Uncommon Last Name


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Scene Title Uncommon Last Name
Synopsis Magnes checks up on a teammate of Liz's.
Date Mar 25, 2010

Nite Owl

After an hour or so of band practice, and no calls from Tracy to go marching over for something, Magnes has decided to dig into a few things he's been keeping on the back burner. One such thing involves meeting with Elisabeth to ask her a few questions about a certain member of her team.

On the phone, he'd have told her he wanted to catch up a bit, and ask her a question. He's sitting in a booth at a diner, his heavy coat off to reveal a long-sleeved shirt with a large dark-blue question mark on it. It's not a superhero shirt, just a shirt with a large inexplicable question mark. Now, he just waits, sitting back looking bored with a glass of water.

When Elisabeth got the call, she debated whether to come in person. But ultimately, Magnes is someone she wants to look out for when she can. She comes in wearing a pair of black BDU-type pants and the heavily lined jacket that goes with her 'casual' uniform. Heavily treaded boots clump as she enters and she glances around to wave at the owner with a smile. She heads directly for Magnes's table and drops into the seat across from him. "Hey, Varlane. How're you?"

"I'm doing better lately. I work for Tracy Strauss, got this band thing going. Raith told me to start a blog as an outlet for frustration and stress, so I'm working on that now too." Magnes smiles, resting his hands on the table as he relaxes against the seat. "How about you? Haven't spoken in a while, but I hear you've been busy with FRONTLINE stuff. I've gotta stay on top of those things for Miss Strauss."

"Good," Elisabeth replies with a faint smile. She's genuinely glad to hear that he's doing all right. "I'm well enough. Busy is an understatement, yes." She tilts her head. "So what's on your mind?"

"Felicia Varlane." Magnes states in a manner that suggests he's not exactly familiar or all that attached to the name, he just appears to have a kind of casual curiosity. "People keep asking me if we're related, and someone pointed out that it's kind of a big coincidence 'cause of the uncommon last names. I was wondering if you knew anything about her, so far I can't figure out if we have any relation. I've never heard her mentioned by my parents before."

Ah! Elisabeth grins. "Actually, I asked her that when I first met her — mentioned that I knew you and asked if you were related. She said not to her knowledge. Varlane isn't THAT unusual a name — not all of you have to be related. Or you know… if you were, maybe it was a few generations back." She shrugs slightly.

"Yeah, guess so. I was just curious. It'd be cool to have some family, y'know? I've gotta go see my parents for the first time in years after this blizzard ends. Kershner said they abandoned me." Magnes grabs a menu, starting to look it over while humming quietly. "You can order whatever you want. But yeah, I guess that mystery's… kind of solved. I'm glad you're doing better. I had lunch with Claire the other day, I'm in a better place about that situation. Still, y'know, feeling it, but I'm in a better place with it."

Elisabeth waves a hand. She doesn't need anything off the menu. "I didn't realize you didn't know your parents," she comments mildly. "I'm sorry, Magnes. But I am glad that you're pulling it together and making a life." She smiles slightly. "You're going to be okay, kiddo. Unrequited love only kills people in bad country songs." She moves to pat his arm lightly. "Good luck seeing your parents, okay?"

"Well, I know them, but when the Midtown thing happened, they just sort of… vanished. I always thought they just couldn't contact me for some reason, but Kershner said all evidence points to them completely cutting me off. Guess it's 'cause I didn't become a physicist." Magnes shrugs, seeming to have mostly come to terms with that. "Yeah, I'm young. Hell I'm not even over Abby, and the more I convince myself that Claire isn't… my Claire, the better I feel over time. At my age girls just aren't something I should make a big deal over, that's something I'm learning. I should just enjoy all the feelings as they come and go."

He gives her a friendly smile when she pats his arm, nodding. "Thanks, Elisabeth. I know you didn't have to come here for me, so it means a lot."

The blonde grins. "You'll get there," Liz replies. "And you call anytime you need me. I'll be there." She moves to shove herself out of the booth. "I need to head out — I have a meeting I have to get to. But you have my number. Be careful out there, Magnes."

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