Twisted Sister


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Scene Title Twisted Sister
Synopsis You're her sister? No, seriously, you're her sister? Like, are you really her sister? I'm not sure… like, seriously?
Date March 15, 2009


It's a rundown plantation, with motorcycle stuff!

It's still early in the afternoon, Magnes' things were moved in the day before, but he's still in his room unpacking. There's a modem laying on the floor, but no computer unpacked yet. So far he's got plenty of posters up, including Erica Durance as Lois Lane right above his bed, and Power Girl right next to her. There's all sorts of posters of varying sizes, some comic vixens, some are just epic male hero pictures, and there's even a rare anime or sci-fi picture around. His bed sheets and blankets, and even his pillow, are red Robin Rs, because he's decided that he's too mature for Pokemon sheets. And against the wall, right behind the door (when opened), is the book case, filled with graphic novels and trade paperbacks, and next to that are a few file cabinets and plastic containers of comics.

Then there are shelves of figurines, which he's still unpacking after getting the shelves set up across a wall, some figurines on top of the bookcase too. There aren't too many boxes, since many are unpacked and thrown away now, but his TV is still packed, computer, clothes, and lots of other things. Since he hasn't been downstairs much today, Elvis would have probably seen the large Fedex package, possibly a Blu-Ray player, or a new videogame system?! But all hopes are crushed when the large Aggressive Inline sticker is seen on the brown packaging, which likely houses the real packaging from the company.

Elvis had been at the shop most of the day, leaving Magnes alone in the house for a fairly decent stretch of time. One O'clock rolls around, and its quittin time for our favorite biker. Now typically Elvis will spend her whole day at the shop, because after works done she's got no small amount of personal projects designed to keep her occupied. Now, she has this stuff housed at her garage. So she proceeds to make the oh, thirty minute drive from work to home into a seven minute ride.

Then she's all over the front brake, leaning foreward to lift that rear tire in your classic stoppie followed by a tail whip and roll on that sends her Street Triple racing down the driveway, tires squeeling audibly as she brings the bright white bike to a stop right where she wanted it. Theres a moment or two of fiddling about, before she kills the motor and throws it over onto the sidestand. Peering about, and for a moment she catches herself looking for Magnes's car/bike/whatever. Oops. In anycase she strolls across the yard, snags the package and slips in through the front door. "Hey, Magnes! Dude, you got some shit!"

Magnes doesn't waste much time leaving his room, then running downstairs to see what's going on, wearing his tattered sneakers again. He looks around, still not quite used to the house and getting around it, but then he spots the biker chick. "Hey! What's that?" he asks, walking over and looking down at the package. "My skates! Man, that really was a rush delivery, I hope the paint job is good…" he says excitedly as he reaches for the package.

Elvis bumps up the visor on her helmet with a yawn, before all but tossing them over. "I didnt think they painted skates, thought they were all powdercoated or someshit."granted this is far from a topic Elvis really knows anything about, but then again thats never stopped her from talking about shit before now has it. "I'm gonna go get some paint on the frame and panels and shit, out in the Garage. If ya'lls need me I'll just be outside alright?" Then a pause as she turns away, only now starting to fiddle with that brilliantly multicolored lid of hers. "You want me to build you a rail or something?"

"Pro skates are very expensive and aren't all shiny plastic like you see most people use, a lot are made of the kind of stuff you'd see on high-end sneakers." Magnes explains as he sits the box on the floor and starts opening it, then sees another box inside, which is the company's box. He opens that too, which has a plastic black suitcase-like thing in it, and when that's opened, the skates are revealed. They are very similar to sneakers, except for the fact that there are straps in addition to the laces, and of course the four wheels on the bottom bar. They're completely black, with two large red magnet designs on each side, the grey magnetic bar in the design pointing at each skate. The wheels themselves are also completely black, with even smaller red horseshoe magnet shapes on the sides of the wheels. "Totally awesome, they got what I wanted perfectly! And you don't have to do that, I mean, I can grind on top of a B-52."

Elvis brow raises, and while all things vaguely mechanical tend to be interesting on some level but skates are a little far from her realm of easy reference. "I'm gonna go paint but, you wanna chill outside?"The idea of talking to somone while she worked was, well normally that was very much no good but painting shit is a whole nother thing entirely. Primarily because painting is fail in Elvis's world, if it werent for rust she likely wouldnt paint anything ever.

"Why don't you let me paint? I mean, I could just sort of walk up the wall, since I know you don't like being high." Magnes offers, walking out with her after closing the skate case up. Those can wait for later. "Or, you know, I could help you up, and maybe you'll learn that you like being high up? My power makes things like walls seem like the ground, so it doesn't really feel like you're high."

Elvis just laughs, for a minute. "Fuck the house, I'm buildin a bike. I had to lay the panels in a big mold like two days ago, because I'm making the bike from scratch so its not like I can use premade panels or anything. I need to get them painted, before they suck up water and dirt and the UV shit warps'em. The house can wait."because, yeah as far as she was concerned it totally could. If it'd taken the winter alright, it would probably be alright for another few months. Sides, bikes are important.

"I can understand that, one day I'd love to learn how to make skates from scratch, but a whole motorcycle? That just sounds impossible." from Magnes' point of view, at least. He continues to follow, looking around, still taking in the unfamiliar area. "Is there any way I can help at all? I mean, my power's kinda versatile…"

She slips outside, and lifts that big garage door up to expose her workspace proper. "Naw, its pretty simple. Just look at the bike as component subsystems, rather than one big whole thing right?"There was a simple lift in the middle of the garage, which held the frame and motor of an assembled motorcycle. Panels hung like bodies, from the rafters above. sleek kevlar bodywork, which shows the woven pattern of this bullet proof material below. Still a pale sickly yellow. "Can you hold the panels out in the open, while I spray'em? Like, float around and hold'em off the ground?"

"Well, I have to touch them to do it, but I'm pretty sure I could. I'll go put on my cheap skates to do it, I can't make gravity lighter without skates." Magnes admits, starting to walk back to the house already.

"Why cant you float without skates?"as she pulls the panels down. Side fairings, front fairing, tail peice and of course fenders and tank. "You aint better off without alla the weight?"Peering back Magnes way, as she quickly loops some metal wire around some of the interior bracketry. So as to keep her would be assistant from touching the panel directly.

"I'm still learning to use that part of my power without the skates, but for some reason I still can't. I seem to float pretty well those few times that Abby kissed me though." Magnes says with slightly red cheeks, not expecting Elvis to know the name. He runs into the house, then up to his room, putting on a pair of the generic red skates he got the other day until his expensive ones came, then he comes right back out a few minutes later, waving.

Elvis lifts a hand at that, "woah woah woah…stop right the fuck there. Abby, southern Belle with the soft touch Abby? With the scooter I built her Abby? Is that the Abby your talking about?"Her attention has meanwhile shifted from panels, entirely to Magnes."You know she's my sister, right?" Because the pair look -so- similar right?

"What?" Magnes asks when he comes out of the house again, eyes wide, heart racing, a billion thoughts racing through his mind. "I, uh, um, yeah, that's her, we had our first kiss together, and then she kissed me two more times, but she doesn't like me like that or anything, and I was sort of gonna disappear from her and her friends' lives…" he explains, but is still in complete shock. "You're her sister?"

"And you were gonna vanish, what the fuck is that all about?"She wasnt more aggressive per-se but she certainly wasnt being nice and sweet anymore. Elvis's only diversion, is how long it takes to light a cigarette. "Now I think you need to sit your ass down and explain yourself young man."

"Abby's sister…" Magnes repeats, taking a seat on the step outside the door, just /staring/, cheeks completely flustered. "She was kidnapped, with me, I couldn't stop it. I fought hard in those cages, thinking that if I fought hard enough, they'd maybe let her go, or at least wouldn't hurt her. But then they… they hurt her, they hurt her a lot, and even with my powers, I couldn't do anything about it, I failed her, and I bet they all blame me. I can never see her again, I can't…"

She nods quietly. "I know about that, I'm sorry you had to go through with it."She lets it fall, sucking on her cigarette as she turns back to her panels. "I dont recognize you though, so your not Phoenix."She muses to herself more than anything, as she procures a mask and a pair of goggles. "Your pretty fucking stupid, if your getting caught up in this shit and not fighting back. You can live, like a normal person Magnes."

Magnes walks back to the garage, taking a deep breath when she puts her goggles on. He can't skate across the grass, so he has to take awkward steps. "I'm not normal, I mean, I like a normal life, but I don't expect to be normal forever. It's just, thinking about the fact that Abby probably sees me totally differently now, I guess I just can't focus on anything bigger now. It's like I'm too embarrassed to face the world… does that make sense at all?"

She takes a moment, mixing up the paint in a big hopper ontop of her little spraygun. "Then fuck you, people are dying and your too embarrassed to help? Please, your not ten years old. So grow a pair, and start doing the right thing instead of just reading about it. "She pulls that mask tight, and turns towards Magnes. "Grab the wires, then hold them about a foot above the ground. when were done spraying hang'em on the gutter, we'll move them inside when they dry."

Magnes crouches down to grab the wires, then lifts them up about a foot higher, as instructed. "What am I supposed to do? I'm afraid of what they're gonna say to me if I face them again. God, what if Abby blames me, because I could have protected her? You're her sister, tell me what I'm supposed to do…" He looks her in the eye briefly, cheeks flushing again. The realization that she's Abby's sister just repeatedly slams into his mind. "You're really Abby's sister? I mean, really?"

Elvis just shakes her head. "I'm a member of the outlaws, I'm a gang member. She's my sister, which means she's off limits. She's protected, she gets to walk wherever she wants and the first guy to touch her dies. "she gives her gun a couple quick blasts off to one side. "After the thing on the bridge, when I fought Kazimir I got thrown off into the river. Nobody came looking, which is the way shit goes right?"She begins spraying now, a thin coat of matte black. "When she needed me, I wasnt there for her either. Is that my fault, or your fault? No, thats shit. Shit happens, so quit tripping over it and act like a man."

"You're a gang member?" Amadeus asks, surprised again. Elvis is full of surprises. "Alright, but… I guess I can't argue with you. I couldn't do anything, or at least I didn't know how." He wrinkles his nose when she starts spraying, sneezing a few times at the smell. "But, really, do you think she blames me? Even if it's not my fault, do you think she'd be happy to see me?"

Elvis shrugs "I dont know if she'd be happy, but I doubt she blames you Magnes"She backs away after a moment, before motioning towards the gutter. "Thats it for that one, just grab the next one for me will ya?"She inhales deeply, straining her mask just a hint. "If you want, I'll teach you how to fight."

Magnes carefully takes the panel to the gutter, which he appears to have trouble with a few times, but he's successful in the end. "Sorry, I don't really know how to change weight without changing my own weight, and it's hard to walk without much weight." he explains the difficulty he has, then grabs the other wire and waits for her to spray. "I miss her, a lot. To me she's just… perfect. I still can't believe she has a sister." The offer causes him to raise an eyebrow. Learn how to fight? That would've been very helpful. "You can really teach me? Well, I guess I could use it. The last fight I had caused my entire body to get shredded, and a lot of my bones to get broken. I think Abby used everything she had to save my life."

"Then call her, you do have something between your legs right? I mean christ kid, act like you have a pair. Call her, and just talk."And then she's spraying again, it goes much quicker this time of course. Just a couple of seconds. "and yeah, you can go to my gym with me. Everyone should know how to kick some ass, if you cant you deserve everything you get."

"I fought someone with bloodkinesis or something, then I fought this woman who could turn her body into spikes and I think she had super strength." Magnes says before sneezing again, obviously not totally enjoying the smell. "I guess I could call her. And it'd be really cool if I knew how to fight, and like, some mugger tried to steal Abby's purse…" He starts to grin now, his imagination running away from him as he has visions of Abby-rescue. "Sorry…"

Elvis shakes her head "if Abby likes you, she likes you. Dont get this studly bullshit going where you have to like, prove how much of a badass you are."she waves the panel off as well, now its just a mess of little bits and peices. "If she wanted a big fighter type, she'd be dating one. Its not like theres any shortage of dudes who can fight like a motherfucker."

"She always tells me she doesn't want any kind of boyfriend, but I don't want her to think I'm, well, you know, a chicken… shit." Magnes pauses inbetween words entirely unfamiliar to his mouth; though he does slip the occasional 'shit'. "I don't want her to think I'm immature, that I can't be a good boyfriend when she is ready. I wanna be a man!" he exclaims, determined as he carefully moves the panel off to hang it on the gutters.

Elvis sighs. "I dont think Abby would be a good match for you Magnes, you need somone who loves you for what you are. Abby, well she's a very good person but you'd have to be somone different."She waits for the next peice before simply repeating the process. Things go so very much faster with another pair of hands here to help. "Talk to her, settle things but if you want a girlfriend dont look to Abby. She and god, are all she wants."

"But you don't get it, Abby's perfect, she's open minded, she's beautiful, she's everything a guy could want." Magnes is getting a bit used to the process already, it's not too difficult, really; his only complaint is the sneezing. "I'm not the kind of guy who'd rush her, or even try to push her into something, so I guess the only person who could get hurt is me. But honestly, I can't see myself with anyone else right now. Maybe my mind will change one day, but not right now. A guy's gotta follow his feelings, right? But maybe one day I'll see a girl just as good as Abby, maybe better, but it's not a concern right now, as long as we're at least friends, I don't care."

Elvis shakes her head softly "You think you want Abby, but you dont want Abby. Be a man, and keep your dick in your pants. So square that shit with her, and then walk away. I know you both well enough, to know that you'd part poorly and things would end badly all around. Why dont you meet some chick at a comic book convention or someshit, some chick who cares about the same shit you do?"

"How can you say I don't want Abby? What part of this discussion gave you that impression?" Magnes shakes his head behind the panel, looking around at her, but ducking behind again when he remembers she has spray. "Abby's a good person, a very good person, I can relate to her, we can just sit and talk about things. If I turned away every great girl who wasn't into comics, I'd be both immature and alone for the rest of my life."

Elvis just gives Magnes, the look. "Magnes, how many girlfriends have you had in your entire life up to this point? How much experience do you have, to come up with what you do and dont want? I gotta tell you, your fucking crazy if you think you two would stay together."

"What makes you think we couldn't last? It's not like I'm some athiest Satan-worshipper who's completely closed-minded to Abby's beliefs." Magnes says, momentarily raising an eyebrow and his shoulders. "And I haven't ever had a girlfriend, but what's that got to do with anything? All I know is that I like Abby, what's wrong with liking her? It's not like I'm showing up at her door with flowers or something. And I just happen to not know any other girls I like right now."

Elvis groans "You have a crush, your not in love. Get over it. If you have to say open to her beliefs, rather than you've already shared them since your birth your not right. She needs a minister or something, somone who gets her relationship with god. You need somone who gets you, who can love you for who you are. Thats not where your at right now, and especially not with her."

"I never said I was in love, I just said I like her. There's nothing wrong with that." Magnes sighs and looks down at the wire in his hands. "Can we stop for now? I just need a moment to catch my breath or something." he says in a discouraged tone, lowering the wire if she gives him the 'ok'.

Elvis just gives a thumbs up "we're done. Go ahead and head inside, I can finish the rest up by myself. "She just lets it drop there, she isnt going to get wrapped up in things any tighter than she already is. Magnes and abby, good god that seems like a terrifically poor idea already.

Magnes walks to the entrance of the garage, leaning on the side as he takes a deep breath. If he was a smoker, he'd have a ciggarette right now. "Maybe you're right. Peter Parker didn't marry Betty Brant, he didn't marry Gwen Stacy, though admittedly she sorta died. Hell, he didn't even marry Felicia Hardy, who he had the most in common with. He married Mary-Jane Watson, his fifth girlfriend." he only listed four, but he probably has his reasons. "I just don't see myself as the dating type, and other than Abby, I've never really met a girl with the kind of personality I like. I don't know, you seem like you know what you're talking about, what should a guy like me do?"

Elvis glances back as she heads to the garage "For now, go inside and make peace with Abby. Dont you worry, I'll make a Jedi out of you yet young skywalker."was that, a nerd reference from Elvis? "One thing at a time, ok? I'll teach you what you need to know, and teach you what to look for and everything will end up peachy."

"Well, alright. But I still like Abby, it's not something I can turn on and off." Magnes adds, then starts walking toward the house, sneezing as the breeze carries some of the spray smell to his nose. "I'll trust you, I mean, you are her sister."

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