Un Discorso Con Me E Me
Scene Title Un Discorso Con Me E Me
Synopsis Sai tenere un segreto?
Date July 31, 2018


Oh Hello…

A fire crackles in the grove of trees that warp from green to a reddish brown and back again, leaves falling constantly an endless stream of green and red, then reversed. A rampant wind blows the leaves just out of reach of the flames though a few do perish, going up in a spark and smoke. The fire itself in a weird rhythm of blazing brilliantly and then dying down again, the motions causing the glow to have a strobe effect. No birds, no wolves.. Not even a honey badger could be seen here. Never here.

Not but one soul occupies this place it would seem. So quiet that the slightest movement echoed around the place which is why it sounded like an infinite falling and rustling of leaves. Never too loud just quiet enough. It's how Eve Mas liked it here. Uncanny and off kilter. Just like her. This was a slice of peace. Her own peace and the seer felt as if the forest walls could keep the dark, shadowy monsters at bay.

Which is an ironic thought since this was where she went to see the pieces of the future and shadowy monsters could live in those murky depths.

She hadn’t been to the river. The river that stood still on the surface but was roiling beneath. The one where she saw pieces. Or the whole picture but it was almost always fractured. She knew about fractions. Each slice of the pie a little piece of you, sometimes the crust cracked. And though Eve knows or suspects she is not in fact having a prophetic experience but she doesn’t question the nature of her surroundings.

She was content to just be. The sky overhead is overcast, dark rain clouds loom above but there is no

“I’m just saying, maybe we should go to directly to Flo and ask her to help too.” The voice that of Eve Mas, hunched over a stone drawing idly on it with a piece of charcoal. Hair loose and wild in the face. She looks at peace here, even if it’s usually here she comes to see potential doom lately. Her dark purple dress clings to her body, specks of dirt on the hem. Wine colored lips fixed into a lopsided smile. “She seems.. noble! Let’s get her a cake! Do you think she likes to smoke?”

Mouth dropping open in a grin that results in a, “Ahhhhhhyeeeee.” Snort. The dark haired woman shakes her head, “Maybe some shrooms.”

“Jesus! No!”

A voice comes from across the fire, facing Eve is Eve. This one dressed in a long rainbow colored dress that hugs around her thighs, black tights and a rainbow ribbon in her hair finish the ensemble she seems to handling a thin sheet of paper that she placed on her tongue with a snicker. “Let's get her a balloon animal stuffed with acid!

eve4_icon.gif eve3_icon.gif

The two Eves crack up together in unison. “Good one.” Synchronized. “Vinny The Master Vaporizer would get mad so…maybe not,” a frown from the rainbow ribboned Eve but she's not gonna let some disappointment rain down on her fun. She had trips to go on, a nice twelve hour one if this batch was as good as the last. Never mind she's inside her own head. “I'm too nervous to meet her, what if she doesn't like my hair?! I'm no Jackie O!” Rainbow Eve clutches her face and drags her finger down it. “You're no Marilyn Monroe either honey.” The sensible Eve says which causes Rainbow to groan and throw her hands up in the air. “I'm never gonna get high with these bad vibes.”

Sensible waves off Rainbow’s grumbling, “But seriously, I think she can help.”

“How so!”

“I don't know, she's FLOTUS! I think I'm gonna ask her for —”

“Well I don't see why we’re talking about working with the government.”

The growl comes from the nearby bushes before the devilish grin of an Eve wearing a black trench coat with a hood pulled up, a cowl lightly covering her dark hair. Her milk white eyes flick to and fro as she regards her ‘sisters' with a look of disappointment. This one not as use to trickery to get her point across. Blowing people up worked just as well. And was way way more fun.


“You want to trust them.” She hisses. Shaking her head as she snakes forward to stomp her foot. “We should..” a giggle, “Bombs away!

A gasp escapes the purple dressed Eve, “Listen here, we’re trying to appear ya know not psycho!” her eyes alight with annoyance, “We’ve gotta keep our feet on the ground and sniff it too! There could be clues there!!” stomping her own foot now. "And you'd rather trust that Shadowy Bird Demon Eileen!" To which the White Eye Eve shrugs, "She can desiccate his ass!" … "I'll desiccate your ass!"

“Ladies ladies ladies!!” Rainbow Eve sounds not there.. and her eyelids flutter as she giggles for a few moments pawing at the air, “No you stop it.” She whispers before the trench coat Eve snaps her fingers, “Hello hello you were rudely interrupting our quarrel lady! What!”


The lightbulb flicks on for Rainbow Eve and she waves a finger in the air.

Brother bought a coconut, he bought it for a dime

His sister had another one she paid it for the lime

“Oh god, not this again.” Trench Coat throws her hands into the hair and slides to the ground in front of the fire as the purple dressed Eve snorts and leans forward with excitement eager to join in, their raspy voices merging.

= She put the lime in the coconut, she drank 'em both' up

She put the lime in the coconut, she drank 'em bot' up

She put the lime in the coconut, she drank 'em bot' up

She put the lime in the coconut, she call the doctor, woke 'I'm up

Two of them dancing in time, legs and arms flail in the air with abandon in a circle, twirling as a bottle of tequila floats down from the clouds for the pair to drink, it doesn't take more than two pushes for the Trenchcoat Eve to burst out into laughter and join in, a trio.

And said "doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"

I said "doctor, to relieve this belly ache"

All three hooting and hollering with laughter as they got progressively more wasted, as if they had forgotten why they had all gotten together in the first place, to discuss the ending of the world. But dance parties insist and the Eves obey, losing themselves to the music the Rainbow Eve soon reaches a new height in her “trip” rolling around in the dirt while screaming, “It's alive! It's alivee! Somebody call Red she’d love to roll with me!” A cackle of laughter.

The purple dressed Eve moves her body in a weird, jerky way that causes her hair to fly in the wind dangerously close to the withering then roaring flames. Her arms loose like a wave, rolling with the rest of her body, across the flames the white eye’d Eve twirls in a circle, cackling as their mood climbs higher and higher. The roar of the flames and their laughter, singing and dancing leave them unaware of a dark shape just beyond the treeline, watching.

As the figure steps forward Rainbow Eve squints brown eyes and giggles, “Oh no the fun police has arrived.” And that was partially so, all sides of Eve could be a little.. Unhinged but there was one shade of her that was more calm than the rest and she levels a heavy gaze on the trio cackling around the fire, her mouth thinning to a tight line.


“Do we not have better things to do than to get high and roll around a fire?” Her rasp is sharp and her disappointment curls underneath her words making the other Eves shiver as one. This more ‘practical’ Eve strides forward out of the shadows to come into full light. Dressed in a long, flowing dark green dress, she’s barefoot and her mane of hair is pulled into a bun on top of her head. A pale hand goes to hang on her hip loosely as she stares down at Rainbow Eve, “And what have you discovered?”

“The secrets of the universe.” which earns Rainbow Eve a hard roll of brown eye before Fun Police Eve steps over the highest of them all to stand in front of white eyes and the purpled dressed. “While we..” a look over her shoulder at the Eve who is pawing at the sky and meowing like a cat, “Play games and hide here. Adam is on the move. The Entity is spreading.” Her walk takes her around the back of each Eve one at a time, a finger pulled up to flick at the strands of hair loose from the bun, “What are we going to do?”

“Well,” Purple dress leans forward with a manic smile, “I was sure we could just ya know. Trapped it inside Adam! BAM! We get Miss Mind to do it, she’s got a strong brain we all know this.” She looks to the white eyed Eve who shrugs her shoulder as if to say, if you think that’s gonna work. The more reserved of the now group of four shakes her head as she wags her finger. “ Odess—”

The white eyed Eve hisses to which all three of the other Eve’s direct their gazes on. “We haven’t gotten the whole story!” .. “What if she’s got a good reason like her mother is a goldfish,” there’s a swift kicked to Rainbow Eve’s shoulder, “Shh.” The “adult” of the group chides and she continues, “Odessa said it had tremendous power. We witnessed that.. On multiple occasions now.” The Rainbow Eve quickly does the sign of the cross. “We don’t want him with that power… they are connected enough.”

“We blow him up! Scatter the pieces!” White Eyes grins a devilish grin at her suggestion but again the mother figure, Matron shakes her head. “How do we collect the pieces, could we not just burn him to ash as a whole and be done with it?” The other Eve’s stroke their chins in unison. “It's gotta be hard to regenerate back from ash. All in favor?!” Rainbow’s hand shoots up with a manic laugh and snort while White Eyes moves her shoulders up and down and raises her hand. A little too subtle in her opinion though maybe the chaotic nature of an explosion might allow Adam to somehow put himself back together again.

As the Eve’s begin to celebrate their impending triumph with dancing and singing around the fire it's deja vu, doing what they had been earlier in this meeting but with renewed fever. The sky flickers between dark and light as if the sun is playing the role of strobe light. Even the Matron sways her hips and twirls in time to the foot tapping and clapping, a bit of her hair falling out of that bun. Rainbow is again rolling around in the dirt, “Can you feel it?! Can you! It's like popcorn kernels popopopopopopopop!” the woman on a trip with a capital T makes dirt angels while shaking her head from side to side. White Eyes does a conga line with Eve in a purple dress swinging their hair in alternating times so that there was always hair flying in any which direction. It feels like hours.

It feels like years. But they don't age. This place is timeless.

When the hollering has died down and the four identical women are laying in a heap by the fire together, the smoke from the joints passed is heavy in the air and it intermingles with the growing fog in the area. A shift in the wind blows a new scent their way, cinnamon and honey. Sweet but something else lays underneath. Something sour.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Coming from the opposite direction of Matron, another Eve saunters over. Her stride bold and her head back and hair wild and whipping in the wind. She wears a frown on her face that flickers into a familiar Cheshire Cat smile and with a tilt of her head she enters the clearing fully and leans forward.



Rainbow Eve shrieks from her nap and flails upwards a piece of her dress catching fire from the fire pit. Immediately the dress is engulfed in flames and Rainbow is screaming while rolling around their meet up spot. The other Eves get to their feet and while White Eyes and the Eve in the purple dress hasten to flap at the flames and help their fallen counterpart the Matron walks over calmly to this new Eve her brown eyes hardening into a glare, “Is that necessary?”

To which the more wild haired woman waves a hand dismissively, “We’re in a fucking dream. We’ll be fine.” We’ll. The Matron doesn't seem to have an argument and she makes no move to go and help Rainbow, it’s futile. Impracticable to get involved then. “Trying to cremate Adam won't work,” her tone biting and Matron flinches as the more ruthless Eve comes closer until she's pressing her mouth against Marton’s ear to whisper, “He’ll just keep regenerating.” Her breath hot on the Matron’s face but she doesn't move, she knows this one. Of course. They all know each other. It's not that big of a world for them. Well…that matters on your perspective some would say.

“And if you want to keep him in some purgatory and not kill him!” Leaning back to yell it for the other two Eves trying to put out their burning sister. White Eyes glares over at the sinister woman. And gestures to Rainbow there on the ground, “Quit it already. God.” To which the new arrival cackles and back pedals a few steps. “Eternal torture sounds delightful and all…” voice trailing off as she goes to perch on a fallen tree with her arms dangling over her knees, her index finger twitches. “But what about a little more imagination.” With a snap of her fingers Rainbow Eve goes from a woman on fire to a woman bathed in smoke that wafts off of her in black waves.

Naked but harmless the drugged out seer pats herself down with wide eyes and then snickers into the dirt, “Oh my god this shit is amazing!”

The rest of the collective roll their eyes and all attention is now shifted back to the Eve perched on the log, finger twitches again and she shakes her already wild hair out again, a dark purple moon rises shines above them and a deep red ring circles itself around, pulsating. “They say we have time and we do. But idle hands…” a snort and the new Eve leans forward with a wide grin that unnerves the others. Truly. “And what would your solution be huh? Bore him to deat—” The purple dressed Eve slaps her hand to what is now a zipped shut mouth with wide eyes and Matron shakes her head as White Eyes balls her fists up. “I'm not boring, your mother is boring. My mother… Our mother.” Which is a lie.

“I'll tell you what my plan is…” And the other Eve’s even the former burning Rainbow the one with zipped shut lips lean forward to hear what she has to say and the woman snorts, “Sai tenere un segreto?

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