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Name Carlisle Dreyfus Aliases None
Status Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. White; Briton
Birthdate Unknown Age 65
Height 6'1" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Gray
Residence Ryazan, Russia
Employment Ryazan State University
Philosophy and Modern Languages Department Chair
Parents Roger Dreyfus †
Natalie Dreyfus
Siblings None
Marital Status Widowed (Christine Dreyfus) Children Robbie Dreyfus †
First Seen Dinner Party Last Seen Baptism by Fire
Profile Son of a little-known Nazi hunter that perished at the hands of Kazimir Volken in the early seventies, Carlisle Dreyfus was one of Ivan Spektor's co-workers at Ryazan State University where he taught classes offered by the school's Philosophy and Modern Languages department. His son was the academic prodigy Robbie Dreyfus and attends classes at the same school where his father works. He disappeared shortly after learning that Robbie was shot and killed by Elisabeth Harrison during a confrontation between Operation Apollo's Team Charlie and the Vanguard.
Carlisle Dreyfus

portrayed by
Alan Rickman

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