Trying To Think Straight


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Scene Title Trying To Think Straight
Synopsis Thier first night together was innocent enough, but seems to have had an effect on Claire. Course, instead of taking advantage of the situation, Magnes actually takes the adult route.
Date October 03, 2009

Magnes' Room

It's a pretty peaceful morning, sunlight dimly brightening the room through the thick curtains. This might have been the most comfortable sleeps Claire has ever had, and the reason would become evident as soon as she woke up. Due to a bit of shifting around in the middle of the night, she's on top of him, and he's asleep with his arms lazily spread out, floating about five feet above the bed. They're weightless, and he doesn't even notice in his unconsciousness.

A deep breath is taken as Claire slowly wakes up and then lets it out slowly. Takes her a moment to remember where she is, when she realizes she's holding onto Magnes, arms looped loosely around him. Cheek resting against his chest she smiles lazily and tightens her arms slightly. That's about when it hits her, why doesn't she feel the bed. Her heart leaps into her throat and she sides her head over so that she can peek over his side. Holy…. "Magnes." Claire says softly, nudging him somewhat. "Magnes… wake up, we're floating."

"I don't wanna do it again, you're a regenerator but I'm exhausted…" Magnes speaks in his sleep, groaning as he shifts in their floating position. But after a few minutes his eyes start to open, looking around, then he feels the heat of another body above him. "Claire? What're you… oh yeah, stayed the night. I float when I sleep, especially since we didn't use a blanket." he tiredly explains, turning his head away from her to yawn, still floating there. He's at least glad he doesn't slam back on to the bed anymore.

Brows lift, Claire listens to his mumbling with amusement, before giving a little shake of her head. Arms unlace from around his waist, so that she can use them to press on his chest so that she can set up, of course — Thump — "Ow…" She turns her head enough so that she can see the roof above them. "Can you get us down?" She asks, ducking her head down again.

"Sorry." Magnes apologizes, smiling as they gently lower to the bed again, moving his hands up to rest on her waist. "Waking up with a girl on top of me is something I'd like to do again. I'm gonna take a shower soon so I can take you out the breakfast, you can look in my other room for a change of clothes." He lays his head back and sighs contently, staring at the ceiling. "Hey, is it cheating if I touch a female gravity manipulator's gravity?"

As the lay there, Claire's head comes up so that she can give him a confused look. "Not… that I know of?" Blonde brows drop slightly in thought. "I mean it's just gravity. Not like you groped her or anything." She starts to set up again, but then realizes that would put them in an awkward position of her straddling him. Instead she slides to the side so that she's curled up against his side instead, her cheeks are still red though. "So.. you met someone with your ability?"

"I met her like earlier this year, but I saw her again yesterday morning on a roof. It's not exactly my ability. She controls how attracted two objects are, like she can make gravity pull inbetween them. I can't do that, I just manipulate gravity itself in things. I mean, I can kind've break physics and make a baseball fall to China. I don't really understand what she does exactly, but it sounds like it could potentially do some really interesting things." Magnes swallows hard when she starts to get up, his heart pounding by the time she lays back down. "I, uh, I should probably go take a shower now, you go get what you wanna wear."

Did it get hotter in there? "Um… yeah." Claire murmurs, rolling over so that she can sit up and off the bed. She moves towards his secret room, so that he can't see her red cheeks. Moving among the clothes she takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. Maybe she had been wrong about what she said to Cardinal. She is very aware of the man just out there… shockingly aware. She starts shifting through clothing frowning a bit as she tried to concentrate on the clothing, course she's having a hell of time doing so…. Oh, is she in trouble.

Magnes, trying to calm down and not make an ass of himself, sticks to the shower for around five minutes. When he steps out, he's got a new pair of comfortably fitting blue jeans, drying his hair with a towel in one hand, and digging through his dresser for a shirt with the other. He doesn't say he's out, he knows it'll come off sounding like a nervous teenager, but by now the apartment is filled with the steaming aroma from shampoo and various other scents. "Um, you can go take a shower if you want, there's a spare towel and stuff. You can wear whatever you like in there."

"Mmm.." Is all Claire can manage to say, she's been looking at the same set of outfits for a long moment. Maybe she should just flee? Staying the night might not have been the best idea… Her dream had been… yeah. There are so many thoughts and feelings in her head, she just can't concentrate on clothing. She sighs a bit and slips out of that room and freezes, eyes traveling over his form. "I — ah — Maybe I should just head home." She gives him a nervous smile and moves to inch around him, touching might undo her at the moment. Not to mention showering in his shower… it makes her cheeks flush.

"Why? I thought you wanted to get breakfast?" Magnes asks as he pulls on the infamous Batman shirt, then heads for his secret room and peeks in. "You think I should wear a vest or something with this? And um, is something wrong? I mean, you seem upset…" He's of course misinterpreting, but he doesn't know what else to think.

"No.. nothing is wrong." Claire says quickly waving away his concern. "I'm — not upset. Trust me.. I'm not upset." Moving to get her shoes, Claire gives a nervous chuckle. "I — just realized it might not be a good idea if I take a shower and get ready for the day here."

"What?" Magnes is oblivious, holding up the sleeveless leather trenchcoat to show her, pretty cliche as far as fashion goes. "I don't really understand, but I mean, if it's a girl problem, I'll take your word for it." He's assuming she's having a period, since she's being so indirect.

That assumption makes her cheeks really flare red and Claire totally can't look at him now. "Oh god, no…" A hand presses to her cheek to feel the heat there, and they are hot. She glances at him over her shoulder, and then realizes she's being absolutely silly about this. She's being no better then a high schooler about it.

Turning to him suddenly, Claire's expression is totally serious as she admits. "I'm having a hard time thinking clearly around you… and that leather trench is kinda cool." Adding the last when she realizes he's asking her opinion.

Magnes pulls the sleeveless trench on, which the short sleeves of the Batman shirt poke out of, then he heads into the room to grab a pair of black boots, which more or less make the entire outfit. And no the player writing this is not gay! His meta, however, may be. "Wait, wait. Like, I mean, you…" He steps out of the room with his boots on, then hunches down to start strapping them up. "You're saying that if I weren't sitting here putting all these clothes on, I could probably be taking advantage of the situation?" he asks, very vaguely, for both their sakes.

Claire seems to be thinking about whether or not she wants to answer that question, chewing on lip a bit and looking anywhere but him. Boy, her cheeks are warm. Finally she says slowly, drawing the word out, "Yes." And that's about all she can say, as she stands there, head tilted down as she's unable to look at him. She does have a feeling what sort of look he might have. Unable to help it though, her head doesn't move, but her eyes flick up to look at Magnes.

Magnes can't help but swallow, he's not really sure how to verbally respond to that. He heads over to her, moving to wrap his arms around her waist as he looks down, raising a hand to touch her warm cheek. "I want to, god knows I do, but even if you're, well, I mean, you know, I'm still not gonna do anything if you're not sure." His heart is of course pounding, but he's really trying to do the noble thing here, he won't push even in an opportune situation, he's just trying to be reassuring.

"I — ah — that's the thing." He'll find her a bit tense when he wraps his arms around her and Claire looks very uncertain. "I've been really uncertain about… it… with you and well… now.. I'm not so sure." Her hands rest against his chest, her fingers play with the edge of his coat, her eyes staying firmly on what her fingers are doing. "I mean.. sleeping here.. and waking up with you.. and.. well.." her cheeks turn even redder. "And now suddenly things I wasn't thinking about…. well…. I am thinking about."

"Give it a day to process?" Magnes suggests, not sure what exactly to tell her, but certainly not wanting her to rush into anything. "I mean, you're still unsure, so that means you have doubts about it. You shouldn't do anything you'll regret, so let your head clear a bit so you have a better perspective, I think."

Eye fly up to look at Magnes with surprise. "That…." Claire is stunned, as she didn't expect that reaction from him. "You…" Her brows furrow a bit in confusion as she studies his face. "Your serious." It's like she's seeing him in a different light, then her expression softens and her hands move to press softly against his cheeks, just before she kisses him.

Magnes' eyes widen a bit at the sudden kiss, then he just relaxes into it before gently pulling back, smiling warmly. "I don't know what I did, but, thanks. "You sure you don't wanna go to breakfast still?"

"I think your on your way to being an adult, Magnes." Claire teases him, when the kiss ends, her own body finally relaxing. "And your right.. I need to think clearly. So… let's get that breakfast." Pulling away, she brushes and tugs at her clothing to make them presentable.

"Well, I'm glad then!" Magnes says a bit awkwardly, cheeks red, because it's clear he has no idea what she's talking about, but he's trying to pretend he does. He reaches for her hand to guide her to the door after making sure he has his keys and wallet and such, then places his other hand on the knob. "I'll get you anything you want, but no donuts, you have no idea how many donuts a cop eats in a week."

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