Truth And Consequences


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Scene Title Truth And Consequences
Synopsis Torn between what's true and what's a lie, Zoe goes to Eliot for help.
Date May 12, 2009

Eliot's Apartment

It's not like it's hard to find out where Eliot lives. Not only is he registered, but he's a Linderman employee, and Zoe has a rather high clearance for certain pieces of information. And it's entirely probable that Eliot's actually told her. It is on one night when after calling the club she's discovered he's not in that night, and at first she elected to just sit at home and roll her problems around in a metaphorical ball. But she couldn't wait any longer, and hoping she isn't interrupting him from - ahem - anything fun, here she is, knocking on his door.

It takes a minute, but eventually the door does open, and Eliot is indeed on the other side. In a /towel/, and soaking wet! He sticks his pinky in his ear, twists about, and says, "Zoe. Hi."

Zoe blinks. Uh. Brainstop. Full dead. Then, "Hi." Um. "Am I uh, disturbing you? I mean, do you um, have guests?"

Eliot's got a scar on his stomach, coming up from his pelvis. Maybe he had appendicits at some point? Looks like a pretty bad scar, though. He furrows his brow and then shakes his head. "Nope, no guests." He takes a step back and waves her in. "Well, unless I count you. Come on in."

Zoe would ask, but then he'd make fun of her for looking at his body. So she's totally not going to. "Thank you." she murmurs, ducking in and taking a quick look around.

It's your average bachelor pad. All the amenities, many of the pleasantries. He has a large screen tv, an impressive sound system, a minibar. All the usual stuff one might expect. It's a large condo; it even has dual-sliding doors to the bedroom. He closes the door behind her. "You look nice." He smiles.

"Thank you." she says absently. Maybe she's here because she's cracked! Instead, "Eliot, how much do you know about what Daniel does? The…less than legitimate things?" She seems anxious.

"Less than legitimate?" Eliot raises a brow and walks over to the kitchen, "You want something to drink?" He sets to preparing himself a scotch. "I know a little bit about his side projects, why?"

Anxious is only the tip of the iceberg, Zoe is actually a little frightened. So much so that she hasn't noticed that he's still not dressed. "Have you ever heard of something called The Company?"

Anxious is only the tip of the iceberg, Zoe is actually a little frightened. So much so that she hasn't noticed that he's still not dressed. "I think Daniel's been doing things - terrible things." she says. "Not just the sort of goodfella men in sucker suits making deals you can't refuse sort of stuff." She moves to sit on his couch, covers her face in her hands.

Eliot frowns a bit and sets his glass of scotch down. "You want a drink?" That's it.

"Yes." Not even a dither. Holy god, she wants a drink. "It's possible that he's been involved - for years - in kidnapping Evolved, experimenting on them. In creating some kind of virus that would kill millions of people. Horrible things, and there's this person who wants to stop him only I don't know if it's true and stopping him means killing him and I…"

Eliot raises a brow. He doesn't opine; he just makes another scotch, and walks over to set it down on the table in front of her. "Let me get dressed first, okay?" He smiles reassuringly.

"Okay." she says, taking the scotch and knocking a few swallows back. She promptly stops coughing.

Eliot shakes his head with a small smile as he disappears into his room. After a minute, he comes back out wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and a wifebeater. He sits down on the couch next to her, and smiles. "So who is this source of yours?"

Zoe eyes him. "You don't believe me. Or you think I'm a sucker. You're smiling."

"Neither one of those. I'm smiling for reasons completely divorced from this. Now tell me, come on." He takes his scotch and gives it a gulp.

This sounds completely off the cuff. "You know Daniel's Takezo Kensei collection? The sword got stolen years ago, but he has other items as well?"

"Yeah, I know it." Eliot nods a bit. "What's that got to do with this?"

Zoe takes a breath. "Takezo Kensei is over four hundred years old. What most people don't know is that he was not Japanese, but an Englishman who amongst other things, is known by the name Adam Monroe. He's a regenerator and he's lived a very, very long time. Apparently he and Daniel used to work together about…oh, thirty or so years ago, I suppose." There, she did it. She told someone. Are there degrees of betrayal? She didn't tell Daniel, after all.

Eliot slowly raises a brow at Zoe and tips his head to the side. "And you know all this… how?" He wets his lips.

Zoe presses her lips together, looks away. "I told you I was seeing someone older." she murmurs. "He found me."

Eliot spits the scotch he was drinking. "YOU'RE DATING TAKEZO KENSEI?"

Zoe squeaks and scoots back on the couch. "Technically," she says in surprise, "He goes by Adam Monroe now!"

"Oh for Christ's sake." Eliot thumps his chest a bit and then shakes his head. "Oh Christ."

"It was my understanding that Daniel admires him." she says fitfully. "I mean, he collects all his things and the like! But I asked constantly to let me re-acquaint them, and Adam would always put me off. And then he said that Daniel might be responsible for those things…"

"I have to ask, Zoe… are you sure … Adam… isn't just playing you? I mean, if he has history with Daniel, he could very well want to destroy him any way possible, and that means using people to get close to him." Eliot reaches for her hand. "I'd hate to see you hurt because someone wanted to hurt Daniel."

Zoe lets him take her hand. "That's part of what I'm afraid of. He said he wanted to keep me out of it entirely, and wouldn't have said anything at all, but I'm the one who pushed him." She looks up at Eliot, worriedly. "I've broken a promise, coming to you. So first I don't know if what Adam said was true, and if it's not, then everything's fine, but if it is, that means that Daniel's been doing terrible things and needs to be stopped and Adam will try to kill him and I'm willing to bet that being four hundred years old, he has the means to succeed." She takes a breath. "I don't know what to do, I don't know what to feel, I'm completely lost."

"I think the question you should be asking yourself is who do you trust?" Eliot frowns. "Nevermind that I can't imagine someone living four hundred years without doing some pretty despicable things themselves."

"I want to know the truth." Zoe says softly.

"Fine. Then we call Daniel and we ask him." Eliot moves to reach for his phone on the table.

"No!" she reaches across him, putting her hand on his risk. "What if it's true? And if it is, what would he do if he knows that I know? Or you, for that matter?" She takes a breath. "Adam told me to stay out of it," she says again, "But I've got to find out. He said something about Daniel financing some of the activities…there have to be files. Records of some kind."

Eliot raises a brow. "And if there aren't? If you go through every speck of paper that Daniel owns and you find nothing, then what? Do you tell Adam 'sorry, you're wrong, you can't kill him' and expect him to just do as you say? Do you go and tell Daniel 'oh, Daniel, I suspected you of a huge list of gruesome crimes and didn't ask you about them because I don't trust you'?" Eliot scowls, and reaches for her hand again, squeezing it.

"If there isn't, then I can go to Daniel, yes." Zoe says, "But not like you think I would. I could tell Daniel. I could even try to convince Adam. If it's true and Daniel isn't involved, then he has nothing to hide and no reason not to meet with Adam. This could all go very wrong in so many ways - just…not yet. Adam's in Japan right now. He'll be gone for at least another week, maybe two. There's time for me to research, at least look in the computer records."

"What if this Adam character just wants daniel dead and setting up a meeting is just a way for him to try to kill Daniel? I mean…" Eliot frowns. "It's a dangerous thing you're proposing, Zoe."

Zoe points out, "That's why I want to see if I can find more information first." Then, "I'm not asking you to help me. I know you don't want to put yourself at risk."

"It's not about me, Zoe. It's about you." Eliot frowns. "I don't want you to do something that you might get hurt over."

"I think the possibility of Daniel's death is something I could get hurt over. And the equal possibility that he is responsible for things like kidnapping people and experimenting on them is something I could get hurt over, don't you think?" Zoe asks adamantly.

"At the same time, I worry you're putting yourself in more danger than just the emotional," Eliot says with a frown.

"From who?" she asks. "Adam or Daniel? Do you think either one would hurt me?"

"I don't know if Daniel would. I don't think so, no." Eliot frowns a bit. "And I haven't even met Adam, so how would I know?"

"I don't think," Zoe says slowly, "That Adam would hurt me. He might be angry, and he might not forgive me, but I don't think he'd hurt me."

"I don't think I want you taking that chance." Eliot looks worried; scared, maybe, even.

"I can't do nothing." Zoe says. "If I find something out - some kind of proof, then at least I know who's side I'm on."

Eliot heaves a small sigh and looks at her. He nibbles on his lower lip, worrying it momentarily before saying, "Fine. Let me help."

Zoe looks at him sidelong, speculative. "How do you think you can help?"

"I don't know." Eliot frowns and runs a hand through his hair. "I don't even know I /can/. But I know I feel better being around while you go about trying to figure it out."

Huh. Zoe leans back a little, looking surprised. "That's kind of you, Eliot."

"Are you saying I'm not usually kind?" Eliot gives her a humorous pout.

Zoe smiles at him faintly. "I'm saying you're an opportunist." she replies.

"Now I'm not sure whether I should feel insulted or not." Eliot raises a brow.

Zoe lifts a brow of her own. "Why would you risk your neck for me? Indulging Daniel and getting me out of my shell, alright. But this is admittedly somewhat dangerous."

"So you're calling me self-interested." Eliot looks offended now. "Okay. I thought I was showing support and affection. Never mind, then."

"Wait, this is affection?" she says, genuinely confused. "I appreciate the support, but - oh, don't be upset. I hate it when you're upset!" It's almost a wail.

"What else do you call sticking my neck out for someone when I don't absolutely have to?" For Eliot? It's affection. For sure. He shakes his head. "Just forget it."

"No, it's - " she looks pleased, and rueful because he's upset. "You're bothered, I'm sorry. I guess I sort of thought I was an obligation for you."

"What?" Eliot frowns and raises his brows. "Christ." He stands up and walks to where he keeps the liquor, again, to make himself another scotch.

"Well - " she says, "What am I, exactly?"

"I was going for 'friend' at the very least." He pours himself a glass and downs it, sniffing and letting the burn ride down his throat.

"Of course we're friends." she says immediately. "If that would be the least, what would be the most?"

Eliot takes another drink of his scotch, and then glances over at her, quietly. Very quietly. He has intense eyes, for all that they are somewhat shallow. He lets the silence speak.

Zoe suddenly feels like she's lost her breath as Eliot's power washes over her. "Oh…" she says. "But Eliot, you have so many other women…" She can't stop staring at him, even as she takes another, smoother swallow of her drink.

"You're the only one here," Eliot points out, waving his glass around a little so as to show her that there is no one else in the condo.

"But…" But what? "I have to…" she's still staring at him.

Eliot comes back to the couch, and slowly — slowly — eases off, as he sits down. "Have to..?"

Zoe is still staring, but she can breathe again. She takes another sip. "I don't know. I just - I had no idea, I mean…" she shakes her head. "I shouldn't even be thinking about this."

"Thinking about what?" Eliot raises a brow and scratches his chin, taking a slow drink of his scotch.

"You," she says breathlessly, "For a moment…" she shakes her head, blushing.

"What about me?" Eliot finishes his scotch and reaches over to slip his hand over hers.

"With this going on with Adam and Daniel, I shouldn't be thinking about you like that." she says. "And Adam…what if it's true, what if he's never lied to me…?"

"What about it?" Eliot is just asking almost rhetorical questions at this point; leading her on slowly.

"Because that means he cares about me." she says quietly. "And was quite plain about it."

"Do I need to be plain about it, too?" Eliot asks.

Even with his ability, she's still herself. "Yes." she says, and rises. "I should go." She should flee before she does something foolish.

Eliot rises with her and takes her hand; and then he steps in and kisses her. Eliot? Is a damn good kisser. He lets his mouth press slowly, softly against hers, fingers relaxing on her wrist immediately; his eyes closed, his lips wet.

Zoe stands perfectly still while he kisses her, endorphins skyrocketing in her brain like fireworks. She indulges for about five seconds before wrenching away, a hand to her mouth as she stares at him. "I am not," she says in a choked voice, "One of your conquests."

Not yet, clearly. Errrm. Eliot slowly opens his eyes and looks at her, his mouth closing and his lips sinking into his mouth to savour the aftertaste of her. "I know."

Zoe's fingers are still on her mouth. "Why did you wait until now?" she asks almost despairingly.

Eliot takes a deep breath and drops his hands to his sides, frowning. "I don't know." He runs a hand through his hair and grabs his whiskey glass, downing it.

"Yes you do." Zoe insists stubbornly. "Adam. Suddenly your toy is getting taken away, so better try to grab it while you can, right?"

Well, yeah. "No. No." eliot frowns and closes his eyes, running both hands through his hair and clutching the back of it. "Maybe, but not how you mean."

"How do you mean?" she challenges.

"I mean like when you hav- I mean like when you don't realize something until you- like when you don't miss something until it's gone." Eliot looks bereft. Years of lying, you know.

Zoe takes a breath. "I can't do this." she says, trying to focus away from this topic she absolutely doesn't know how to handle. From zero men to two in what feels like sixty seconds. "I can't even think about this until I know what's going on with Daniel. You said you'd help me, or at least support me, did you mean it?"

"Yes, of course I did." Eliot frowns and sticks his hands in his pockets, holding his tongue. Handling people is a lot like heavy drinking — you have to know when to pause and have some water.

"Alright." Her hand flutters up to her mouth again, when she realizes what she's doing she drops it immediately. "Tomorrow I'm going to try and see what files I can access, and depeneding on how far I get, I might need you to help me talk to people. You're good at getting people to do what you want."

"You make it sound vile," Eliot points out, sounding a little hurt.

Zoe sighs, running a hand through her hair. She totally wants him to kiss her again. She totally feels guilty for it. She's totally trying not to show it. "I didn't mean it like that." she says gently. "You are good with people Eliot, it's what you do. All the times we've been at auction, remember?"

"I know." Eliot bites his lower lip. He doesn't stop looking at her. He looks at her and at her mouth and his tongue, it slides over his lips for a moment, before retreating. "I know what you meant."

And because she's having conflicting, horribly guilt-creating issues somewhat south of her belly-button, Zoe gives him a little nod and a nervous smile and says, "Well okay then." And starts making a bee-line for the door. Flee! Flee!

"Y- you'll call me, right?" Eliot takes a few steps to the door, not running after her, but close.

"Of course." she says, quickly over her shoulder, her hand on the doorknob.

"If you need anything." Eliot clears his throat. "Not just about this—you can uh, you can call me for anything."

Zoe grants him one of her rare, curiously sweet smiles. "I know." she tells him, staring at his mouth for a moment and then sucking on her lips before she turns and heads out the door.

Eliot stops the door from closing entirely and watches her head down the hall. As soon as she's out of sight, he rolls his eyes and closes the door with a sigh. "Oh, Danny. You owe me /so bad/."

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