Two Days...


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Scene Title Two Days…
Synopsis That is how many days Brennan gives Kaylee to convince the Ferrymen to set him free.
Date May 11, 2010

The Garden

The sun is barely rising, when there is the sound of the lock being removed on Brennan's door, not that he would be able to tell down in the basement as he is. What can be heard is the sound of sleet outside as it falls and the creak of boards as the wind pushes against the house.

Kaylee's face is illuminated by the light beyond the door, she gives whoever is beyond a small smile, "Thanks," before stepping down the stairs. Pausing half way down, he head ducks a bit to look at the cot. "You awake, doctor?" She asks softly, before starting the stairs further.

Her clothing looks warm, a couple of layers under an open coat. Kaylee has a tray held in her hands, seems breakfast is coming early this morning.

He's not, or wasn't. But lcks, the familiar sounds of individuals descending from on high to deliver food, talk, question or otherwise irritate the physician in his quickening bad moods that seem to last longer and longer with each day that he's down here, is starting to wake up. It's cold, nearly bitter cold, having turned off the space heater at some point because it was too warm and he's huddled under the blankets provided and comfortable on the cot.

He's slept on worse.

There's a non-commital grunt from the man, turning on his side and peering through sleep riddled eyes to see if the voice really matches who he's seeing. Another grunt when it's Kaylee and she's bearing food."Morning" God. Morning.

Sorry to wake you so early, Dr. Brennan, Kaylee murmurs, setting down the tray, before tucking her hands under her arms. In the chill of the basement, her breath mists slightly. "I'm tired of waiting for the damn weather, so I'm leaving." Her head turns to look up the strairs, heading nodding in that direction, "Heading for the mainland to talk to Scott. Get you the hell out of here if I can." The way her brows tilt upward, the young telepath seems worried about that impending meeting.

"I can't guarantee how that will go… like I told you before, Scott doesn't have a very high opinion of me." A large part of her worry, obviously.

"Can't be any worse than he'll likely have of me, if you go by what everyone else here seems to think" The apology seems either ignored or accepted, getting himself situated with the blanket, a nod of his head towards the space heater. "Mind turning that on? Trajedy of marrying an atmokinetic, you get used to temperature always being what you like"

But she's just going now? That gets his Ire. 'Are you telling me Kaylee, that between when we talked, and now, that you haven't deigned to actually leave the place, and seek him out, or get a message for him to come here? That my extended stay has literally been because of you?"

"Yes… because up til now, there was a raging blizzard going on." Kaylee gives him a matter of fact look, even as she moves over to turn the heater on. She understands his irritation, but she doesn't let it get to her. "I don't know if you heard this place groaning these past several days, but it was really bad up til now."

Kaylee looks apologetic, as she moves back, "Not that it is much better, the thermometer says it's heading towards minus sixty-eight degrees and dropping… but I'll be able to see my hand in front of my face. This is about as good as it's gonna get I'm thinking." Another glance goes to the door, "Thier not happy, but they won't stop me at least."

"Well now, they can't say I didn't warn them and they can't pin this on me about lack of information flowing their way" Is his snapped off reply. He's getting a fine collection of scruff once again on his jaw and it can be heard when he scrape his hand across it then scratches. "You'd think that in their fine collection of individuals that they'd have a teleporter." You'd think, right?

"They know what to do to make it stop. They might not like, I might not like it, but they know what to do, and they can do it, but choose not to" As much as he believes she should be with her parents, that most children should be with their parents, sometimes, there's situations like this. That and Liette wants to go back to the institute.

"Don't I wish. Trust me. It's been hard to stay put with no phones lines or cellphones working. I can't contact anyone. It's… frustrating." Kaylee grabs the edges of her jacket and pulls it tight around her, her head tipping down thoughtfully. "Not just cause of you… cause of other things too, but getting you out is top of my to do list now that the snowing has stopped."

Her teeth bite at her lower lip for a moment before she says. "Yeah, they do… but I've never known them to…" The words trail off and her brows knit as she thinks of how to explain it. "…give up on someone in their care. I know they have something in the works… not sure what."

Kaylee gives a slow shrug of her shoulder, "Hopefully it works, cause this city can't take too much more."

"First the city, then the coast, then the country and on it will go. It'll stop, of that, I'm sure. Broome won't let it go too long, he'll probably play ball with Luis, let Luis thing he doesn't know. Then, then will come the riads. With real bullets and more negation gas and there won't be a thing anyone can do except watch the blood bath" Brennan shakes his head, reaching out of the blankets for the tray of food.

"I want to get back to my family. You have two days Kaylee, to find Scott, talk to him and for them to let me out. I have been down here for…" He can't remember how long, but it's been long enough. "Two days, or I will start to make my way out, do you understand?"

"It's the risk we take to protect people and the ones we love." Kaylee says softly, before her lips press tightly together at he delivers his warning.

"I understand and I promise to do my best, but that is all I can do." The young woman gives him a sad smile, "I want you to be able to go home to your family as well… they need their father." Her eyes drop, and fingers start fidgeting with the inner zipper of her jacket. Her head turns slightly and her eyes unfocus, cast upwards to the world above them, mentally listening.

"I better get going, people are starting to wake up and there are some that will try to stop me from being stupid. It's why I'm leaving when it's barely light outside." Kaylee gives a bit of a bigger smile. Taking a step back, she starts to turn.

"I won't mention what you said… so that you have a chance… just… in case." She doesn't plan to come back if she can help it, she has other things she needs to do when she finally delivers the message.

Just in case. There's an idle thought as to whether the Pastor would actually weild a gun to keep him in the basement. Stray thought really. "Go. Do what you need to do to get me out of here. If you feel up to it, you can even lie about betting in my head" He doubts that she would. "You and I both know, without going in, that i'm not about to willingly give up safehouses" There's a gesture for her to go away, sharp, irritated in motion.

"I know. And despite how things have gone between us, I trust you, doctor." Kaylee gives him a small encouraging smile. "You haven't given me a reason to not."

A sudden glance up and Kaylee is hurrying up the stairs, obviously not liking what's up there. "Stay safe." Is called down, before she's knocking on the door to be let out.

She's running out of time and daylight will be burning. She has a very long and very cold journey ahead of her. Won't be her first, but at least this time she's bundled up and has shoes on.

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