Unexpected Snowfall In New York

National Weather Service
November 20th, 2010

The National Weather Service is issuing a warning of unseasonable winter weather for the next week, due to an unexpected shift in upper air currents over the great lakes region. A cold front pushed in from Canada is adversely affection regional temperatures, and a storm has already dropped two inches of snow over the upstate region and is expected to hit north of Yonkers by late evening on Saturday. The storm is expected to hit in New York City by 7:00pm and is estimated to drop 1 to 2 inches of snow by Sunday night and the weather will continue to offer flurries with no measurable accumulation through Thanksgiving.

According to the Department of Evolved Affairs, it is believed that a recent atmokinetic incident in Detroit, Michigan is to blame for the altered weather front. Due to the events of last year's disastrous blizzard, local and federal law enforcement offices are playing close attention to all registered weather manipulators during the winter season.

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Temperatures on +weather are going to be considered to be 20 degrees lower than listed for the next week!

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