Turn The Page



Scene Title Turn the Page
Synopsis A memory that surfaced in the deepest parts of her mind pushes Squeaks into a new research project.
Date September 28, 2018


A green space near the library.

Finding the books she thought might answer some questions wasn’t the hard part. She was already known in the library for being very inquisitive and having a wide array of interests. If only they knew her desire to read up on ghosts was because she and her friends were trying to find one in particular. Squeaks knew she could go straight to any of the librarians to ask for books that might have the name Parkman in it and no one was going to find it strange. It was just as easy to check out the books she chose and slip out of the building to find a quiet patch of green space where she could be alone and read.

The hard part is actually opening the book.

It wasn’t locked, and there weren’t any magic spells keeping it closed except for those in her own mind. She’s already spent a month puzzling over the names in her head during the dark hours when she should have been sleeping. They were names she remembered in a conversation she doesn’t remember ever hearing. But it’s really hard to open the book.

With it resting on her legs, the teenager rests her elbows on her knees and stares at the cover. There isn't anything remarkable about it. The adventure stories she loves so much have way better cover art than this one. But that's how it is with books about real things and not made up stories. Maybe her anxiety about opening the book is because it's real things, because Ford is a name she knows, and he was in that conversation she doesn't remember hearing.

It could just be silly coincidence too. Probably there are hundreds of Ford’s and Parkman’s in the New York area. Maybe it was even just a weird dream. A really weird, coincidence dream where Parkman was selling Jacelyn to Ford.

Squeaks breathes out a slow, slow breath and turns her face into her hands. It doesn't need to be done, but then she's still be wondering. So a few seconds later, she picks her head and gives the cover a stern look. Even though isn't the book’s fault. It only holds information. She huffs softly, deciding there's too much coincidence for it to be made up in her head.

The teen’s lower lip folds in to be pinched between her teeth, bracing for whatever she finds as she finally opens the book.

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