instead of coming straight to him as Eileen instructed.

Eyes open again and her lips, pull a little to one side into a smile. "He's b-b-been in the basement long enough. I'm b-b-back… my fault he's t-t-there… s-s-so…" Her gaze drifts to the others, "I took a r-r-risk."

"Brennan can wait out the storm," Scott offers with little consideration to Kaylee's stammering protests, watching Else lift up Kaylee's ungloved hands and wrap them in the heated, damp towels. It stings, like prickling pins and needles, but it's also something of a relief. Each one of Kaylee's hands is wrapped, and then a folded hot towel is laid out just across Kaylee's nose and mouth, not enough to obstruct her from talking, provided she stays laying down.

Scott looks down to one of the space heaters nearby, tapping it on the top with two gloved fingers. "You're lucky you aren't dead. We might be evacuating to Grand Central station, the decision hasn't been made yet, but you almost found an empty house…" still staring down at the tan metal top of the heater, Scott breathes in deeply and exhales a resigned sigh. "I'm glad you're back and that Eileen says you're clean, but I think Doctor Brennan can cool his heels until the weather situation blows over."

"No… " Her voice is too muffled by the towel, hands start to lift to pull it off her face so she can be heard, but she stops herself, letting out a frustrated huff of breath. There is a long moment while she lays there watching Scott, finally she makes a decision.

No… he needs out. The blonde's mental voice is tinny in his head, echoing between his ears. He needs his family. He's not going to just sit there and keep waiting. Her head shakes slightly, the only clue to the others that something is going on with her. He's on edge as it is. He didn't even stop me from coming here.

The shaking seems to be easing a little at least, her body doesn't feel like it's going to shake apart. Her head moves to where she can look at the ceiling above her, eyes closing again. Let him take his risk with getting to his family. Might be slightly malicious… but… He wants nothing else to do with us, wants to be free of us, let him. Eyes crack open slightly, so she can look at Scott again.

This time she speaks out loud, even if it's heavily muffled by the towel. "Only fair, Scott… if he wants to be just as much of a fool as me." She smiles as she slaps herself down, but it's hidden behind the towel.

Pressing his tongue against the inside of his cheek, Scott furrows his brows and slants his head to the side. "Brennan's got his priorities backwards and— " there's a sharply drawn in breath and Scott rubs one gloved hand over his forehead, turning around slowly with a few clunking footfalls. There's resignation in his posture, an unwillingness to continue the argument. Though it's also something rattling around in his head that Megan Young had said to him before that makes him hesitate, makes him backpedal and close his eyes, shaking his head slowly.

"Fine." Scott corrects himself, turning to face Kaylee again with one gloved hand pinching fingers at the bridge of his nose, "fine, I'll get the word out to Wireless and see if she can get contact through to the Garden about the Doc. We'll have someone drive him out to Manhattan during a shipping run, but then he's on his own." There's a look over to Else, watching the blonde resting a hand on Kaylee's knee, giving it a supportive squeeze.

"I am just about ready to be done with this whole goddamned thing, Thatcher." Scott's brows crease together and his eyes move back to Kaylee laying on the bed. "You're staying here the rest of the night, if your frostbite refreezes you won't have any fingers or half a face left. That's an order."

There is a heavy sigh of relief and Kaylee does reach up to pull the towel off her face with one wrapped hand, there is a glance to Else, her other hand lifts to forestall any attempt to put it back yet. "Scott." Her throat is starting to feel raw, but she continues on, she has to say it while he's there. "Thank you." The words genuine. Another glance goes to Else, the woman given a small smile, though her words continue to be for him, "I know I'm not looked at as the most trustworthy person, but I trust him." No matter the arguments in the past with the doctor.

"And… I'm sorry about the risk I took and the danger I could have put the network in." Kaylee glances away from him, her eyes going back to the ceiling, studying the cracks. "But I promise you, my loyalty is with the Ferrymen, no matter what people think, it always has been."

"Could have?" Scott's tone becomes more somber at that, his dark eyes leveled down squarely on Kaylee. Else tenses up a touch and looks up to the old soldier, uncertain of where that's going to go. "Could have," he reiterates with a bitter laugh, head bobbing into a nod. "You know, that's what I get for trying to make a life out of herding cats." Turning slowly to offer his back to Kaylee, Scott begins walking to the bedroom door, boots clunking heavily behind him, and the young doorman ducking his head down into a nod before backing out and following Scott out of the room.

Else grimaces, then offers something of a sympathetic smile to Kaylee, even if it's a wordless one. At least he didn't shout her expression says.

There is a grimace as Scott turns his back and she lets out a heavy sigh, murmurs softly. "I did what I promised…" Eyes flick back to the doorway and then to Else, giving her a resigned look. "That man is never going to like me much, is he?" Her head rolls back and forth on the pillow, look exhausted. "I don't envy him his position, it's wearing him down." A worried glance goes to the doorway, eyes narrowing some. "I dunno how he keeps going… I'm not even leading anyone, haven't been in as long as most, and it wears on me."

Brows furrow a touch and Kaylee smiles at the woman, a wrapped hand moves to touch the her, "Good to see your alive and well, Else. Some of the last news I had before I got sick, what you were pretty sick." Her ordeal is starting to wear on her, eyes lids feeling a little heavier. "Missed everyone… was so worried."

"I got better…" Else offers in a hushed tone of voice, "thanks t'the hospital." Rising up off of the corner of the bed, the blonde smiles down to Kaylee with a tired smile, nodding her head once. "You'll get better to, n'so will Scott. Just gotta remember that time heals all wounds an' all that, yeah?" Lifting a long-fingered hand in a wave Else takes a step away from the bed.

"Rest your head, get some sleep. Trust Scott t'do what needs be done. You just… take care'a yerself." As she walks towards the door, Else pauses by one of the heaters, checking the temperature to make sure it's not too hot before continuing past and standing by the doorway. "I'll be back up t'check on you in a little while… an'…" she glances down the stairs, rising up on her toes to see where Scott is, then looks back into the room, "Scott doesn't seem like he likes anybody. But y'convinced him." She flashes a tiny smile.

"That's trust enough."

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