Tyler Case And Nathan Too?


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Scene Title Tyler Case And Nathan Too?
Synopsis Cat calls Kimiko. Kimiko shocks Cat.
Date April 25, 2009

Somewhere in Nuked York City and Tokyo, Japan.

Life is crazy, and it gets crazier still as time goes on. Friends scattered to who knows where after the raid on Moab, a technopath calling himself Robin Hood redistributing money, reporters thronging outside the building she keeps her ties to obscured after Abby puts on a display of healing on camera, pastors giving visions of films and breaking clocks, Alec Bonder, powers being switched… It just keeps going, and the questions have so few answers.

She's waited, hoping to have some float her way, but they haven't come. No contact from either Kimiko or her brother in well over a week. It's become time, she decides, to attempt contact again.

So at six in the morning Eastern time on Saturday the 25th, with a clock and calendar in her head showing Tokyo time as thirteen hours and one day ahead of the eastern US, the number she has for Kimiko Nakamura is tapped into the phone and the call button pressed. She hopes it doesn't cause offense that her call comes at seven a. m. on Sunday morning where the Nakamuras are, but she hadn't wanted to risk angering Wireless by doing this at three a. m. local time. Security is crucial with information such as this.

The phone picks up, the voice female, polite, and recognizable. "Moshi-moshi?"

«"Good evening"», Cat begins in Japanese when the other end answers. "This is Catherine Chesterfield. My apologies for disturbing you at home, and at this hour. Have you time to converse with me, Miss Nakamura?"

"Dr. Chesterfield." Kimiko's voice remains polite, if carefully so. "I could spare a little bit of time. Though you'll be pleased to know that I touched base with my brother. He is with me now." A pause and she ammends, "Not right here with me now, but we are reunited."

"That's excellent news, Miss Nakamura," Cat responds in her own polite voice, though there is unmistakable relief at the news of his safety in it. "I've been concerned at having not heard anything. When I last saw him, we were in the company of several people who have since gone missing. I've become worried about them, and worried that whoever interfered with your brother's ability may strike again. Has he seen the image I sent you?"

"He has." Kimiko confirms. "He recognized the man in the picture as the one who swapped his ability. However I am not sure what sort of plans Hiro has at the moment with regard to the situation. He was very weary when he arrived and he's been resting."

"Thank you," Cat answers. "Thank you very much. The man in the photo is called Tyler Case. Before this event, the last I'd heard regarding Mr. Case was of him being taken into the custody of Homeland Security here in New York. Has he said who his normal ability was given to, if anyone? I would like very much to help locate anyone involved and assist in setting things straight."

Kimiko pauses another moment and then, "Nathan Petrelli. Possibly some future manifestation of him, according to Hiro."

Jesus H. Christ. Kimiko can't see it through the phone transmission, across all those miles and water, but the expression Cat takes on from hearing that is shocked. Troubled. The usurper President of the United States with the power to manipulate space and time. Oh, dear God.

But that emotion does show through in her voice when she next speaks. "Domo arigato," she manages to breathe out some moments later. "Would you pass on to your brother we'll attempt to locate both Mr. Case and this iteration of Mr. Petrelli, if he is in fact a future manifestation of the President? Also, if you would, Hiro should be aware we've not located President Petrelli's brother."

Kimiko says promptly, "I will do so. If you will excuse me, Dr. Chesterfield, I have obligations that I must attend to. Are there any messages you would like me to pass on?"

"Not at present," Cat replies. "If there is an email address you can give me, I will keep him up to date on anything of interest and importance to him. Or ask him to contact me at mine to establish that link." She provides hers. "Domo arigato again, Miss Nakamura, for your time in speaking with me this evening." Even though to her it's just past sunrise.

"I don't know that he has one, but if you wish to send text updates and emails to my phone, we can continue to that effect." Kimiko says. "If he does acquire a phone, I will give him your contact information and advise him to get in touch with you." Her tone has gone thoughtful. It might be time to by little brother an early birthday present.

"I'll do so," Cat replies. "A grand evening to you, Miss Nakamura." The button is pressed, and the call ends there. She takes a few steps and settles heavily into a chair. The President has Hiro's ability, and may be the President's future self? Suddenly the vision from Joseph Sumter takes on a bit more clarity. The woman in it said he came back. This would certainly fit the bill.

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