Tu Seras Aimé



Scene Title Tu Seras Aimé
Synopsis Remi makes a happy discovery.
Date February 27, 2013


There’s been a weird buzzing in the back of Soleil Remi Davignon’s mind lately. It started off as almost nothing, but her attention has been drawn to it more and more lately. She hasn’t been able to pinpoint the location, just that it’s always there now. It goes away when she closes her mind, so it has something to do with her ability; it almost feels familiar, but she hasn’t quite been able to place her finger on it.

At least, not until now.

A week ago, she idly wondered where her monthlies were. But the past few months have been extremely stressful, so Remi simply figured it was her body reacting to everything that’s been going on.

She realized it today, and thought a bit further on it, and the timing…the timing would be right.

About a month ago, Graeme came home from a journey that worried Remi immensely. He’s been one of her rocks in this crazy, crazy storm they have all found themselves in, and the thought of losing him was unbearable. So when he came home, she insisted on a celebration. In the privacy of the one bedroom cabin that she has claimed for herself, Remi brought out the bottles of champagne that she had smuggled in from home, the best stuff money can buy, and she and Graeme drank and celebrated…simply being alive still.

And for the first time in their years of knowing each other, one thing led to another, and they found themselves falling into bed with each other. It was fun, intimate…but also very clear that the two were never truly meant to be together in any sense other than as close friends.

They left it at that, and soon after, Graeme went off to wander again.

She managed to procure a pregnancy test, and is currently sitting outside of her bathroom while she waits out the timer. The woman leans against the wall, her fingers nervously worrying at her lower lip while she resists the urge to put a hand against her stomach. If this happens, if this test is positive, everything is going to change.

The telepath crosses the room, moving to the window to look out over the snow covered ground, to the icy lake. This is bittersweet in itself, as well — something like this happened in a dream once, but in that dream, it was Liz that gave her the news, not some stupid pregnancy test, and Pollepel Island was still something that existed, and Liz had a son who will never exist, and Liz was there to tell her what a great mother she would be.

It’s enough to bring a tear to her eyes.

A bell sounds as the little egg timer goes off, and Remi’s heart jumps into her throat. With a frown on her face, she turns and makes her way toward the bathroom, wringing her hands in front of her. The short walk feels like a million miles; the door handle seems to resist being turned, and the door itself feels as heavy as lead. Those last few steps from the doorway to the counter where the test sits feel like they’re being taken through quicksand, but finally, she reaches the test. Closing her eyes, she reaches down, picking it up…

…And opening her eyes to look at the two bold pink lines.


Letting out a breath, Remi turns, leaning against the bathroom counter and staring up at a spot on the wall. So that’s what the buzz has been. It’s her baby. Blue eyes turn down to her still-flat tummy, and tentatively, the telepath lifts a hand, placing it gently against her abdomen. The little thing inside of her is still too small to even have a physical presence yet, but she can feel the creation of a new mind inside of her.

It is a beautiful, marvelous thing to be able to witness.

“Bonjour, ma douce petite. Vous venez à un moment effrayant, mais je ne peux pas attendre pour vous rencontrer.” She smiles, even as tears spring to her eyes. “Tu seras aimé.”

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