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Scene Title Undercover
Synopsis Ben Ryans calls a meeting to discuss plans surrounding Adam Monroe.
Date May 21, 2019

Ben Ryans' Home

“Glad you both could make it.”

Both Nathalie and Lucille had been asked to meet at Benjamin Ryans’ home in the Safe Zone. He couldn’t explain why, but he needed to talk to them both. Now, he stands just in front of the corkboard in his basement warroom. He felt safer there, in the ground, surrounded by concrete. “What we discuss here does not go beyond us, the exception being Nicole Varlane and Noah Bennet.” He gives Lucille a specific look. “That included Huruma.” As much as he hates doing that.

As he speaks, Ben’s expression mostly unreadable. “I’m on a task force to take down Adam Monroe, before he brings about whatever it is he is planning. ”

On the corkboard behind him, a picture of Adam Monroe is central with maps of the Pine Barrens and Providence.“I’ve been working with them on this case and we all agree… ” He focuses mainly on Nathalie, “we may need your help, Nathalie. If you are willing.” He doesn’t explain Lucille’s presence, not yet. “Biggest thing we need all the information you have on the clone you met and dealt with.”

"I'm afraid I don't have much," Nathalie says, a finger tapping on the table as she looks at the picture of Adam. "He found me. He knew a lot about my time as a captive in the Institute. He had files. He has a connection to the Ghost Shadows triad and Praxis Heavy. But he was definitely a clone. He didn't have the…" She makes a face, like she would rather use any other word than what's about to come out of her mouth. "…life force of an immortal." It's the only word she can think of, though, so it will have to do.

"I don't think he would put himself anywhere near me, personally. Just in case."

Noah Bennet. The man who helped her when she was on the run from the Institute, she'd never forget him. Lucille's eyes do flare wider a fraction when he mentions how he is on a task force. "Jesus fucking Christ Dad." Considering all the falling outs they've had about her father and his need to work, this is a very mild outburst. Her jaw sets while her mouth thins into a tight line. The keeping it to herself bit is fine, she knows how he is.

At Berlin's words though there's a even milder smile, "No better word for it I guess." Life forces and clones, it was like over the last decade Lucille's life had began to take on one of those sci-fi epics she liked to read so much.

Listening to the exchange between her father and friend, Lucille's eyes track over to the photo of Adam and the maps. "He doesn't sound like the type to stay in one place, why Pine Barrens?" Knowing whose out there, she shares a look with Berlin.

"Though I guess since he has clones, he can be everywhere." What a depressing ass thought.

“Any information is worthwhile,” Ryans offers to Nathalie. “Even the smallest detail. As you guys go along and think of anything. Anything that maybe didn’t end up in reports, don’t be afraid to tell me. I wanted to bring him in and stop whatever it is he is planning.” He glances at the board and the picture of Adam, “You say he didn’t have his regeneration, did he have an ability at all?”

“That is what I’m going to go find out,” Ben says next, turning to Lucille. “Nicole and I are going undercover. As far as anyone knows outside these walls, I’m still retired and Nicole was fired. We’re moving to Providence.” A piece of paper is pulled off the board and offered to Lucille. “That is the cover story learn it if you plan to visit. As far as anyone knows Nicole is getting out of the Safe Zone, pissed over the firing and I’m… moving to stay close to my daughter.”

That’s right, Pippa was going. “Lu, you’re our exit plan for your sister if things go sideways. You and Nathalie.” Meaning Ben was trusting both women with one of the people most precious to him.

"Providence can be a dangerous place," Nathalie says, some concern entering her tone. She knows both Ryans and Nicole are more than capable, but still. She worries. "Contact us if you need us. We'll make sure Pip is safe."

There's no question of that.

"I'm not sure if he'll have stayed there, but there might be some clues to follow. He gave me an address. I didn't get a chance to look it over. I'll make sure to get it to you." She puts a hand on her hip, leaning her other hand against the desk. "Avi thinks Huruma might know something, something she's kept back. You think it's not wise to let her in on all this yet. Can we trust her where Adam is concerned?" Normally, she wouldn't question Huruma's loyalty, but two people she puts a lot of stock in have made observations she finds a little troubling.

"There's a project he's working on. Hydra. It's changed hands, starting with the Nazis in World War Two, eventually falling into the Institute's hands. And back to his again. It was made to study Adam's regeneration and regens like him. They found some odd effects with his blood. It made changes on the molecular level to whoever it was given to. I worry that the clones are the end result of that research. Or a result." The idea that she killed someone who hadn't started as Adam weighs on her in an odd way. Regret, surely, but also she wonders if death is better than some things. "We know he has a submarine, it seems like his research happens there."

"Don't go making contingency plans because if you don't make it back, I'll kill you." Har har har. Though Lucille's expression is serious as she takes the paper and looks it over with gray blue eyes, cover story. Okay, check. Nat's information on Adam, it makes her head twist. The sub still made her think Adam believed they were in some badly scripted drama from the 80s.

"Sink it, grab a technopath and mess with its… accessibility." Trap them inside. They surely have teleporters but.. it's an idea.

The tall woman folds a arm across her chest and the cover story page is folded as well and slipped into her back pocket.

“I don’t like taking Pippa, but I don’t think the cover will work otherwise,” Ryans admits, clearly unsure with the idea, thought it is hard to see it. “And stopping Adam is important for her future and for yours. But, I promise, we’re going to be careful,” that last said to assure his eldest, a look going to her. “But I feel better knowing you girls will be ready to help.” Something he probably would have never said almost a decade ago.

His attention goes to the picture of Adam, while he listens to Nathalie’s intel. The mention of Huruma gets the first real look of emotion out of the old man, one of uncertainty and pain for what he has to say.

“Huruma…” he starts and then stops, picking his words carefully. “She’s as neutral as anyone I have ever known, but I do know that her family is the most important thing to her. Those she considers hers… her family. She will tear apart anything that threatens that.” Ryans turns his attention back to the girls and gives them a small smile. “I trust her, but I also don’t want to tempting fate or put her in a position to have to choose. I saw her at Caspar’s and how she looked at that clone.”

Lucille knows the one.

There is a breath exhaled through his nose and he is again looking at the board. “If this all goes sideways, then you can tell her. For now, I’d like to keep her in the dark.” He cares for the woman, that much is painfully clear… even if he wasn’t dealing with it in the smartest way. He is quiet for a moment, before he adds. “Thank you, Nathalie. Lucille. I feel better when you two behind me in this. Keep your ears to the ground for anything we can use. Of course, you’re free to visit anytime.” For more than information is implied.

"We can't be too careless with the sub. If that's where he's doing experiments, then there are innocent people there. People who need help." Nat has a hard time believing there are many who submit to these experiments willing. And it's something of a soft spot for her. "And we need more intel."

She takes in a breath, steeling herself for what she's about to say. She wants to get through it steady. "There's someone in his organization that I think might be trying to work against him. Her name is Joy. If we could find a way to establish communication with her, we might get a leg up." And breathe. She takes a moment to review her words, making sure they sounded professional enough. "But I don't know to what degree she's with or against him. So making that contact could be dangerous. Something to keep in our back pocket."

Looking over at Lucille, she frowns while Ben talks about Huruma. She's trusted the woman with her life more times than she cares to count, but she knows that people are complicated. And someone with Huruma's past— very complicated. But she gives Ben a nod. In agreement and understanding.

"She's going to make fun that she got to come with dad to save the world when she's older. I just know it."

Lucille did know the clone and she had been trying her level best to not ever have it cross her mind again. Maybe she should ask Kaylee, a brush of a finger to sweep the strands of hair out of her eyes, "Yea… she had a whole other life before us. She's always been good to us but I hear you." Not making Huruma choose, she could appreciate that. She and Nat share the same look.

On the note of the sub Lucille nods, the Amarok approach won't work then.

Joy, the older woman just nods her head. "Maybe if… someone could reach out to her. Mind to mind." But how to pinpoint the signal? Lucille shakes her head, "We'll figure it out." Of that she is certain. "It's a good thing to have in our back pocket. Someday though. We'll get Joy out." She might not be able to do much in terms of the conduits for her sister, nor was it needed. But she could help bring a friend to safety.

His back to them, the girls can’t see the small curl of his lip. A rare smile, if bittersweet, teased out by listening to them. Benjamin knew the two of them had good heads on their shoulders. Everytime he hears Lucille, he knows she’ll be okay if something happens to him.

A comfort in a crazy world like theirs.

When Joy’s name is mentioned, the old man closes his eyes and searches his memories… thoroughly. They can even hear him repeat the name under his breath. Finally there is a small shake of his head, when he turns back around. “I have no memory of her.” But that didn’t mean anything.

"She helped me escape the Arcology. And without her, we would have lost Gillian Childs." Neither of these are things that are missing from Ben's memory, but they're important to Nat. And proof that Joy isn't a villain, whatever she might be doing in Adam's organization.

"Telepathy might work. We'd need someone we can trust. But I can work some other angles, too. I might be able to shake something loose. Adam is interested in the Conduits, after all. Maybe I can use that to my advantage." It would be nice to not feel like she was on the back foot with that man all the time.

There's a smile for the name Gillian Childs, Lucille had never really met her but knew her from the island before Heller. She was.. Very good with children. A good person, to know that Joy also saved her life as well only puts her higher in the other woman's eyes. They had to give her a way out, if she wanted that. "There's Kaylee, I trust her. She was Ferrymen," and had been a good person to know before then. "Other angles though…" Lucille was always open to ideas.

Nat's words have Lucille's head turning towards her fully and slowly nodding her head, mind at work. "You do have what he wants," She agrees and places a hand in her back pocket, shifting her weight to one hip. "I think it's smart." Lucille isn't so much afraid that her sister-friend can't handle herself but there is an anxious feeling in the pit of her stomach after remembering the last time Nathalie got close to Adam. She knew Nat never forgot.

"You don't go alone this time, it's better to have backup." Her gaze is firm on the younger woman who she cares for immensely, the same way she does Col. All three women had the tendency to run off on their own whims but with this particular case it didn't seem wise. "I know how to be sneaky, if need be." There's a flash of a grin towards Nathalie.

“So an ally. Good,” Ben grunts out with a nod.

“Do what you need to. I trust both of you and your judgement,” Ryans says, which might feel like news to Lucille. Or not. How many times has he listened to her since the war?

Hand and arm fall on a shoulder each, Ben’s expression serious his quiet, rumbling voice loud in the room. “I don’t have to tell you to be careful and be wary, especially since Adam has the Ghost Shadows on his side. Luckily, we are not allowing in all of this. People are working this from many angles. If you need to reach out to Richard Ray and Elisabeth Harrison.” His eyes turn to Lucille, “Or any of our old Ferry friends.”

He turns back to the picture of Adam, yet again. “While I am gone you have access to the house.” They can assume he is including the war room too. “ I’ll make sure you have keys, when you leave.”

Nathalie nods to Luce. She's on board with not going alone, all things considered. But her attention turns to Ben and she gives him a reassuring smile. "We'll be careful. And we'll do what we can to keep everyone in the loop." Until he can get back and do it himself, at the very least. "And we'll come see you." When he turns back to Adam, Nathalie does, too, and her hands go to her hips. Whatever Adam's plans are, it's up to them to figure him out.

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