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Scene Title TSNY
Synopsis Trapeze School of New York
Date June 8, 2009

TSNY - Pier location.

Monday is not a Garfield Monday. Classes start tomorrow for Abigail, and today she'd been busy. The red hair is gone and back in it's place is the honey blonde that so many know, wrapped up in a ponytail. A tank top on, yoga pants, she's enjoying the nice weather with it's breeze to counter the gentle heat of the June day. Two things that Victor's never seen before are the two tattoo's. The cross on her right shoulder blade, and the line of text that disappears down beneath the tank top. A tall man and woman, brother and sister from the looks of it are talking with her while they wait, explaining some things or maybe small talk. Who knows.

The message had been left Sunday. Wear loose clothing, like he would wear to gym. Meet her at 3 pm, at this address. TSNY, down at the pier's. What is TSNY? It's apparently…

a trapeze school.

Victor was escorted back, Abigail turning at the sound of footsteps and a smile already on her face. "Date number two"

Vic honestly had no idea what this was, but it sounded intriguing. He showed up with a gym bag containing a change of clothes and wearing a sleeveless shirt with a track suit. The top of the suit is off and tied around his middle, and he's got cross-trainers on.

The shoes are significantly worn, as if they have seen a LOT of service.

He didn't say a word when it became apparent to him what this place was. Instead he just grins widely and shakes his head, then says to Abby, "I love it. This is going to be Awesome." He also spares a moment for a look-over of Abby herself and remarks with clearly male appreciation, "You look pretty awesome too, you know."

Success. She had been worried. "Patrick, this is Victor, We're.. trying this dating thing. Victor this is Patrick and his sister Susan. They're instructors here. I… helped Patrick a few months back. He offered free classes as a thanks, but I never took them up, until now" There's a heat to her cheeks at his compliment. A small boost to her ego in the light of the night before. "No more red" There's a motion for him to come closer. "We have an hour and a half then they have to go teach a class, but it's all ours"

The other two people grin widely. "She fixed my heart" Patrick offers up to victor, along with a handshake. "Saved me from years of transplant medicines and got me back on my feet and doing my job. Godsend, your girlfriend that is" Suzanne offers her hand next to Victor. "We'll get you guys up in the air after we've explained the safety rules and by the end of this, you'll be doing a basic catch, I kid you not. So, we'll give you guys a few minutes while we get stuff set up?"

Question it may be, but the two peel away, leaving just her and Victor. "You like? I called in a favor. I don't do it often. But.. I .. it's different and it's cheap and .."

"It's great to meet you, Patrick. Suzanne." Vic says, being quite the warm friendly guy with the handshaking and friendmaking, which comes naturally to him. He's typically very positive anyway. "You know, I'm not surprised she did that for you. She healed me too once when I was really busted up. I don't think she'd ever refuse to help anyone in need." All this said very much in front of Abby with not a hint of shame or insincerity. He means every word, and gives a thumbs-up to the trainer team as they give the couple a moment alone.

"I love it, Abby!" he insists with a big grin, "See, now I get to show you something about me." Vic drops his gym bag and unties the sleeves of his track suit top from around his waist, then kind of wads it up and stuffs it in the bag. It'd just get in the way. While he's kneeling at his bag he glances up at his date and explains, "You know I've always been kind of athletic, right? Well since I developed the speed I couldn't play team sports anymore, so I had to take up something in its place. So I started learning parkour and skateboarding and stuff. Even tried skydiving, but never this. This is just awesome because it'll be something new."

From the tone of his voice it's obvious Vic couldn't be more pleased.

"No, never knew that. Though I guess, yeah, if you ran me across the island in five minutes so I could heal someone, I guess you'd be athletic. Parkour, you said that before, I think" She's looking over as they get rigs out, safety harnesses,t he whole kit and caboodle. "Sky diving, that would be interesting. But what is all this going to show me about you, other than the athletic side?" Down Abigail goes, crouching beside him, palm flat on the spongy rubbery ground beneath them. She's happy, that he's happy. That she chose right and good.

"Well uh…like I can do a standing backflip?" Vic offers with a sheepish grin, suddenly thinking it all seems rather inadequate to him. He WANTS to be all confident that he'll stick trapeze like a natural, but the fact is that it's such a different skillset that he's never tried that he isn't so certain yet. Getting to his feet, he bounces and swings his arms before putting his palms on his spine one at a time and stretching them out. In all honesty Vic is well-defined and in olympic shape.

You just don't develop body fat when your metabolism burns calories like a star burns hydrogen.

He gives it a little thought and adds with a grin, "I dunno. If I'm good at something I can get to be kind of a showoff."

She used to burn calories that fast too for different reasons. "I think everyone can be a showoff" She points out. "How often do you actually get to show off?" She's not doing any stretches. Maybe she did them already while she was waiting for victor, maybe not.

Vic just kind of grins and admits, "Well, almost never. Not like that. I mean sure everybody's impressed by zip-zoom superspeed, but that's all they see." He lets his eyes wander over Abby some more before observing, "I didn't know you had tats. That's kind of something I would never have guessed."

"They're.. new" Abby admits, craning her head over her shoulder. "I got the cross.. not long after Staten Island. The uhmm" She turns, lifting the hem up her shirt up a bit so he can see the end of the latin script on her hip. "Over the weekend"

The face Vic makes is just this side of a grin. "Wow. I didn't know if I was allowed to read all of that or not." He's not embarassed to look though. He allows a pregnant pause before asking with a muffled laugh, "…any others?"

"Unless you can read Latin, likely not or unless we're married" She points out with a shake of her head. "Nope, just those two. It says 'Faith is the light that will lead you out of the darkness'. Do you have any tattoo's?" It was only fair to ask, and while he didn't seem like the kind to have them either, here she was with two of her own… slightly tattoo's. Is it still a tattoo when all the artist has done is alter skin pigmentation as opposed to imbedding the skin with ink?

"Nope, I don't." replies Vic, apparently very amused by this whole thing. "Want me prove it?" he adds with that same attitude. He's not in any hurry to strip off his own clothes though so it's obvious he was playing around. "I dunno what I'd put anyway if I was going to."

"It's a hard thing to choose really" Abigail agree's though a heat suffuses her cheeks when he offers to prove that he has no tattoo's. "Nope, no siree, you don't need to prove it. Oh! Patrick and Suzanne are coming back" Time for their lesson it seems.

The grin just gets bigger when Vic sees Abby start to turn red. But he shuts up about it. "You know it's going to be kind of rough topping this. You really raised the bar." he says to her, hopping in place twice and looking at the approaching acrobats. "Man I hope I don't suck at this."

"I didn't .. mean to raise a bar Victor. I'm sorry, i'm just.. I remembered their offer and I thought you might enjoy it. I'm sure you won't suck. Watch, i'll be the one falling into the net all the time. Everyone will be saying look at victor on that flying trapeze, zipping along with the greatest of ease!" Trying to boost up his ego even as the sibling pair approach with the harnesses.

The hour and change fly's by pretty fast with the safety lesson, the getting acclimated to the net and the set up up in the air. Victor and Abigail encouraged to jump off the platforms so that they can get a feel for falling since they're both bound to do it quite a bit in the next while. They work their way up to swinging back and forth, rubbing their hands in chalk and Abigail occasionally squealing as the she lets go and is caught by the ankles by Patrick. By the end though, she's managed to do the basic catch and there's a grin on her face as she lays in the net below, looking up at the bars and wires, and the sky all sweaty and exhausted.

Vic proves to be a very skilled faller. He has no fear of freefall or heights that anyone can tell, and indeed is quite a showoff when it comes to that. He stops getting fancy when the catch comes up though, and follows their teachers' instructions to the letter. When his catch pulls off (and it does), he takes a fall to the net and rolls to Abby with a whoop, coming to rest on his back as well. It's the first time in a while he's actually breathed hard, since none of that work was done with the advantage of his power. "Guess what?" he asks with a grin. Doesn't wait for a response either. "I like challenges."

Abigail bounces in the net when he lands, shoved a foot up in the air that has her slightly windmilling, but it's the end of their session and so she doesn't settles down, looking over to Victor as he questions, and then supplies his own answer. "I could have guessed that on my own Victor Childs"

Vic finds his feet and steps to the edge of the net where he sits with his feet dangling off the side. Then gives Abby a glance. "Seriously. Way cool idea, Abby. Thanks for this." He kind of 'pats' the net next to him as much as one can pat a thing that is just strings and air, inviting her to sit there. "So uh. What do you think so far?"

She needs an instruction manual. For this dating thing. To learn what all the movement mean. The social protocols that come with dating. After a minute of rolling and using Victor as support, she's up on the edge of the net, her feet dangling over the side too. "I think… I don't know Victor. I think I need to hold off opinions till the third date. Possibly a fourth. I mean, as the first guy i've ever taken out on a date date your… You're doing good. You're pretty cool" She looks over with her fly away strands of blonde and other strands plastered to her forehead.

"So you think there'll be a number four?" says Vic, deciding to go there. There's something bittersweet in how he says that. Almost like he's surprised at something. Either perhaps that she's considering a fourth date, or perhaps over something else she said. He swings his feet briefly and then rolls forward, doing a sort of somersault off that ends with him landing on the floor with bent knees.

"Maybe" There's a pause. "We'll have to see if you can top trapeze sessions" she teases. She's stuck her foot in her mouth, somewhat. Damnit, she sucks. She doesn't do so pretty and fancy a dismount. Just turns onto her stomach and slides off then starts unclipping her harness.

Vic's harness is off in a hurry, which is because he finds it an impatient affair and hurried up the process of removing it as only he could. "Oh, I'll do at least as good. Just gotta think of something that'll get your interest as much as this got mine. You seriously surprised me today. In a great way." Big old smile at that while he comes over to help Abby with her harness.

She's not as impatient as him nor is she so intuitive with things like this, so she lets him help, little nervous when hands stray a little close for comfort, but in the end, Victor gets the harness off her. "Well, ask me questions and I can answer" Patrick and Suzanne come to fetch the gear and thank Abby again, another time set up for her to come and learn more. 9 classes in all it seems for the blonde. "maybe that will help?"

One thing about Vic is that he is probably the safest boyfriend to let remove articles from a girl's body. Nothing he does is to take advantage. He also is sure to give Patrick and Suzanne a very sincere thanks for their time. He seriously did enjoy today. "Well…what are your three biggest passions?" he asks with a grin, stepping back to put his hands on his hips and watch her.

"Church" She points out. "Really passionate about Jesus, the lord our savior" That was a given. She didn't have her necklace on today but that's because hanging upside down is not conducive to having jewelry on. What else was she passionate about. "Cooking and…." She needed to think on this third thing. What was she passionate about"

"Yeaaaaah that's why I asked about three." replies Vic with a chuckle, having already known about Abby's religious convictions. The cooking, though, might have potential. Ought to file that away. He starts walking toward their things. "You into medicine, maybe? Part of the whole healing thing?" Because even if she can't do it by laying on hands, Abby's still a healer.

'Well, i am going to school to be an EMT so yes. Like Ga.. someone told me. Now I just have to learn to do it the hard way, and not the easy way. Miracles of the more mundane variety, as opposed to the divine or.. Genetic as some people believe" She's not going to say their wrong, but she believes that she's right too. "I like to hunt. Betcha didn't know that. Got my shotgun" Which still had yet to be registered in fact. "I like camping. Haven't rightly done that in a while"

Once again Vic looks surprised. "Oh wow. No I didn't know that." he says about the hunting, chewing his lip and looking apologetic for a moment. "Iiiiiii don't think you'll ever get me hunting, Abby. I couldn't kill an animal. I just don't have it in me. Camping's okay though." He makes the last bit significantly more upbeat. "When I was going to USC we camped in Yosemite in the Fall. That was the same trip I had my first skydive. Which is gonna become a date for us if we keep going."

"I don't expect anyone to to jsut up and enjoy hunting. It's.. acquired I think. Ii's just how I was raised" which is giving him an out to totally ignore that. "Skydiving, that sounds a great deal more scarier than a trapeze" a gesture back to the rigs behind them as she picks up her messeger back, fetching wet wipes from withina nd passing some over. So she can wipe herself down and not smell like a gym

Vic gives a polite wave to the wipes, refusing them. "Thanks but I'm gonna hit a shower." He picks up his bag and shoulders it, then looks at Abby with a more or less serious expression. "I really like you, Abby." he says, almost in the vein of As You Wish.

"I like you too Victor" Though there a pause before she reaches out, trying to take his hand> "Victor. i'm really bad at communicating. I meanreally bad. I've never dated, I probably need a REALLY big instruction manual of the do's and don't. Someone I know once joked that i'd need a manual jsut to even look inside a guy's pants or something like that, so, if i'm messing something up, if I'm saying something really stupid, you'll let me know right? Because I can be pretty blonde"

Vic's answer to that is to take Abby's hand in turn, step in, and kiss her. On the lips. In spite of the fact that it happens rather fast, it's not like he's using speed. He was just in the right spot for it and the hand made it kind of easy to pull her into it.

Eyes close, and hands tighten on both his and the strap of her bag. It's a surprise, so at firs,t it's not reciprocated, but after a moment or two, she kisses back, lips parted the slightest bit and leaning into the contact and lip lock with the speedster.

That's perhaps the greatest surprise of the day for Vic. Was he taking a chance? You bet. The contact lingers plenty to let Abby know what he means by it, and by the time he pulls away Vic whispers, "Sometimes you don't need words." Smile.

'True" There's bright red cheeks regardless. "Patience I guess. As I figure.. out what I like. What I really like, what I don't.. where I stand with things. Life.. has thrown me for a look, the lord's keeping me on my toes. I guess I'm just asking for understanding and patience. A slap upside the head if i'm being an idiot"

"If you keep running your mouth like that I'm just gonna kiss you again. You know that, right?" Vic warns, possibly hoping for a speech.

Abigail's mouth clamps shut, even if he's possibly hoping. She's silent for a few minutes before she makes a motion with her hand pulled away from him to shoo. "Go take your shower, then we can get coffee. Then I gotta go to my psych appointment"

"Yes ma'am." replies Vic with a chuckle, reaching for her hand again to give it a brief squeeze. Then he turns to go and take care of that. Mustn't smell like feet and locker room.

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