Unexpected Call


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Scene Title Unexpected Call
Synopsis Ryans gets an unexpected phone call to babysit a certain Ferryman that may very well cancel plans for the New Years with Lynette. All part of the job.
Date December 29, 2010

A Motel Room

There are a few reasons Lynette doesn't usually stay for the sleeping part. One, because the first rule of show business is to always leave them wanting more. And two, because waking up shaky after a nightmare that kept her tossing and turning all night is hardly the image she likes to leave people with. It ruins her whole image.

But that's just how things go in the little motel room Ben and Lynette occupy at the moment. After restless sleep, she sits up sharply, waking with a gasp. Shaky fingers take a moment to run over her face, passing over a forehead damp with sweat before they move to reach for the bottle of water sitting next to the bed. It isn't exactly the same rush that a morning shot of Refrain would give her, but it'll have to do.

He has never been a heavy sleeper, so when Lynette started to shift restlessly it brought Benjamin out of a light slumber. There was still an internal debate going on as to whether he should wake her or not, when she did so herself. Staying still he watches her quietly, until she turns for the water. He then shifts himself, so that when his fingers touch her back gently, she's aware he's awake and hopefully doesn't startle her.

"Morning," he offers softly, in a voice that is gruff from sleep. It's a bit awkward actually waking up and them both still being in the same bed in the morning. It was as if their relationship took another step.

An odd sensation with that and a touch of guilt on Ryans part, but not towards Lynette. A shade still haunts his mind, a flash of disapointment in the eyes of a dead woman. "Everything alright?" he adds gently after a moment, fingers brushing along her spine.

The touch doesn't startle her, but she does seem a little nervous when she turns to glance his way. But she manages a smile as she sets her water back to it's place. "Morning," she greets as she slides back under the sheets. It's awkward for her, too, like she's not really sure… how this moment is supposed to go.

"Oh, yeah," she says to his question, her brushing away of her own troubles a familiar gesture by now. "I'm sorry, I woke you," she adds, although that brush of his fingers turns that smile a little easier, more real. Still nervous, though.

Turning on his side and propping himself on his elbow, sheet falling to midway down his stomach, he offers her a gentle smile that creases the corners of his eyes. "I think I can forgive you." The light tease in his voice, meant to ease her anxiety even if some gnaws at his stomach. "Not the worst way to be woken up."

Fingers brush the hair from her face, sliding it to tuck behind her ear. "Hope I didn't snore too much." It was something Mary complained about on occasion. Luckily, Ben isn't a heavy snorer.

"And without penance or anything, how gracious of you," Lynette says, her tone lighthearted. She mirrors his action, taking up a position on her side with her arm as a prop, only she moves in a little closer, her hand coming to lay on his side, just a featherlight touch.

She sighs just a little as he tucks her hair back, something that just might be a blush coming to her cheeks. "If you did, I didn't notice," she offers with a chuckle. She, after all, has always been a much heavier sleeper. He could have rolled a tank through there and she would have slept right through.

A thumb brushes over one of her blushing cheeks, eyes on the action, a small smile on his lips. "That's a plus at least," he rumbles out softly. Leaning over, Ryans takes advantage of the closeness to steal a soft kiss.

Of course, he had planned to use that first kiss of the morning to distract her from her rough awakening and take advantage of them still being in bed that morning. Fate has another plan when Ben's cellphone starts to buzz and vibrate on the table, doing a little dance on it smooth surface.

He breaks the kiss with a bit of a growl, "Who the hell?" Rolling on his back, pulling the sheet taunt between them, so that he can make a grab for it.

Lynette leans in to meet him for that kiss, and there's little doubt she would have been happy to go along with his plan for the morning! It's a pretty good plan, after all. But that buzz makes her groan just a little bit. No one calls this early unless it's something that's going to ruin the whole day.

As he moves to reach for the phone, she rolls onto her stomach, chin in her hand as her elbow props her up all over again, blonde hair mussed from sleep, but not in an unpleasant manner, as it turns out. She doesn't stop him, nor does it seem like she's planning on interrupting, in fact, there's this almost indulgently amused little smile on her face.

After clawing at the night stand he gets the phone in hand, a glance at the number has him frowning a bit and flipping the throw away phone open, "Hello?" His voice taking on that flat tone he uses when business is serious. "Speaking." His head shakes a little and brows furrow as if to say 'Who else would it be?'

As he listens to the voice on the other end, his gaze wonders to the blonde on the bed. Benjamin can't help but reach over and gently brush fingers through that light colored hair, even as he says, "Uh huh."

The combing motion of his hand pauses, eyes unfocus a bit as he hears something he does like. "Bennet asked me too?" Brows furrow a bit. "And he's certain?" There is only a tick before he sighs. "No… No, he's right it is like Hana." The hand pulls away so that he can rub wearily across his eyes with a sigh.

"Yeah, tell Bennet I'm on it." Not that the co-head of Special Activities sounds happy about it.

When the serious business voice comes out, Lynette's smile widens a little more. Like she likes it or something. Strange woman. Her arm curves around him in response to the brush, and she looks pretty content, even.

That is until that little shift in his demeanor. She looks up at him, one brow arched upward. Still, though, she's quiet through most of it, until she says, dryly, "I'm sensing that you won't be able to stay for breakfast." She doesn't seem upset, although she is disappointed in a general way, understanding trumps all. She's in the same boat, after all, if to a less Special degree.

He hold up a finger to have her hold on, before it brushes lightly against the side of her face, "I need to know her normal haunts within the city and let me know when her boat shows up." His fingers trail to rest at the back of her neck, even though his voice stays neutral. "Alright. Thanks."

The cellphone is snapped shut and he sighs heavily, eyeing it as if something unwanted. "I have time for breakfast, but I think our New Years plans have to be canceled." He does sound a touch disappointed at that. "Bennet is worried Hana is going to do something… irresponsible. Wants me to keep an eye on her."

Benjamin Ryans the babysitter.

"Your life involves many an irresponsible female, I've noticed," Lynette says with a smile that's just impish enough to mark herself among said females. She gives the cell phone a good eyeing herself before she looks up at Ben again.

There's just a moment of consideration, the air of someone dropping just a toe in to test the water. No man eating sharks? Must be safe to jump in, then. She lifts a hand to rest against his cheek, her smile gentle, but still with the familiar tilt, "I guess we better make breakfast count, then."

And given that instead of actually getting out of bed to forage for food, she leans in to continue that interrupted kiss… she probably doesn't mean breakfast.

The comment about his life gets a soft chuckle, because she is not wrong, he's surrounded by them with many meaning something to him. Ben would probably make a comment to such, if Lynette wasn't continuing what they started.

The phone clatters on the table as it's discarded without thought, freeing hands to pull her closer and trail over soft skin. "I think we should make every moment of it count," he murmur in agreement, lips brushing along her jaw and cheek.

Guilt lingers, but is ignored so that he can live in the present and enjoy one of those stolen moment that is rare for him and Lynette. He plans to linger with her as long as he can, lost in the embrace of a woman who brought him out of a dark place. Something he's afraid to admit to himself or even her.

Well, at least til the phone rings again.

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