Unexplained Incident In Harlem
Date July 14, 2010
Relevant Logs The Incident

HARLEM — Reports are still coming in from the scene of an unexplained disaster at the Hamilton Heights Apartments in downtown Harlem. Sources on the scene are reporting that a portion of the fifth and sixth floors of the apartment building has disappeared leaving only burning edges around where two sixth floor apartments once rested.

Sources within the NYPD are claiming that neighbors saw bright flashing lights from across the street along with the sound of high voltage electricity currents shortly before a blinding white flash that could be seen for two blocks erupted at the building. Residents of Hamilton Heights have not been allowed to speak with reporters, and the Department of Homeland Security has blocked off the entire street and evacuated the apartment building to investigate the incident.

Speculation is citing an uncontrolled Evolved ability manifesting in this dangerous disintegration of part of the apartment complex, but authorities are neither confirming nor denying the reports that the tenants of the two apartment buildings that have disappeared were Evolved.

The names of the tenants have not been released to the public at this time. We will continue to follow this startling case as news on it develops.

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