Umbrellas And Phone Numbers


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Scene Title Umbrellas and Phone Numbers
Synopsis Sparrow is noticed by the twins, and Xue follows her into the cafe to have a chat and find out who she is after seeing her in Chinatown during the bloody battle a few days before.
Date October 19, 2009


A local cafe on the street in Brooklyn.

The rain is relentless.

A crack of thunder rumbles overhead followed eventually by a distant bolt of lightning illuminating the gloomy sky for a split second. Though beind midday New York isn't slowing down on account of the little storm. They're just not outside. Mostly. Umbrella wielding warriors, push their way through the wind and rain to their destinations while a long line of unmoving vehicles blocks the road. But lined in the buildings all along the street there is still plenty of activity.

Camped in a black sedan on one side of the street an Asian man cranes his neck to get a better view of the coffee shop across the street. A angry grunt is let out for some reason before he goes to breathe into his hands and rub them together. The man in the back, nearly identical to the other in every way holds a large camera which he directs into the window and over at the Coffee Shop. Apparently, someone of interest lurks within.

There's one here who thinks there's just too much rain. And that person would be Sparrow, who's not used to quite this much, and not with these temps. A slight shiver is made by the young woman as she stands in the doorway, having ducked under the covering when the thunder boomed overhead. A slight frown shows on her face as she glances about, then across the street and the promise of warmth offered by the sign for the cafe.

A sigh escapes her as she ponders the rain - she had an umbrella, but one good gust of wind turned it inside out, leaving her with her trench coat that's just not holding up with the rain. Another shiver is made as she ponders, soon to begin to cross the street, and duck inside the coffee shop, heading for the counter, and the promise of a nice hot cup of coffee, and perhaps even something to nibble on. Once the order is made and filled, a table at the window is taken by the young woman. Sinking down into the chair, she sighs, her hands wrapped around her cup before it's lifted for a sip, her gaze turning out the wet window.

Slightly widened eyes pop out from behind the camera as a distinctly familiar woman heads into the cafe. New York City is really the smallest gigantic city in the world. A click is taken before the man in the back goes to set down the camera. The door is unlocked and an umbrella is brought out. Darting between two stopped cars in traffic, Xue maneuvers his way through the trench coat clad crowd to enter the cafe.

Once in a firm shake of the umbrella is given before it's pulled down. And soon, the Triad finds himself sitting at Sparrow's table directly across from her. "I couldn't help but notice. Your umbrella broke." A light smile is afforded her. "You could borrow mine, if you would like."

Sparrow's gaze seems to find the man that enters the cafe, but there is no recognition from her of the Asian man that enters. In fact, her gaze turns back to watch the cars passing and those people brave enough to be walking along the sidewalk. Careful sips are taken of her cup as she seems to fall into some deep thought.

But, as someone drops into the chair across from her, those thoughts are set aside, and she peers at him with some curiosity, "Excuse me?" She questions, confused at first, her voice carrying a husky midwestern twang to it's tones. "Borrow.. yours?" She glances from him to the umbrella, then back again, "I couldn't take yours.. I'll probably take a taxi when I leave.." She's caught offguard by the offer, however, "Thank you though, sir.."

"I insist." The wet and folded up umbrella is pushed across the table at her. "You can just say it's my excuse to try and get your name." A light smile is born on Xue's face as if he was actually trying to be charming. Maybe even hitting on her. The umbrella is pushed all the way to her side of the table as he smiles gently. "I don't mean to be too forward. I.. Just. You look familiar, and I was hoping I could put a name to the face. Maybe figure out where I know you from, or if I am thinking of someone else." His teeth show in this smile. "I hope you don't mind."

There's a moment where Sparrow is likely about to argue further, but in the end she thanks him quietly for the umbrella that is taken, and set aside off the table out of the way. Meeting his gaze, there comes the hint of color to her cheeks, her head shaking as she laughs quietly, "Likely, you are thinking of someone else. I have only just came to the city, been here a few days." As for the question of her name, she does answer, "Sparrow." And she seems to be quite serious as well, though with her Native looks, it's likely her name. "And you?" She wonders, curious as she tilts her head, peering at the man across from her.

"Xue." Reaching up, the man supports his chin with his hand, free hand coming back to pull back some of the black bangs drifting into his line of sight. "Nice to meet you, Sparrow? That's very pretty. Where exactly are you from, if you don't mind me asking." Says the younger of the twins, his 'elder' still watching dutifully in the drivers seat of the sedan across the street.

"Xue?" Sparrow tires out the name on her tongue, then smiles at the man as she draws her cup closer to her. Before she might answer, the cup is lifted to her lips, a careful sip taken of the still steaming coffee from within the cup. Gaze lingers on him, however, and when the cup is lowered, she hmms, "Yes, Sparrow. And thank you." When asked, she doesn't seem to hesitate much before answering, "Midwest. Depends on when you catch me to the answer of where: Arizona, New Mexico.." She shrugs, "I've done some traveling a little." She pauses, then asks, "You from here in the city, I take it?"

"You think I'm from the city?" He seems delighted by that. "That means my accent isn't all that horrible, right?" He seems encouraged by that, adjusting himself in his chare somewhat. "No problem. I'm sure you get it all the time. Being pretty, that is." A faint smile, before his eyes avert for just a second. "Arizona and New Mexico? Never been out that way. I'm an import, I guess you would say. China."

"You have the feel that you know this place better than I do." Sparrow explains, laughing as he continues. The smile given to him is quick and relaxed, at least from where he might sit. "Your accent isn't that bad, no." She assures him before she rolls her eyes, peering across at him for a moment, "Pretty? I might have to wonder if the rain didn't leak into your head or something." A tease offered, though she nods, a brow to quirk upwards, "And here I thought I was a long ways from home. Think you got me beat there then, Xue." As her hands once more wrap around the cup, she leans forwards a touch as they talk. "Do you live here now, or just here visiting or the like? " Curious, but it seems to be fairly 'normal' as it goes, the young woman soon to offer, "Sorry if I'm nosey. I'm curious… "

"I'm the one that sat down at your table uninvited. You have every right to interrogate me fully." He grins, his eyes noting the slight lean in. Resting his arms on the table, he mirrors the action. "I guess you could say I'm here on business. Indefinitely." Waving a dismissive hand, "As long as it takes to get all the business my brother and I have in country. Might be a few months, might be a year." He grins. "Never know with this kind of work."

A mock scolding look graces his features for a moment. "And don't for one second think I'll let you get away with that. Don't be so modest. It's alright to be comfortable with the fact that you're a very beautiful person." He gives his most charming smile. "From what I hear, New York City is very different than the rest of the country. I think we're both on uneven ground."

"Well, if that you is your view on things.." Sparrow begins, laughing easily at the man's antics, "Of course, you but lead me to wonder what sort of businesses you and your brother have here?" She reaches over to the muffin she'd bought, tearing off a bit to nibble on as she listens, "Then I hope your busi…" A pause, and she ohs, "I heard on the news about all the stuff that went on in Chinatown… I hope things are alright?" She asks, a brow lifted as she studies his face.

But, as he scolds her playfully, she shrugs, "I am who I am, nothing more, nothing else." She points out lightly to him, "But thank you." She says to the compliment given, a sigh to escape. "New York is certainly different than those places I have called home in the past. "

"We kill people." It's allowed a moment of silence to sink in, Xue's features completely stoic. And then they soften and he lets out a quick laugh to completely dismiss the thought that he and his brother kill people. "Work for a contracting company near Hong Kong, there are some businesses based out of New York that are thinking about fully relocating and making headquarters in Hong Kong. So in this time of transition, we are working very close with them." Xue explains quickly. Before pausing at the question, "Triad. As big a nuisance here as they are home, apparently. I'm sure everyone who should be fine, is fine."

"A lot of strange people here." He offers a soft smile as if to explain, "I mean. So many evolved. Not as much where I come from. It seems like the Evolved community is attracted to this place. Like New York City is a giant Evolved magnet."

To the first, Sparrow just.. sort of peers at him, a certain wariness to show upon her face, as if she is expecting it to be a joke, but at the same time, uncertain as to whether or not it is. A slight lean back in the chair is made, her head to tilt as she watches, relaxing as he finally laughs over it. "I see.. intriguing work then?" She asks, smiling a little before sighing quietly, "It's not my business.. or I guess, not my culture. I just hate to have heard about those that lost their lives. Sad is the day when it comes down to that." Quiet words on a face that shows some worry there before she finally lifts her head to take a sip.

That he draws the conclusion of the Evolved and their link to the city, Sparrow considers this, "I had not thought about it, but.. perhaps.. certainly in the news more than they are back home. I guess New York is just a bigger city, bigger place to hide, or not hide. A meca to things that don't exactly fit right?" It's a thought.

"That's one way to nutshell it." Xue notes, before glancing over to the counter. He pauses. "Listen, I really should be getting the coffee for me and my brother so we can get to our next meeting. But.." He pauses with a light smile as he studies her face. "You're interesting if you don't mind me saying so. And if you don't mind me asking, perhaps we can meet again? Again, I don't mean to be too forward. But I am in a rush, but I really would like to talk to you more, if you're okay with that."

He pauses, tilting his head ever so slightly. "There would be a free dinner in it for you. If that's any incentive." A small smile.

"I'm certain there's just as many weird things in say.. Los Angelos.. as well." Sparrow offers, laughing a little. As he prepares to head out, she looks up at him, again, that brow raises a little. "I.. well.. I don't mind, though I don't /feel/ quite so interesting as you think I am. I am fairly simple and boring, I promise you. Nothing fancy here.." Laughing quietly, she does ponder, but nods, "I would not mind meeting again, if you'd like.." Mention of the dinner has a quick smile to appear, and she wonders, "Got a pen or something?" She wonders, taking out a new cell phone, "Could give you my number. I have some meetings I have to get too later, but I'm thinking of canceling them. This rain is the sort of weather that makes you just want to hole up somewhere's and spend the day curled up on a couch or something." If he does have a phone, she gives him her number, or vice versa. A tap of a hand is given to the umbrella's handle, "Thank you for this, though.." She hmms, "Sure you won't need it to get back to the car? It's still raining out there, and I'm certain neither of you would like a watered-down coffee."

"Great!" Xue says rather happily, before shaking his head. "Just tell me the number, I'll remember it." He assures her. Once the number is said he gives a nod and another bright smile. "Well I'll give you a call. It's a date." A pause. Those three words can always be so awkward. "Unless you don't want it to be, of course." Though he grins broadly when she taps at the umbrella.

Pulling back his coat, he reveals a second umbrella he had smuggled inside his jacket. A wink is given to her as the man goes to rise, and go to the coffee.

"It could be a date. Or at least a more pleasant meeting than those you must run off to with your brother?" Sparrow offers to the man, chuckling lightly. "Call it what you will, if you wish." That said, she ends up laughing as he reveals the smuggled umbrella in his coat. "Ah, a man prepared. Stole a Boy Scout's handbook, did you?" A wave is given though, "Good day to you, Xue. And may your business be successful. Until later."

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