Trust Games


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Scene Title Trust Games
Synopsis Elle lets Warren perform a trust exercise…and gets a little more than she bargained for.
Date September 4, 2010

The Octagon - Warren's Apartment

While Elle's been on the couch watching a movie, Warren's been in the bedroom, apparently working on something. But when the movie's essentially over, he opens the door, in his black tanktop and blue jeans, grinning over at her. "Elle, come here." he says very casually, but there's a bit of an ominous tone to it. "I built a trust exercise for you."

Elle arches a brow over at Warren, the little brunette tilting her head to one side. "A trust exercise?" She raises from the couch, stretching up onto her tiptoes. "What kind of trust exercise, and why do I worry about that tone you're talking in?" She meanders over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist and planting a kiss on his chin, a curious expression on her face.

Warren leads her into the room, arms around her waist, then nods over to the bed. There's now four brown straps, all attached to four additional new black metallic poles sticking up from the sides of the bed, by flexible metallic wires. There's also a basketball sized tesla coil that wires from the poles lead to, sitting about five feet from the bed. "I'll strap you to the bed, taking away your ability to use electricity, since it would harmlessly flow into that tesla coil. Essentially, you'd be completely helpless, except that you trust I won't hurt you."

The brunette raises her eyebrows, peering at the setup with a mildly confused look on her face. After a moment, Elle turns, peeking over at Warren with raised eyebrows. "Why?" At first, she lets that question stand, glancing between him and the bed. "I mean…why do you want to take away my electricity? Or strap me up?" She pauses, peering over at the Tesla Coil. "What would that accomplish?" She's heasitant; she doesn't like not being able to use her ability.

"It would make you capable of trusting me, when I don't hurt you. It'll reinforce your trust in me." Warren turns to take a look at the setup, looking rather thoughtful. "Of course if you don't do it, then I'll understand if you're incapable of trusting me with that level of control."

The formerly blonde woman stares quietly at the setup, her brows raised high, and a slight frown on her face. Elle has her doubts about the potential effectiveness of this plan, though she certainly doesn't give voice to them for the moment. She still heasitates, finding that all in all, she does not like the look of what Warren has made.

Finally, after a long moment of heasitation, she moves over to the bed, sitting down and fidgeting in her little blue sun dress.

"You can trust me Elle, if I wanted to kill you, I'd do it during the few hours you provide an opening for me nearly every night." Warren starts to laugh, reaching to gently take her ankle so he can start strapping her in. He doesn't make it too tight, just enough to secure her. "I kill me."

The little brunette wrinkles her nose, apparently not liking that joke so much. As he begins to strap her in, Elle frowns over at that tesla coil, running her hands through her hair a little bit nervously. "This is taking a lot of trust and faith in you…" This is all she mumbles, frowning at the wires.

"I know, Elle." Warren manages to say seriously, one of those moments of clarity that possibly provide gateways into how he really feels at the moment. He moves up to her hands, strapping them up, then securing, finally having her completely strapped up. "There, now, this might be an uncomfortable test, but if you believe that I won't hurt you, you'll be fine." Then, he pulls out the scalpel from his pocket.

Elle lets him strap her in, a frown on her features. She's fairly docile…right up until he pulls a scalpel out of his pocket. Then, the little brunette's eyes widen, and she strains against those bonds, scooting away from Warren as best she can. "Oh what the f— if you— don't you fucking DARE cut me with that, Warren Ray!" She squirms, staring up at the man with wide eyes.

"Trust me." Warren insists, moving the scalpel down to her leg where she can't really see, then he runs the cold metal all the way up to her knee before quickly slipping it behind his back where she can't see if it drew any blood. "If you use a scalpel the right way, you feel the cold metal, but you don't feel the pain for a while, if at all, depending on how deep it cut. I could have cut you, I might not have cut you… you just have to trust me."

The electric brunette freezes as he runs the scalpel over her skin, her eyes wide. "If you just fucking cut me, I swear to God, Warren! Boyfriends don't cut their girlfriends with a scalpel!" Once he pulls the scalpel away, she's squirming against the bonds. "Please stop, I don't like this!" She's certainly not having the fun she thought this might involve.

Warren sighs, then leans down to place a kiss against her lips, and she can feel the straps falling from her wrist. "I'm sorry. I thought this was a good idea." He stands up straight, then moves down to start unstrapping her ankles. She can see that he did not actually cut her. "I'm an engineering genius, but it doesn't make me any better at being a good boyfriend."

As soon as her hands are free, Elle runs a hand over her leg, frowning and shaking her head; as he tries to kiss her, she pulls away, sitting up and hugging her knees the moment her ankles are unstrapped. She looks…rattled, to say the least. "D— don't do that again. Please." Her voice is a bit on the shaky side, like she's almost on the verge of tears. "Please, I'm trying really hard to stay with you, because I like you, and I can deal with the gods and the thinking I'm a ghost and everything like that, but I can't deal with that turning on me…"

"I'm sorry." Warren looks genuinely ashamed, then reaches behind him and pulls out the scalpel again, dropping it at her feet. "You can cut me, if it makes you feel any better." he offers, holding his fleshy arm out to her. "I don't want you to hurt, I was trying to help, it's just… it's really hard to tell when something is a sane decision or not."

The little brunette kicks the scalpel off of the bed, frowning down at it for a long moment. Then, she turns, frowning over at Warren. "I don't want to cut you. I just…next time, ask me if it's a good idea." After a moment of hesitation, she reaches out to take his fleshy hand. "That scared me, Warren. I don't do that kind of thing well. I used to get strapped down and electrocuted when I was a kid. That kind of stuff is terrifying, okay?"

"Yeah…" Warren's still frowning, not looking her in the eye now as he stares at the floor inbetween his feet, then lightly tries to pull his hand away. "I'm sane enough to know, right now at least, that you could use a normal boyfriend who doesn't have to ask. Maybe you deserve Mortimer more."

The little woman frowns, not letting him pull his hand away. She lifts it to her mouth, kissing his knuckles. "I don't mind if you have to ask, okay? I really don't." One hand reaches to cup his face, attempting to turn his gaze to look at her. "And this way, maybe you can learn how to tell the difference. Right? I mean, you've been doing so well since I first met you."

"That's because I try hard to control myself around you, I try not to do the crazy things my impulses tell me to do. I do some things, but I don't want you to get in trouble." Warren leans in, the tip of his nose touching her's as he gets in very close. "I control myself because I have something to lose, now I have to practice being subtle."

Elle keeps her hand on his cheek, nuzzling the tip of her nose against him. "And I appreciate that you control yourself. I really do. You're doing really well, Warren." She strokes her fingers along his cheek. "We'll keep working on it, okay? Just…ask me if you aren't sure on the sanity of something, okay? It's not just for me that I'm asking you to keep doing well. It's for you. I don't want anything bad to happen to you, to take you away from me." She then plants a few tiny kisses over his lips and face. "And I don't want to be scared of you, because I know that would hurt you."

"I'll ask you first, I promise." Warren peels his shirt off and tosses it to the floor, then reaches out to run a few fingers through her brunette hair. "This hair is quickly growing on me." he idly says as he reaches down for the edge of her sundress, starting to pull it up. "Thanks for being a little saner than me."

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