Uncle Ben


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Scene Title Uncle Ben
Synopsis Ryans finally tells Keira the results of the paternity tests.
Date January 10, 2011

Central Park

Snow covers the grounds of Central Park and the turtle pond frozen. No real reason for anyone to sit there, other then to look at the beauty that Jack Frost and Mother Nature provided. It was the very spot that Benjamin Ryans met with Russo, so he is there again.

It took him longer then he thought to call her, even so it was a risk him being there. Hana could move at any moment and then he could potentially lose her. However, Ryans has left a certain person for long enough. The disaster of November eight and he protection of the island kept him from doing this earlier.

But finally, Keira got the call to meet him at a certain bench at the turtle pond.

She's been waiting a very long time to get that call. Things have changed— everything has changed, really. She's found herself a father figure, indeed, one who she is horribly worried about right now. She long got over the fact that the one she thought was her real father never did call. What did she expect, in any case? He wasn't there for 27 years…why would he want to take responsibility now?

That's why the call to meet Ben Ryans floored Keira, just a little bit. She shows up today, dressed a little nicer than before— her new 'family' gives her a good allowance. A cigarette rests between her lips as she approaches that particular bench, her hands tucked into her pockets as she listens to her boots crunch the snow beneath her feet, blue eyes surveying the park with a rather neutral look on her face.

"Keira." Is offered in tones as neutral as her expression from Ryans. He stays relaxed there on the bench. Of course, he is shaggier then she last saw him, a dark scruff along his jaw. "I apologizes for the delay, but needless to say it's been rather busy." In a sense.

"But I have the results," Ben begins and then pauses. There is a heavy sigh, and amends sounding a touch apologetic. "Not on me, but I know where they can be found."

The rather petite woman comes to a stop near Ben, her hands still in her pockets as she puffs away at that half-smoked cigarettes, not quite looking at him, save for a small glance to confirm his features. The features of the man she stared at and wondered about every night of her life. A frown is on her face as he speaks, watching as snow blows like dust across the grassy areas.

"Took y'long enough t'get back t'me. Coulda called or somethin'." She turns her blue eyes toward the turtle pond, pulling her hands from her pockets to idly fidget with her gloves. "So?"

"I couldn't call you if I wanted. I was deep in hiding," Ryans explains. "Government attacked where I was living during the riots."

Sighing heavily, he settles back against the bench, draping an arm across the back of it. "You're not my daughter." A hand lifts to hold off comment, clearly not done. "But, there is a very good chance that you are my niece." He glances at her, judging her reaction. "You might be my little brother's daughter. We call him 'Brick.' Big guy, played football for college, until drugs took him over."

Keira puffs at the cigarette, frowning as Ben speaks. She surprisingly doesn't speak up just yet, remaining completely silent, with her back turned to the man so he can't see her face. One hand lifts, taking the cigarette, which she stares at for a long moment, frowning. "Y'know…money wasn't ever really important t'me. I have my own job, one that lets me be self sufficient." She says this in a quiet tone, much quieter than her normal brash demeanor.

"M'glad you're my Uncle, I guess?" She shrugs quietly, still not looking at Ben. She puffs at the cigarette a few more times, before tossing it away from herself. "Just…another disappointment from my mom. She can't even get it fuckin' right…tells me that my fuckin' uncle is my dad." She shakes her head, closing her eyes.

Then, she lets out a sob, one that surprises her just as much as it might surprise her uncle. She curls in on herself just a little, still keeping her back turned to Ryans. "All I ever wanted was for people t'give a damn about me…"

"I never suspected money, Keira." Ryans says, shifting a touch uncomfortably on the bench. He never did good with the crying. "I had the rug pulled out from under me and most of the people I worked with were killed. I had no money."

Benjamin presses lips together, leaning forward on the bench, arms moving to prop on his knees. "You showed up at the worse possible time in my life. So I do apologize for how poorly I dealt with it." Hands fold and he lets his gaze drop to the snowy ground. "Doesn't make up for what happened…" But there you have it.

"I wish I had my brother's number for you, but the one I have is disconnected." There is disappointment in Ryans' tone for his wayward sibling. "But then, he and I haven't talked for several years."

Keira sniffs a few times, before raising a hand to her eyes and wipe them of tears. No need for crying right now. "No…it doesn't make up for what happened…but ain't that how life fuckin' works?" She shakes her head slowly, sniffing again. "Nothin' ever really goes right for me…I'm naive to expect that it will, any more." She says this with a miserable sort of laugh, shaking her head.

"Give me…anything. Anything you can. I…you know how it is, right? I never met the asshole…he was gone before I was even fuckin' born. Left me to my mom, who didn't give a shit about me, just the fuckin' drugs and alcohol. Only person I ever had that cared about me was my grandpa, and I barely even remember him." There's a certain bitter tone to her voice. "I need to find him…if only so I can fuckin' punch him in th'jaw. He deserves that much."

She turns red-rimmed blue eyes toward Ryans, frowning. "So…did th'test say I'm your niece, for sure? So…at least you're my family? You 'n Delia?"

"Yes." Ryans nods slowly. "We share some blood." He slowly straightens and pulls his jacket open enough to fish out a folded piece of paper from his inner pocket. He offers it out to her, held between two fingers. Inside is what information he knows of his brother.

Seems he came prepared.

"I don't know if Brick is your dad, but he's the best candidate. Your mother was the type he went for when he was younger." Ryans almost sounds like he's apologizing for his brother. "I hope you have better luck finding him."

A slow nod bobs Keira's head up and down. "Well…at least there's that." She reaches out, taking the piece of paper and unfolding it, looking it over with a frown on her face. Then, with a nod, she tucks it into her coat pocket. For a moment, she stands, her eyes closed. Then, she slowly settles down to the bench, rubbing her face with gloved hands.

"I hope so, too. Any other family I should know about? Anyone who can help me….help me find him?" She frowns, lowering her hands and wringing them in her lap, falling silent.

"…I never met him, but I hate him…"

"Mainly, Delia and Lucille are my daughters." Ryans for a moment, thinks of mentioning Russo… but Russo is in a good place and he deserves to stay there if he can. "You have grandparents, but… Dad and Brick's relationship…" Ryans glances at her and then he sighs softly. "It was strained. Last time they saw each other it was a huge fight. Mother was crying." He shakes his head.

Ben looks her over thoughtfully, and it might sound unkind, but he knows his parents. "They are also very… old fashioned in many way. They live in Texas currently." His hands come apart slowly and his look is mildly apologetic. "Beyond that. I haven't talked anyone else in some time. My old job… didn't give me much time for it."

Keira fishes the sheet of paper out of her pocket again, and pulls a pen from her purse, offering both back to Ben. "I want to meet them. Even— even if they hate me just for bein' his kid. They're…they're family. I never had a family before. Even if it's just to say hey, I'm your illigitimate tattooed granddaughter and get th'door slammed in my face. Who knows. Maybe they'll talk to me a little…maybe they know somethin' you don't about my asshole dad."

She shrugs quietly, turning her eyes toward the ground. "I just…wanna know everything I can about where I came from. I been wonderin' for 27 years…almost 28."

"Well, I can't take you." Ryans states firmly, moving to push to his feet. "I'm a wanted man, they will be watching my parents place. You need to move carefully." Hands are slowly tucked into his jacket, one coming out shortly with a knit cap.

"I do hope you find him, if only for the satisfaction of meeting him." Benjamin studies her thoughtfully as he tucks the cap on his head, tugging it down on his ears. "And if you do get down to Texas… remember your grandparents are well into their eighties. Be kind?" Brows lift a little. "Hmm?"

Keira watches as Benjamin stands, her brows raising slightly. "That's fine. I'll be careful, don't worry." She nods slowly, turning her eyes back down to the slip of paper, repocketing it. "And I'll be nice to them. It…it'd be nice just to see that I have grandparents." She smiles faintly up to her uncle, though it doesn't quite reach her eyes.

"If I meet my dad…I'm going to punch the shit out of him. I hope you don't object…Uncle Ben." She grins a little at that name.

"Would it matter if I said yes?" Ryans asks with a hint of amusement, not that it sounds like he is going to stop her. The corner of his mouth tugs up just a little. "He'll deserve it. Just — " He holds up a finger before adding. "No permanent damage or death. He is after all your father and my brother."

The hand goes back into his pocket, "And when it comes down to it, he is family. No matter how much of a bastard he's been." Ben looks out over the park around them. "I need to get moving, but I wanted you to know. Just apologize for it taking awhile."

"No…It really wouldn't matter if you said yes." She can't help but smile a little. "I won't do any permanant damage. Maybe give him a black eye…broken nose if he pisses me off enough. Maybe I'll do the broken nose, just so he'll look at it in the mirror and remember that his daughter did it. Maybe he'll remember he has one if I do that." She snorts.

Then, she turns her eyes back up to Ben, raising to her feet. Almost awkwardly, she reaches out, offering her uncle a hug. "…It means a lot, just…having family."

There is moment where he stiffens at the hug, Ryans' daughters know how he can be. Finally, he forces himself to relax and then wrap arms around her. "Welcome to the family, kiddo." He murmurs softly, "Can't guarantee that it's all rainbows an sunshine. I also think you should keep it on the down low. I dunno what they will do to you if they find out who your family is."

Arms loosen and Ryans grips her arms close to the shoulders. "I'm still in hiding, keeping my head low. So I don't know how often you'll see me." Hands slide away and he gives a short nod, "But you know there is family out there when you need it."

"Oh, I have no illusions that it'll be rainbows and sunshine. My dad is still out there, waiting to get a good solid punch to th'face. Or a kick to the gut. I really don't know how I'm gonna approach that one." She smirks into the hug, leaning against Ryans just a little, before pulling away when he does, smiling faintly up at him. It was really just…moments like this that she wanted.

"Well…don't be a stranger, Uncle Ben." She nods slowly, taking a small step back as he releases her. "Once a month might be nice. In fact…when you have th'chance, you should let me buy you a drink. Lord knows I've been a little bitch about all of this, and I wouldn't mind a chance to get to know my Uncle a little better. You're not my dad, but I spent years lookin' at your picture and wishin' I could meet you. That's gotta count for somethin'."

Probably the first genuine, bright smile that Ryans has seen from Keira comes over the woman's face. Then, she waves to the man. "You get back to your hiding, call me."

"Well, make sure you tell me the details when you do." He takes a half a step, turning as if to leave, but then he pauses. "You know… if you had some to me more like this and less… in my face. It might have turned out differently…" There is a moment before he says, "Maybe. "

"It was a crazy time, like I said." Ryans gives a slow nod in her direction. "Stay out of trouble and I'll talk to you again." Huddling against the cold, the old man heads back to the task Noah set him too.

Only time will tell how Keira will fit into the Ryans family.

"It was a crazy time for me, too. I…probably shoulda taken more time before going to you, but…I'm nothing if not impulsive. Well, that, and I had Amadeus with me. Haven't seen him in over a month, by the way." She turns her eyes down to the ground. "Maybe I can make up for it one of these days." She smiles up to Ben, offering a wave as she, too, turns to leave.

"See you around, Uncle Ben. Remember, I owe you a drink, and I'd really like it if you wouldn't be a stranger." Then, she's heading in the opposite direction, lighting up another cigarette as she goes. That…went better than expected.

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