Two For One!


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Scene Title Two For One!
Synopsis The Alistair twins are bagged by Terry and Minea. Things
Date April 17, 2009

Somewhere between the Rookery and the Harbor

Outside, night has fallen on the rookery. Everything and everyone has crawled out from under their rocks and invaded the streets, the bars, the whore houses. Simon has nearly gotten used to it, but he can only imagine how it must be for Mallory. "What's going on with you? He's not a bad guy, Mal." Simon means Cardinal. He starts to lead Mallory in the general direction of the Lighthouse, giving only a quick glance back towards Shooters.

"Other people in there, though, are a different story," he says, though who he's talking about is unclear. Most likely it's just a general statement to address the scarier criminal types. Or the Company agents that are lurking around, though Simon wouldn't actually know anything about that.

"I wouldn't trust him," Mallory tells Simon sharply, hands going into the pockets of her hoodie. "Even if he helped you out. You're not careful at all, you know that?"

Of course the company agents aren't out the door right as the other two leave. They're a bit smarter than that. But they're out not long after Simon has gone back to looking at his sister or ahead of him. "Probably heading for the lighthouse. Have to do it before there, there's a self replicator who lives there as well as a handful of other evolveds. he seems to have uncanny accuracy. I'm talking, really uncanny. But if that's his sister… odds are she's evolved too. Got your taser?" Minea has hers.

Terry smirks as Minea asks her question, and says, "of course." He glances over his shoulder as the door closes behind them, and starts walking off in Simon and Mallory's direction at a brisk pace. He nods his head, and then says, "we'll have to make sure he doesn't have anything to shoot at." With that, he takes a couple steps away from Minea, making it look a little less like the two are walking together.

"I know," Simon tells Mallory after letting out a sigh. "You've always been way more careful than me, but you can't just assume the worst of everyone," he says in a slightly defensive way. "Sometimes people really aren't so bad." He looks around a bit as they walk, though he never does turn completely around. Otherwise he might actually see Minea and freak, considering he already thinks she's a stalker. Her leaving the bar at around the same time would only confirm things.

"Uh, yes, I can," Mallory says with a hint of a snort and a roll of her eyes. "It's safer that way. I can count the number of people I trust on one hand." She holds up a hand, poking one finger up. "You're one of them." Mallory glances around, shooting a look over her shoulder and frowning.

Minea's not following Simon and Mallory, at least not obviously. She looks like she's heading off towards the harbor instead, parting way from Terry after a evening of having some drinks. Hand on purse straps, smile on her face and a don't fuck with me aura. She's nto even looking towards Simon or mallory, ignorant of them by all obvious purposes. Looks can be deceiving - she's watching out of the corner of her eye and waiting till they're generally out of view of the rest of the rookery, there's a scratch of her knee, a pre-planned on indicator that Terry's to do his thing, waiting for the signs that Simon and Mallory aren't going to be going anywhere.

Terry, on the other hand, stays walking behind Simon and Mallory. His hands are buried deep in his pockets, and after he waves a final farewell, with a parting smile to Minea, he looks down at the ground, studying his feet as he walks. Occasionally he looks over his shoulder, or down a side street. After all, this isn't a terribly safe place to be at night. For the moment, however, he seems most concerned with covering ground as quickly as possible.

Simon smirks and chuckles with a roll of his eyes. "Yeah, I know," he tells her, eyeing the single finger in the air for a moment. He'll be surprised if she ever learns to trust someone else in her lifetime. He might even die if she ends up getting marri - . No, that's not going to happen. Simon continues to lead the way and notes Mallory's frown. "What's up?" he asks, giving a quick look around, more out of reflexes than anything else.

"I think that's the cop that was in the bar," Mallory says slowly. "Let's pick up the pace. The sooner we get out of here, the better." She reaches for his sleeve to give it a tug for emphasis.

Minea's swinging around, carefully, staying out of their direct view but close enough that once Terry makes his move she can sweep in.

As the two start to pick up their pace, Terry reaches under his coat, and behind his back. The first indication that something might be wrong is the small shimmer in the air between Terry and the twins. Immediately after, the air in front of them does the same, and then to the left, and the right. Other than a brief flicker, the walls are invisible, but no less solid for that. Terry's taser is drawn by the time the box is complete, and he's started jogging towards the two, taser held low, and a little behind his leg. He's still silent, but the time for hiding is apparently over.

"Really?" Simon looks around, doesn't spot anyone right away, but trusts Mallory enough to know that she's often right about these things. "Don't worry," he tells her, reaching into an inside pocket of his jacket. It's where he keeps the goodies that Tuck sold him not long ago. What he pulls out is a small can of mace, which is handed out to Mallory. "It's not much, but just in case." He hopes it will make her feel a little safer and less jumpy. "There are exactly two safe places on Staten, and I know who runs both of them. I'm more careful than you give me credit for."

That might actually sound better if he didn't slam into a forcefield a second later. Smack! "What the hell," Simon says, reaching out to run his hand across the invisible barrier. "Shit, Mal, let's get out of here."

Mallory takes the mace with a skeptic look; she starts when Simon smacks into the barrier, turning about to thrust her hand out. She slips it through one of the sides but is forced to retract it as she feels the walls closing in. Eyes wide, she whirls again and slaps her hand out against the third wall. One foot snaps out to kick just above the ground; yeah, wall there, too. "Simon. Boost me up."

There we go. Forehead to forcefield. Classic look of surprise. Minea's turning then, her own taser out, held low and ready as she swiftly moves nearer. She's not aiming to hide either from the two. At this point it'll be Haitian dreams for both of them when it's over and they won't even remember who Minea is. "I'd suggest Mr. Allistair that you just stay put, and your sister too. It'll go much easier. The sooner this is done with the sooner we can turn you loose"

As Terry gets within a few feet of the field, he brings the taser up, at chest level, and aimed at Mallory. "Like she says, stand still. We won't hurt you unless you force us." With that, he starts circling around his little box, keeping his weapon up, and moving until he's on the opposite side from Minea.

"Really?" Simon looks around, doesn't spot anyone right away, but trusts Mallory enough to know that she's often right about these things. "Don't worry," he tells her, reaching into an inside pocket of his jacket. It's where he keeps the goodies that Tuck sold him not long ago. What he pulls out is a small can of mace, which is handed out to Mallory. "It's not much, but just in case." He hopes it will make her feel a little safer and less jumpy. "There are exactly two safe places on Staten, and I know who runs both of them. I'm more careful than you give me credit for."

That might actually sound better if he didn't slam into a forcefield a second later. Smack! "What the hell," Simon says, reaching out to run his hand across the invisible barrier. "Shit, Mal, let's get out of here."

Simon is down on one knee with fingers laced and ready to push Mallory up as soon as she tells him. It's damn quick, in fact, probably a twin thing. While he's down there, he hears Minea's voice and turns to her. "I knew it!" he exclaims, eyes beaming with hate and distrust. "What the hell do you want with us?" He looks back at Mallory, and then at the supposed cop that's circling them like some kind of predator. So far, the crowd back on the street has either ignored or not noticed them where they are.

Mallory puts her foot in Simon's hands and, after some hesitation, places it back on the ground. "…What are those things they're holding?" she whispers at Simon, eyes wide. "Are they gonna shoot us? What're they talking about? Si… I think we're fucked."

"Well it didn't help that you kept showing up where I tend to go. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Easy way is you stick out your arm througha c rack in the walls, and we'll just send you off to a quick sleep. The hard way, is, well, you don't want the hard way. Understood?" Minea's near the walls now, a good few arm reaches away, hands still on the clunky looking gun, waiting.

As Minea begins speaking, the air between Mallory and Simon shimmers, and Terry's taser fires with a *click*. The brightly colored round fires through the air towards Mallory, current carrying wires stretching back to the firearm. As he fires, the field between him and Mallory vanishes, replaced by the one between Mallory and Simon. It would seem that he was not interested in waiting for an answer to Minea's proposal, and would rather use it as a distraction.

Simon is thinking hard, turning to Mallory with a look that screams "I'm sorry." When he looks back at Minea, he just shakes his head and say, "Leave her out of it." He takes a step closer to her and opens his mouth to say something else when Terry's taser is fired. He can hear the crackle of electricity and spins around. He's not as fast as a taser, though, and finds that a forcefield has been put up between him and his sister. He doesn't know what the hell is going on, but he instinctively reaches into his jacket again to wrap his hand around the hilt of a military knife, the more lethal object that Tuck decided to sell him. It's a vain attempt, at best, because he doesn't have nearly the same combat training as the company agents.

Mallory immediately twitches and goes down on the ground, smacking pavement heavily. That's gonna leave a mark on one cheek. She wasn't ready for that, and even if she was, she's a freaking computer geek. WHUMP.

"Sedate her" The instruction to Terry as she looks at Simon with his knife. "Pin him like a sandwich if you can then drop the redundant sides" A glance to make sure Mallory's fine, which she is other than twitching. "Simon, the odds of your sister being evolved, the same as you, is pretty high. It's only sheer luck that she was there tonight. Just don't struggle, it'll be over soon enough and you'll be back to your normal life. I promise. You'll be back playing with Mr. Fulk in the lighthouse and Mr. Deckard soon enough, I promise. Now, am I going to have to taser you or will you let me sedate you voluntarily?"

His shot gone, Terry drops the taser to the ground. Both hands reach under his coat now, and produce his sidearm, and a gun shaped object that looks to be holding some liquid. He walks up to the fields, and then drops down to one knee. He rolls Mallory's head to the side, checking to see how bad her injuries are, and then says, "she's fine." He presses the liquid filled gun to her neck, and pulls the trigger. The sound of metal sliding on metal can be heard, and the liquid disappears. He nods towards Minea, and then says, "it's done. Hands where we can see them, Simon. I only had one shot in the taser." He gestures to his sidearm.

"Screw you both," Simon says, although his voice comes out soft and defeated. He looks like a scared rabbit, clutching to the end of his pointed weapon, pursued by vicious hounds. All he can think about are the rumors he heard of the government kidnapping people like him and his sister. He remembers those kids who killed themselves, the paranoia he's had towards cops and the government, everything that has recently sent him running into the strangely safe arms of Staten Island: a place where the law so rarely treads. Yet here they are, or at least that's what Simon believes. A cop and his own personal stalker. The boogeymen. "I don't know what you want, but you're not going to get way with it."

Mallory barely stirs as Terry injects her, eyes closed. She looks almost peaceful, what without the usual scowl.

"Simon. I've worked with Phoneix. I promise, you'll be back on the streets before anyone knows your gone" Because Brian's a phoenix member, she's assuming that Simon knows about it. "It doesn't seem like much i'm sure" Then her eyes widen, looking at Mallory on the ground. nothing really WRONG with Mallory, but it's meant to distract Simon. "Shit, Terry what did you do" The signal to drop the shield when Simon's hopefully going to look over, waiting for the shimmer that denotes the field to drop and firing off her own taser at the teenager.

As Minea's head nods, the shield between her and Simon drops. Terry pulls the top of his gun back, loading a bullet into the chamber, but more importantly, giving Simon something to focus on. He stands up above Mallory, gun held loosely by his sides, and focuses on Simon. Mallory is fine. He hasn't done anything. But then, that wasn't the point, was it?

"Phoenix? I don't care," Simon tells Minea, because all he knows about the group is that they're supposed to be terrorists or something. That's not exactly earning her any cool points. When Simon turns to check on Mallory, he spots Terry and his gun. Not a taser gun, either but a real gun that shoots bullets and kills you. It's the last thing he sees, to, because Minea's taser hits home, causing his body to become a spasmic mess before he drops. His knife clatters on the ground and he passes out cold. So much for putting up a fight.

Down he goes. She's still sedating him, not taking any chances. "Good job Terry" as she plucks the nodes gently from Simons back, removing the taser cartridge from the gun and tossing it into her purse, collecting his as well. The chemical making their soothing run through Simon's bloodstream. "What are the odds you think, of her being Evo too?" The boat is down at the arena, not far from here, so it'll be easy to carry them. "You get him, I'll get her"

Terry nods his head, and then holsters his gun. He pulls the barbs out of Mallory, and then uses the wires to pull the taser back to him. It's charge spent, he simply sticks the whole contraption into his pocket. He shrugs, and then says, "I'm told it's common. I guess I'd give it at least 50/50." He grins, and then says, "Good job from you, too." He steps over Mallory to her brother, and then reaches down. He lifts him up over his shoulders by an arm and a leg, putting him into a fireman's carry, and then says, "we should probably stay out of sight. I don't imagine folks around here will ask too many questions, but still…" He gestures towards one of the side streets, and then starts walking that way.

Mallory is relatively light; she doesn't go for sports or anything but her metabolism is still pretty good. She's drooling a little now.

Simon isn't as light as Mallory, maybe, but he should still be easy to carry since he's not exactly the biggest guy around. He is knocked out hard, and therefore will not fight back. At all.

There's a wipe with Minea's hanky from her purse, yes she carried one, before she hoists the girl up onto her shoulder in a fireman's carry. "It's my first time. They popped my bagging cherry" Though the look on her face is something at odds with her voice. She wasn't expecting it to go down like this. Simons look on his face, that scared rabbit look. That's going to take a while to get out of her head. "Lets get em to the boats and get them to where they need to go. Sooner we do this the sooner they can be wiped and turned loose again" Like rabbits.

Terry smirks, and glances over his shoulder, glancing at Minea, and then nodding his head. He either hears it in her voice, or guesses what she's going through, because he says, "it gets easier." After that he falls silent, and focuses on getting them out of there without anyone seeing the bodies draped over their shoulders. It takes some doing, even with the island as scarcely populated as it is, but he looks like he's got some experience. Before long, they are setting the two down on the boat. Terry doesn't speak unless spoken to, letting Minea deal with her first 'bag' however she feels is best.

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