Unable To Complete Request



Scene Title Unable To Complete Request.
Synopsis A message sent and other things mused in the wee hours of the night/morning.
Date May 26, 2010

Suresh Center Dr. Brennan's Office

It's cruel probably.

But it was for the better. He'd been the one to write those words in her little notebook. That she could trust Lorraine and Raith. His goodbye to the teenager as they'd hightailed it off to do something about the weather. When they all filtered back to the garden over the next few days, Brennan was gone, all that left that he was there was a sweater of his, folded up neatly on the bed that she used.

It had been a long day for the physician. Dropped off on the mainland, he'd hitched a ride with the first cop he'd seen. Explained that he was trying to get to the Suresh Center, had been at another shelter and was looking to get to his wife and children. Michelle by that point had returned, her part in easing the weather something that would not be told to Brennan, her own dirty little secret.

Sprawled on the couch in his office in scrubs, twins draped over his lap and the other side of the couch, smelling of fresh soap and hot chocolate. Genevieve with her thumb in her mouth and suckling away at it in her sleep, He watches Michelle on an air mattress, their oldest beside her and the both of them sleeping, her arm tossed across their oldest. In his free hand not occupied with child is another notebook, the one covered in writing that was passed to him the one day. The writing intrigued him and he'd stuck it in his pack. He takes a break from looking it over in the dim light to look at his family sprawled around him. How long until the institute swept down and removed him? He'd failed at getting them what they'd wanted.

He'd almost done it too, the evening that Cat descended and Lorraine had lingered. If she hadn't, he would have. Negate the lawyer, hit her upside the back of her head to knock her out. Steal the snowmobile and head for the military installation on the island with Liette. He could take one person or more like, take advantage of one person's ability when negated. Not two though.

But it was a catch 22. The institute would kill him or keep him, or Eileen and the sect within the Ferry would do it.

The door to the office opens quietly, a nurse sticking her nose into to see if she can see the physician right off the bat, one of them. It's soon followed by the rest of her when she see's Michelle sleeping. But Brennan is awake and he cranes his head towards the door, eyebrows rising in silent question.

"One of Young's patients has gone into labor" She whispers after she tip toes over, keeping her voice low in the hopes that it won't wake the rest of his family at so early an hour in the morning. Or late an hour, depending on how you look at it. "They're hoping you can negate her, Stephanie Carinsetta, she's a terrakinetic"

"Let me guess, she's hoping for a natural birth?"Comes his reply, even as he's carefully shifting Genevieve off of him so that he can tuck her in beside her sibling. He can respect that, encourage that. Everyone should get what they want at a moment like that. "Let me get the girls tucked in and leave a message for Michelle, if you can tell them that I'm coming. We'll see about help Stephanie get what she wants"

Hopefully someone will get what they want. The nurse nods, "That's her hope. Young isn't in and she's asking for you", leaving the office with nary a squeak of her white soles as Brennan wanders to his desk. Pad of paper, pencil, he scribbles down a message for Michelle, tearing it off and taping it to the door. She'll see it when she wakes up. He pauses at the door, weight shifted to his left and hand scratching at his jaw where he still has yet to get rid of the beard growth yet.

He follows out, resting a hand on the shoulder of the nurse. "You have your cellphone on you? I don't have any juice left in mine and I need to leave a text message for someone, let them know where I am" Though he has mental bets that they know exactly where he is the moment he stepped onto the island.

"Sure Doctor Brennan" A hand dipping into her pockets, bringing out a pen and an access card, followed by her phone and offers it up. A few minutes later, a text message is winging it's way to a number and it's passed over to the nurse. "Thanks Jackie. Let me get a cup of coffee and wash up and I'll be there. Just tell her to concentrate on remaining calm till I get there." That done, he's turning away, opposite of the nurse in search of the coffee. Looks like there is no rest for the wicked, even after the weather has turned.

At Suresh Center. Was unable to complete request. New individuals in play.

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