Trying To Fly


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Scene Title Trying To Fly
Synopsis Carrie walks in on Magnes trying to fly.
Date June 5, 2009

Primatech Research- Gymnasium

It's morning, and an older man in a simple black suit in writing things down in a chart, watching Magnes. "Now, you say you can shift gravity in various directions, as well as change your own weight. I would like you to use your directional shifting in an attempt to fly. Do this for two hours, and I'll come back to see the result."

"B-but that's just falling! That's not flying!" Magnes protests, wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of black cargo pants, and black sneakers.

"Please follow instuctions, young man, there are cameras watching." Then, the man leaves, and Magnes is left to try and… fly.

"Alright, flying, can't be that hard, right? Wait, Hiro thought it was hard…" Magnes takes a deep breath, then starts falling up towards the ceiling, quickly shifting gravity so he starts flying to a wall, then whips around to another wall. He's flailing and spinning, flying around in wild circles in loops, screaming his brains out.

Dresses in a pair of old Army sweats and her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, Carrie comes walking into the gym and stops dead in her tracks. She watches the young man, while rubbing her hands which are covered in tape in preparation for her to beat up on a bag. Brows lift high on her head as the kid flails about. "Wow… where did they did you up?" She winces watching him and then shakes her head, sticking a finger in her ear against the screaming.

Magnes finally seems to stop himself when he gets an incredibly disorienting idea. He constantly bobs up, down, left, and right, as if he were suspended between springs in every direction, /constantly/ shifting his gravity in order to stay in one spot. "Oh god, the whole room is spinning, flying is horrible." He looks down upon hearing the voice, trying to focus as he begins lower himself, holding his head, then his mouth, appearing slightly nauseous. "I don't see why they want me to fly anyway, jumping is perfectly fine…"

Reaching down to snatch up a small trash can near the door of the gym, Carrie approaches the young man. She thrusts the can into his chest and smirks. "Here. I don't think they would appreciate you puking on the linolium." She eyes him thoughtfully, giving him a once over. "So your that rookie I've been hearing about all over the building?" She looks almost amused. "I expected more of a kid. Taller too."

"Hey, I'm six feet tall! And I'm not a kid, I have all sorts of stories. Time travel, getting shot, an epic battle, reading comic books to Sylar…" Magnes lists off his resume of wacky adventures, then barfs right into the trash can.

Taking a step back, Carrie gives him a sympathetic look. "Well… what you do and how you act are two different things." Turning her attention to anything but the puking boy she says. "You can have all the adventures in the world and still be an idiot."

Magnes takes a deep breath, pulling out a tissue to wipe his mouth, then tosses it in the can. "I guess so, but I'm still learning, y'know?" He gives Carrie a once over with his eyes, sitting the trash can down before quickly looking away. "Why are all the women here, uh, well, you know?"

Carrie's eyes narrow a bit. "Why are all the women what?" Her tone is flat as if daring him to say something bad. She considers him for a long moment. "I've seen what your kind can do." The way she says 'your kind' makes it sound like a bad word. She walks past him on the way to the long punching bag hanging toward the back of the gym. "If you can't now.. one day you could toss cars."

"I never tried to change the gravity of a car before, sounds dangerous." Magnes says as he dodges the question for a few more moments, following her to a nearby punching bag. "Well, all the women here so far are like, well, Bond girls."

That gets a chuckle. "Bond girls?" Carrie looks rather amused at the term, giving him another once over. "I wouldn't call me a Bond Girl. Bond girl are sluts and always getting into trouble, making Bond have to save their asses. Anyhow…" The first punch is driven into the bag. "… I've seen it done. I was driving down the highway…" Each punch gets harder as she talks, she's definitely a typical pretty girl. "When some guy walked into the middle of it.. And just kinda.. lifted his hands.. " She stops hitting the bag, reaching out with both hands to steady it. ".. flips the cars in front of him back on the other cars. And after that.. I just remember waking up in a hopistal. Found out he created a huge pile-up." Glancing at the kid she adds. "Killed a lot of people. So yeah. It's dangerous. Kinda why I'm glad your here rather then loose out there."

"I just meant, well, the part about being, you know, good looking and stuff…" Magnes' tone becomes almost a whisper by the end, then starts violently kicking his punching bag, obviously following some sort of drill. Ten kicks for one leg, ten kicks for the other, each attempting to land a blow at progressively higher areas of the bag. He's not a bad kicker, but there's still something amateurish about it. "Did they ever catch that guy? And there's no way I'd ever do something like that. I mean, the whole thing in Tokyo, I didn't mean to do that, I was trying to save someone's life, and mine."

"Nope." The answer is short clipped and to the point, as she drives her fist into the bag, throwing all her weight into it. "Killed my daughter.. and he's out there somewhere." She pulls back and watches him. "Not bad kid.." She offers a hand to him finally. "Name Carrie.. Carrie Castillo. I was rookie only a month or so ago. So I've been there."

Magnes lightly takes her hand, gentle and nervous, shaking it. "Magnes J. Varlane, Delivery Boy. And I'm sorry about your daughter, when um, I get better at this, I can help you find that guy."

"Delivery boy?" Carrie chuckles giving his hand a firm shake, before letting it go. "Thanks for the offer, but not necessary. There are bigger fish to fry right now and right here in New York. His time will come." There is something ominous about the way she says it. "He's not registered that I can find. So until he shows up on the radar.. and it's been.. God… years. Not sure if there is anyone to be found anymore."

"One day, you've just gotta have faith." Magnes begins to fall up again, but before he's even a foot off the ground, he starts wobbling up and down again, as if constantly trying to keep himself in one spot. "Between Adam, Sylar, Peter Petrelli, Jake, there's all sorts of people that need to be put away right now. Hey, the Company knows the truth about Peter and Sylar, right? You know, how Sylar didn't do it, the bomb?"

Watching him wobble Carrie can't help but reach out to steady him. It's something, in truth, she wouldn't have done a few months ago. Should couldn't even stand to touch 'them'. "Yeah I know.. " She watches his up and down. "What are you thinking when you do that? Are you actually thinking.. 'Move up?' 'Move down?' What about just thinking about floating. Maybe picture floating in that spot?" She chuckles. "Listen to me.. I'm not even only of you all. Just the plain jane, normal type."

"W-wait!" For a few brief seconds, she might feel the world is switching from up and down constantly, until he just shuts it off and lands on the ground again. "I don't know how to make my power only affect me yet, it affects everyone and everything I touch. It's not really dangerous, just, I didn't want you to get scared. And I'm not really thinking anything exactly, I just, well, believe I can switch gravity up and down, or any other direction, but it's disorienting. I think if I'm gonna fly, I'm gonna need to get a handle on lots of different parts of my ability…"

"Holy… " So that's what it's like. Carrie squeezes her eye shut against the disorientation and the making her sit down heavily when the power is shut off. "Whoa. No wonder you puked." She gives her head a shake to clear out the last bit of the sensation "Nah.. Not scared. You haven't met my partner, he kinda…. Well.. Let's just say next to him that is small change." She reaches out her hand. "Help me up.. If anything it gives me an idea of what your going through."

Magnes reaches down and takes her hand, lifting her rather easily as he decreases her weight, then returns her to normal when she's up completely. "I've never really tried to do anything like this before, the flying. I don't think my approach is very good. I mean, I'm not like Superman or something, this is complicated, I need to work out a technique or it'll never be practical."

"Thanks." She murmurs sounding a bit curious and kind of awed as he lightens her. "You did pretty good there.. Didn't send me wobbling all over or hitting the ceiling." She gives him an encouraging grin and a wink. "You'll get it, kiddo. One thing you all don't have sadly is the means to learn from others. Every ability seems to be different enough, so your stuck floundering. No wonder some of them go completely batty." She glances around for a clock and frowns a touch at the time. "I better stop distracting you or they won't be happy. They can get pretty cranky if your shirk what they tell you to do." She looks thoughtful. "Don't think of it as flying.. Starting with floating will make them happy. And of course.. Practice makes perfect."

"I met a girl with my ability, a long time ago, but her gravity was different, it didn't change my perspective." Magnes takes a deep breath, jumping high into the air, slowly, intending to take his own good time to experiment. "Thanks for talking to me, I hope I see you around!"

"Not a problem, kid. I'm pretty sure we will. Hard to work here and not run into each other." Ripping off tape from her hands, Carrie watches him for a moment. She point to the can he recently used. "Stay near the trash can too. Cause they will make you clean it up… and scrub it." She starts towards the door. "I'll get out of here and come knock out some frustration later. Good luck, Varlane. " She pauses at the door to glancing back, suddenly looking amused. "Bond girl." She murmurs to herself as she disappears around the corner. "Delusional."

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