Try Somewhere Else


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Scene Title Try Somewhere Else
Synopsis Turns out Brian lives at Cliffside. Which is not where he wants Abigail to live. For once, Abigail listens.
Date January 14, 2009

Cliffside Apartments

Cliffside Apartments is a bit of a misnomer, as it isn't located anywhere near cliffs at all. The apartment building is a garish beacon of color amidst the otherwise gray and brown hues of the industrial complex that is Long Island City. The entire south face of the apartments have long since been a target for graffiti artists, and finally the longtime owner 'Manny' Chavez simply gave up and let them do as they wished with the building after too many attempts to clean up the work. One side of the building — painted a bright pumpkin orange on the first floor, and more of a peach shade on the second and third, has been tagged and practically covered with a wide manner of graffiti, to the point where it looks markedly intentional. The other three sides of the building look more vandalized, with no finished paint beneath to make the "artwork" stand out.

The interior of Cliffside Apartments makes it clear the building was once part of an industrial park. All of the three floors of the apartment building are loft apartments with concrete-block walls that were long ago soundproofed when the building didn't serve as residences. Given the economic decline of Queens, much of the Cliffside Apartments falls into an affordable range for the region, but is still considered steep outside of the New York area. Despite the relative affordability of the housing, few people have flocked to the area to live due to the exceptionally high crime rate.

The door opens on the third floor and out steps Brian, a white sheet draped over his shoulder. Reaching behind him he goes to close the door, the sheet over his shoulder is full of clothes. Dirty clothes. Apparently it's laundry day. Stepping away from his door, he picks the key out of his pocket, going to lock the door behind him. Dropping the key back into his pocket he starts to make his way down the hill. He seems decidingly cheery, he's humming softly as he walks. His smile curls up as he walks down the stairs. A good mood. Rare in these days.

That good mood might drop as a familiar blonde head is walking up the stairs. Papers in hand, a bunch of keys in another. Landlord not in sight, but it's a rental application, and she's humming to herself, something sad and low. Apartment hunting it seems.

His step falters as his eyes catch her. He doesn't exactly dissipate in her sight, but he definitely does pause. Brian brings his other hand up, switching the sheet to her other hand. He doesn't yet say anything to the blonde.

Abby looks up at the sound of the fabric rustling, pausing on the steps. "Brian" Eyes going to the impromptu laundry bag. "So.. you live here" As if coming to a conclusion. 'What floor?"

"This floor." Brian says, bringing his hand up like it was somewhat obvious. "I'm right there." The young man says, pulling his thumb out he jerks it over his shoulder. "What are you doing here?"

Abby wets her lips, eyes flickering to the door in question. Right next to… the empty one. "I'm.. moving. I'm planning on moving, it's just barely within my.. price range. I shouldn't look here" The blonde turn, folding the two papers in half. 'Sorry, for interrupting your laundry"

"No, you shouldn't." Brian agrees. "This is a rough part of town Abby." He intones. "You wouldn't get any peace here. If you need some help with money, let me know. It's really no problem. You shouldn't be staying in a place like this. There's some nice apartments in Chinatown." He suggests.

Well, that wasn't why she shouldn't look here. "I don't need money Brian" Comes quietly. "Thank you for the offer, again" She looks over her shoulder though. "What.. place in chinatown?" She can at least ask, be nice, be courteous.

"Confucius, something. I can give you directions. I have a friend who lives there." Brian says, going to set the sheet full of clothes at his feet.

"Thanks. What friend? If I can ask, if I'm allowed to ask. I know I don't have alot of.. right, to ask" The application papers are handed over to Brian once he put the clothes down and digs in her purse for a pen. She's still tired, could use another day of rest, but the world doesn't stop turning and after Jessica, she needs to put stuff from planning, into motion. The pen's handed up to Brian.

"Of course you can ask Abby. You're still my friend. I still care about you." Brian says, tilting his head as he takes the paper. "We're just in an awkward spot right now, I guess." Pressing the paper to the wall, he gives a nervous look over his shoulder before looking back at the paper, masking it. Drawing the directions quickly, he draws little labels for her making it clear. "Her name is Desree."

"I can't afford friends Brian. I learned that yesterday. I really can't. Friends get hurt when people come to me, come for me. I can't have that happen again" It's one thing when they're with her and don't choose to run, it's different when they are targeted. "But thank you, for the directions" Abby stands, patiently, the keys silent in her hand.

"You have a lot to learn Abby." Brian says softly, giving a sad shake of his head. "It's not having friends, it's not having people around you. It's your choices. You've just got to make better ones." The man instructs one he finishes the directions. The papers are handed over quickly, along with the pen.

'Can't get rid of the ones I have already Brian. You have my number, it hasn't changed, thank you, for the directions. I'll look around. I'll send your ring back with Teo one of these days when he's at the apartment" The pen and paper taken back, she's careful not to let her fingers brush against his. "Good luck, with your laundry"

"Forget it. It's yours." Brian says. "Sell it or something. It was a gift between friends. No sentimental value." He responds, going to pick up his sheet, he slings the thing over his shoulder again. "Thanks. I guess. Stay safe."

She couldn't sell it. Just steps to the side, lets Brian past with his laundry. "Stay safe Brian" murmured if he goes by.

Slinging the thing over his shoulder, once again Brian goes down the stairs he makes his way down the hall and away from Abby.

Except this time she follows down behind him, quiet, paper folded and put away into her purse. Drop the keys with the landlord and tell him no thanks, and to make her way to chinatown. Confucious. He was wise, maybe getting a place there will be wiser. But at least brian could look on the bright side.

Abby listened to him.

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