Ivan Spektor

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Name Ivan Spektor Aliases None
Status Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. White; Ukranian
Birthdate Unknown Age 59
Height 5'10" Build Average
Eyes Unknown Hair Gray
Residence Ryazan, Russia (previously)
Employment Ryazan State University (previously)
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Married to Katarina Spektor Children Andrei Spektor
Mikhail Spektor
First Seen A Warm Welcome Last Seen The Color Red, Part II
Profile Former Company agent responsible for the training of Noah Bennet and Benjamin Ryans, among others, Ivan Spektor retired from the organization many years ago. When Nathan Petrelli made his famous announcement after Midtown, he relocated to the city of Ryazan in Russia's Central Federal District. He lived with his wife, Katarina, and taught classes in English literature as a professor at Ryazan State University during the events of Operation Apollo. Afterwards, he and Katarina moved to St. Petersburg to safeguard a series of prophetic paintings for the Company. He was killed by the Institute while fleeing the country.
Ivan Spektor

portrayed by
Elya Baskin


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