Trust Has To Start Somewhere


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Scene Title Trust Has To Start Somewhere
Synopsis Megan brings another of her foundlings.
Date Nov 26, 2009

Brennan's Private Practice

When she called him this time, it was with a child who is suffering the flu. Megan's report to him indicates that she's pretty sure all the child needs is a prescription for Tamiflu, but she'd like him to listen to the boy's lungs just to be on the safe side. She arrives at the private practice early in the evening, the toddler bundled up against the chilly November night, and she knocks at his door. The boy can't be more than 18 months old, blonde with hazel eyes that already look wary. He clings to Megan's long braid with one hand and has a thumb shoved in his mouth. "Dr. Brennan," she greets softly as he opens the door to her.

He left a message for her, not a nice one, but not a nasty gram either. He's not cold hearted as to turn away from what he promised which was to see any kid that he brought to her. So the door to the private practice on the third floor of some building in the financial district is opened and Megan is ushered in with her toddler charge. He can't help but crack a grin at the cheeky child sucking his thumb and once the door is locked behind them, ushering both towards the door that will lead them to behind. "Evening Megan. How's Lucy and who is this young gentlemen?" Usually his wife see's the children in the practice, but that's not happening.

She looks right at home with the little one on her hip, though Megan's a little concerned about Brennan's message. Kaylee merely mentioned that there'd been a problem — that he thought she and Doyle had instigated the riot. As she follows him through, Meg replies calmly, "This is John. Lucy's responding well to the antibiotics. Amazing what 24 hours will do for the little ones, you know?" She smiles faintly. "John's just a bit congested and he's been spiking up to 104 off and on. So I'm pretty sure it's flu, but that means I've got four more kids who've been exposed."

"hundred and four huh' Not terribly alarming, well no,a t that age, it's more an idicator. But fever, fever is good, means the body is fighting. Back to an exam room they go, peeling off layer of outwear to get to the actual child. He keeps up a string of conversation for John, jabbering away at him as they check his weight, take his temperature, run through the usuals for him before getting to the actual listening of lungs, checking nose and ears, playing with little john and making it a less scary experience for the child. "He have parents or is he one of the parentless ones?"

With a faint grimace, Megan says softly, "He's one of my parentless ones." There's a hesitation and she says quietly, "They were in a safehouse hit by Humanis First. His parents were both lost." She strokes a gentle hand through the little boy's hair, smiling at him when he turns his baby smile on her. "He's got parents waiting for him on the far end. I just have to get him there."

"Not the same, but at least he has someone who cares about him" Not that those who are orphaned are so because no one cares for them. Obviously, someone does. On it goes, poking, prodding, playing before there's a nod. "Just the flu, we'll get you set up with what you need for the other kids too" THe small penlight is turned off and passed over to John with a smile. "I met your friend Grace. It's an interesting thing she intends to do. Don't know though if I want to be involved or not" Time for seriousness as he starts writing off prescriptions

Megan's blue eyes on him are neutral. "I can see why. Kaylee mentioned that you thought they were behind the riot. I know you don't know me all that well, Brennan… but I wouldn't have approached you if we'd been the ones who'd caused the harm to your family and the others. No matter your other qualifications." She continues to stroke John's head, letting the toddler lean on her while Brennan finishes checking him over.

"Starting the riot, maybe not" He's having doubts a few days later. "But I find it //very/ co-incidental that they approach the table for a box of vaccines to take to an imaginary second tent that doesn't end up actually existing and never existed. Then the vaccines end up being taken off with and all your kids.. Hers had scarlet fever, and your's had scarlet fever and between your words and hers and how they somehow ended up in your hands" He doesn't probably need to lead on any further as he settles his eyes on megan.

"I'm glad your kids got vaccinated Megan. I'm suspecting it was with vaccine meant for others who they were dictated to be given out to. Next time, if anyone of your group tries to pull that-" he cuts off before saying a swear word " again, come to me. I'll see your kids get their vaccines, I'll see that they're looked after without any out of pocket expense, but those people in the lines needed it as badly as these kids"

She doesn't flinch from his gaze, and Megan says quietly, "The two people who tried to make off with it actually didn't, from what I understand. According to the police, it was someone who was actually volunteering in your tent — an inside job. Honestly? Considering the riot and the fact that the vaccines that you *did* have wound up not getting all handed out anyway due to it… I can't even apologize with any trace of sincerity. What I can promise is that if you're serious, I'm willing to take you at your word." She strokes the baby, who is starting to wiggle around a bit and hold up his arms to be picked up and snuggled, hoisting him up to her shoulder where he can put his head down and pop his thumb back into his mouth. She looks back up to him once John is settled. "There's a lot going on in this town. A lot that most people will never see. Don't want to see. Given your background, you're not one of those people. But trusting you with my kids…. is hard."

"You wouldn't bring them to me, or have taken that chance Megan, unless you did take me at my word. You sure as hell wouldn't have brought little John here." The prescription for what he needs is passed over. "You should go, before he starts spitting up a storm, if he worsens, give me a call I'll come instead of you carting him over hell's half acre" Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, It's not up to Brennan anymore to decide. "When Michelle is better, i'm sure she'd love to pitch in a hand with your kids. Take care Megan, Happy Thanksgiving" He's got family to get back to.

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