Twin Trouble In The Diner


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Scene Title Twin Trouble In The Diner
Synopsis So, Hope dated Cook pretending to be Faith, and Faith is upset. Somehow this ends up with Faith assaulting a police officer with an onion ring.
Date June 12, 2009

Local Diner

Unbeknownst to the smarter of the Kelly Twins — which would be Hope, of course, it seems the cat is out of the bag as far as her little charade last week, and so she sits innocently enough at a diner near the twins place of residence. She even left a little sticky on the fridge for her sister to see for when she came home. Hope has already placed her order and is waiting for her food. She's actually waiting on verification if a story they put together is going to run in the morning, so she pulls out her phone and takes a quick peek just to see if perhaps it needs to be shook a little.

Unbeknowst as well, is that Aude, not in her cop getup is behind the twins booth, well within hearing distance, and eating. She's got shift later, but for now she's running around and doing her errands before she has to head in to work. It's the street beat for her tonight, catching curfew breakers and the like with Leon in her car. She was gonna drive tonight, not him. He could sit and endure.

Faith storms into the diner, looking around for her sister, and finding her at their usual table. She walks that way, her flip flops slapping the linoleum floor with a fury. "You," she says, her eyes narrowed as she slides into the booth across from her sister. "Seriously. This is low, even for you, Hope. When were you going to tell me?" She crosses her arms and waits for her sister's reply.

Blinking as cutely as, well, only her and her sister could, Hope looks up at her angry twin. "They haven't called yet. I'm waiting for them to approve the story. But don't worry, your pictures will make it a shoe-in that we at least get in the Life section, maybe even second or third page. Sit and let's eat. Don't be angry, I'm certain they'll call soon. My treat." Hope offers that smile up to her sister, the same one Faith gives Hope many many times. Hope, still clueless.

Oh. It's them. The twi… twins… Aude doens't turn around but she does relax in eating her fries, listening. The one was playing the other?

"What?" Faith snaps. "I'm not worried about the freaking story. I don't care about that." She frowns, grabbing the menu from behind the little juke box. "Where did you go last Friday night? And did you order for me yet?" she asks, glancing down at the menu. It's hard to stay on topic when one is hungry, after all.

"Of course I ordered for you. I always order for you and you always order for me. What's the big deal? You're all up in arms about some such nonesense." Hope starts out. "Last, what? Friday night." If someone wasn't looking directly at the menu, she might see the furrowing of a pair of eyebrows as that particular date rings a familiar bell to the twin. "I went out. Why? What's the matter? Why is your face so red?" Hope looks up as their burgers are delivered. Each their own seperate way to taste of each twin. Fries for one and onion rings for the other. "What's this all about?"

Sibling fight. Great. Aude silently shakes her head as she reaches for her milkshake. Of course she'd get stuck in a booth behind the girls. Idly she wonders if they ever found their money. But that's about all the idle thought that they get as the darker skinned woman stays put. She's gonna have to deal with grumpy curfew breakers tonight. She might as well get a few laughs?

"Out. Out with who? Think, Hope, think. Why would I be upset if you just 'went out' unless you went out without telling me with someone you probably should have told me you were going out with." Well, that's dizzying. Faith smiles at the waitress and murmurs thanks, before turning her wrath back on Hope. "Tell me why. If there's a good reason for it, maybe I'll forgive you and maybe I'll give you your share of the last payment I collected. If not, well, it'll be a nice new purse for me, and none for you."

There's a pause as Faith brings up forgiving. "What are you going on about?" Hope thinks for a long moment before snapping her fingers. "That guy from the park. The skateboard geek. Cook! That's his name. He called and asked me out. Why? What's the big deal? You go out all the time. I go out all the time. Why are you /so/ upset?" Hope leans in on the table as she reaches for some ketchup and lifts the top bun off her burger. "Did you like this guy?" Hope is practically whispering at this point, though not so quietly the tables around can't hear.

What kind of guy is named Cook. Aude shakes her head as the waitress stops by her table. She's good. Just enjoying this late evening drama fest.

"How the hell did he get your number, bitch?" Faith says with a shake of her head. "He called my phone and asked me out and you must have answered it when I was in the bathroom or something and pretended to be me. I'm not stupid, Hope, I'm not one of the people we put crap over all the time. I know what you're capable of. My question is why did you pretend to be me? It might have been kind of funny if you had told me about it after the fact, but you kept it a secret." She dismantles her hamburger, taking out the pickles to eat separately, then adds some ranch dressing to the burger from the dish that came with her onion rings.

Hope picks up her burger. "Look, you didn't even tell me that you gave him your phone number and here he is calling out of the blue? You didn't share that information with me, so why should I bother sharing information with you? You're supposed to tell me these things. Instead, you're getting phone calls from some freaky evolved character to eats anything he wants. It's kind of creepy, sis." Hope leans back and takes a bite of her burger. So there. Nyah.

Hope picks up her burger. "Look, you didn't even tell me that you gave him your phone number and here he is calling out of the blue? You didn't share that information with me, so why should I bother sharing information with you? You're supposed to tell me these things. Instead, you're getting phone calls from some freaky who eats wood. It's kind of creepy, sis." Hope leans back and takes a bite of her burger. So there. Nyah.

Whoah, whoah, wait. So.. the one imitated the other on a date? Wow. Wow. Wait… Aude's mind goes back to the sister who showed up at the precinct. That had better have been the right twin. There's no real way to fig.. well.. fingerprints. But then, guy eating wood? WHo in their right mind eats woo.. oh. Oh…..

"I gave him my number, yes. Do you tell me every single person that you ever talk to? No. And not telling you that is not the same as not telling me you pretended to be me on a date with a guy who's interested in me and you can quit pretending that they're the same, because they are not, and you know that," Faith says. "I don't know if I like him or not, but the fact is, that's why I gave him my number. So I could decide if I like him or not. But no, you got to be the one to do that. So tell me, do I like him? You certainly seemed to, since you let him kiss you." She throws an onion ring at her sister.

Hope ducks the onion ring, as it goes over her head into the booth behind her. "That almost went in my hair." Hope holds up her hand. "Stop throwing things. Look, I was just having some fun with the guy, and maybe at your expense, true. But really, you didn't miss a whole hell of a lot. He was kind of a goofy dancer, and he wasn't an okay kisser. Nothing spectacular. He could use a little work." Well, it wouldn't be the first time she lies, right? "You want to go out with him, go ahead. But he's obviously not right.." she taps her head a few times to make her point, ".. in the head."

The HELL! There's a thunk, the onion ring opting to lodge in her small 'fro and stay there. Aude's eyes widen as she reaches up, feels the food and looks unhappy. Fuck. Now she'll need to shower before work and she hates the locker rooms at work. "Keep your food on your plate and out of my hair" Aude turns around in her seat, onion ring between two short nailed fingers. "Dump the jerk, or maybe you can have me go in my uniform and give him a good scare. I dunno, do something other than sit and talk about which sister imitated who and how the guy kisses. And maybe not talk so loud cause people in the next booth might be trying to enjoy their food and meal without listening to the soap opera that is your life" She looks between the two. "And that had better.. have been the //right twin that showed up to file a report"

Faith's about to argue with her sister when Aude turns around, unleashing her own fury on the twins. Of course Faith recognizes her and she goes a bit pale when she realizes she just threw food at a police officer. "Oh… Officer, I'm sorry, I meant to hit my sister, and of course it was me who went to file the report because we would never change places on anything of that sort of importance I promise…" she babbles, then glares at her sister. "Look what you did," she growls.

The moment that Hope realizes that happened, she's already turned around in her seat. "Oh! Officer. If I had known you were sitting back there, I'd have not ducked and taken that onion ring right in the face. It's the least I can do when you're out there protecting citizens like us from those far dangerous than my sister who weilds onion rings like weapons. I promise to do better." She turns around and glances over at her sister and rolls her eyes, as she lifts her hand to the waitress and gives it a wave. "Can we get to-go boxes, please?!?"

"Smartass" Obviously pointed at Hope and not at Faith. "better have been" But with that, Aude just shakes her head, turning back to her own meal. Ignore the blonde twits. Maybe they'll go back to talking about guys who eat wood and where they live or work.

There's nothing like a common enemy — or a police officer who just heard them confess to pretending to be one another at times — to unite the twin front. "Your treat, like you said," Faith says, reaching into Hope's purse and finding a twenty dollar bill that will cover tip plus the two meals. "And you still aren't getting any of my last freelancing gig money since I don't buy your reasoning. But maybe I'll forgive you." Babysitting gig… that's code speak for blackmailing. "Hmmm. Prada or Gucci for my new purse…" she hums thoughtfully as the waitress returns with two boxes and takes their cash.

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