Lyuba Kolosova

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Name Lyuba Kolosova Aliases
Status Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Russian
Birthdate Age 27
Height 5' 4" Build Athletic, Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Ryazan, Russia
Employment Gymnast turned politician
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Children
First Seen What Not To Do in Ryazan Last Seen What Not To Do in Ryazan
Profile A successful competitive gymnast for many years, Lyuba Kolosova has since retired from the sport and taken up a career in politics. She is a very popular up-and-coming politician in Ryazan and the surrounding area, also known for her charitable work.
Lyuba Kolosova
portrayed by
Evgenia Brik



Lyuba is a prominent member of the political party Right Cause.

Founded in late 2008 as a unification of three liberal political parties, Right Cause is officially guided by the principles of "democracy, the free market, the rule of law and the equality of everyone before the law." Despite being a stated opponent of the dominant United Russia party, Right Cause has been accused of being controlled by the Kremlin, which was openly a player in the party's creation. Right Cause makes no secret of its contacts in the current government, taking the stance that they all have to work together to improve their country.

Though Right Cause was created as a predominantly pro-business party, it has since broadened its platform in the interests of gaining more votes and support. Right Cause has become associated with the Young Russia movement, originally founded to protest Western expansion, terrorism, and corruption; Young Russia is one of the more well-known youth movements in the country, supportive of the government and willing to be openly aggressive in that support.

Both Right Cause and Young Russia actively contested the uprising of Vladimir Koschek and his Evolved supporters in June 2009. While the allied organizations seem to be somewhat divided on their approach to the Evolved issue — Right Cause officially supports open equality, while Young Russia publicly backs the government's current caution — they are linked by an apparent desire to maintain and work within the political system already in place… even if Young Russia's membership is still occasionally prone to disagreeing with opponents in dramatic fashion.

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