Unhappy Homecoming


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Scene Title Unhappy Homecoming
Synopsis Kameron gets home to an Irate, worried Brian(Tm). Nuff said.
Date February 16, 2009

Kameron's Apartment

Much like most of the apartments in the building, the apartment belonging to Kameron is sparse of decoration -almost moreso than the others. The floor is bare of carpet with the exception of a few throw rugs, one at the center of the room, on which the low coffee table is placed in front of the couch, and another in front of the entryway door. There are no paintings, nor is there a television or any kind of recreational equipment that would require one to sit and stare at the monitor for hours.
There is a stereo system in a corner of the room, and a bookshelf full of a variety of books, most, if not all, printed in Braille. There is a single violin stand in the room, along with a violin case that usually has the instrument in it. In addition to these decorations there is indication that the renter lives with an animal - a dog bed is placed against the wall near the bedroom, and there are dog food supplies in a corner of the kitchen. A set of dog bowls are also placed in the main room, currently empty with the exception of the water bowl.
The bedroom and bathroom aren't much to look at, despite the strange lack of mirrors, and where there are mirrors, they're covered with towels. The bedroom only has the main necessities - a closet, bureau, and bed. The kitchen is probably the messiest of the rooms, in as much use (experimental or not), as it is.

Miami. She brought Kam to.. Miami. Tired from the ordeal, not to mention jumpy from everything - flying on that damned plane twice, dealing with the push and crush of strange, stinky bodies, having to wear attire she really wasn't used to wearing, and on top of that, spraining her ankle. If that wasn't all bad enough, she wound up making Lori cry.

On the plus side, she's finally home. No place like it, right? She breathes a sigh of relief when she feels the familiar architecture, cane tapping gently against the floor as she made her way back to the apartment. Well ahead of her, already in the apartment, Prince abruptly lifts his head and barks. Then he gets to his feet, moving to the door to snuffle at the space between door and floor, tail wagging as he makes excited whiney noises and soft wuffs.
Someone's finally come home! Hooray?

His eye lids had been sagging downward, letting his eyes remain half open. But when Prince stirs, Brian is up on his feet, a bit alarmed. Joe isn't in the room. The door to Kameron's bedroom is closed. Brian has been sitting on the ground simply staring. Times like this made him really frustrated Kameron didn't have a television.

He looks like he has stayed up all night, most likely because he has. Moving to the door and looking through the little peephole, Brian goes to open the door whilst giving Prince an agitated, "Shh." A sharp reprimand which he normally doesn't give the poor puppy. The door opens, but the replicator says nothing in greeting.

Poor Brian. Kam's going to feel like the worst possible sort of human being. Making Lori cry, then upsetting her other friend. Gosh! On the other hand, Kameron doesn't think Brian is upset. Lori left him a note, something like, 'Hi, Kameron and I are going out clubbing a few hours, I'm sneaking her onto my private jet and flying her down to Miami as a surprise, teehee! Back in the morning! Hugs and Kisses, Lori'. That would at least be acceptable. Kam'd still be a bit upset by it all, but…
Prince jumps at the sharp 'shh' from Brian, looking up at the other man with a brief whine. But since he's at the door, Prince only backs up a few steps, waiting a bit anxiously for his mistress. Though even -he- can feel the tension. Just as Kammy is reaching for her keys, the door opens, much to her surprise, and she steps backwards, lifting her head hesitantly. "… Brian?" She ventures after a moment, when he doesn't say anything.

Gray eyes scan the woman at the door, a woman who is not dressed like the normal Kameron, in his opinion. Though she does look good, his lips only tug into a deeper frown. In this situation, good is bad. The young man still finds it fit not to answer. Though through much deliberation in his brain, he finally decides to give a gruff. "Yeah." If she thought he was a burglar or something, that would just make a bad situation even worse. Once she enters, he goes to shut the door behind her, going to lock it.

She's not entirely delighted with her wardrobe change either, but Lori is.. extremely persuasive. And Kameron's natural niceness is no match for that kind of assertiveness. She's lucky to get away without knowingly drinking any alcohol. Someone spiking her drink doesn't count, right? Wearing the rather snug fitting dress only makes her want to hurry to her room and change. Like NOW. But … there's just something about Brian's voice that gives her pause, stepping into the apartment and lowering a hand to Prince, who immediately moves to greet her. Albeit without the same excitement as he would normally have. Seems he knows something's up. ".. Are you okay?" Kammy asks, resting her weight to one side as she looks towards him, hearing the door close and lock.

Once shut, Brian goes to the couch. "Joe is sleeping in your room." He reports. Settling on it, he sets his hands on his knees leaning back into the couch. His voice the same tone, not affectionate, not happy, just informative. "We'll move out tonight." Of course, plans were for later in the week. Seems he's changed his mind. "Hope you had fun in Miami." The word is said with a certain venom, as if Miami was the capital for sinners in sinnerland, and that only evil could come from it.

Ah, she'll have to be a bit quieter then. Ooooooor, just.. not go in yet at -all-. "Tonight…?" Kameron echoes, puzzled by the almost businesslike tone in her friend's voice. "That doesn't give me much time," she must be assuming he meant her as well, in the 'we'. "But I guess all I need is a few things." Still hesitance remains in her voice, confused - and then she flinches like she was just verbally slapped, hearing the venom in Brian's voice.
And in a way, it was like a slap in the face. "Uhm..?" Was he mad she didn't invite him? "I…" Uh. Well there'd been potential to have fun, but it ended in a horrific disaster. But more importantly she's not quite sure how to respond to the unexpected venom in her friend's voice. What the heck..?

"I meant Joe and I." Brian informs crisply. His eyes move over to her. It doesn't pleasure him to hurt people, especially her but, someone has to face the wrath of all the anxiety and frustration that his head has found after a full twelve or something hours of fuming and stewing. He had called her about eight times before Joe discovered her phone. His mind had ran to a million different conclusions before he had told Joe to go to sleep, and a gazillion different conclusions after that. None of them were very happy conclusions. "Whatever. You could have at least taken your phone." He quips.

And it definitely hurts, to have a friend talking to her so coldly. "Just.." There's a pause, "You … you don't …" She pauses again, trying to wrap her head around what she did that was so horrible that he would say that. A note was left! Why would Brian have been so angry? She swallows nervously at the 'Whatever', hunching her shoulders a bit, "I.. I didn't realize I left it behind until …after.." Sliding her hands into he pockets of her coat. It couldn't be that he wanted to go to Miami too. Or was it? Maybe Joe had wanted to go Disneyworld. Or Disneyland. Or something. Maybe he wanted to schmooze with the celebrities? — Wait, no, that's not even likely. "…are you angry with me?" She has to ask. Even though she knows the answer. Why else would he refuse to let her come to the Lighthouse?

"Am I angry?" A little laugh is let out at that despite himself. "Yeah Kammy. I'm a little angry. What the fuck?" It's asked in a hiss, his volume kept low so that the words wouldn't be heard by Joe. "You know what's been happening in my life lately. You know I worry. What am I supposed to think? You leave your phone, you leave Prince, and all that is left is 'Going to Miami-Bye'." He stands up. "But no, I just sat around the whole night worrying, being scared out of my fucking mind, and what were you doing?" He asks aggressively, motioning at her dress. "I hope you had a good time." He repeats, coldly. Something in his tone suggests that might not be true… maybe.

"I know all of that," Kameron answers, tone getting softer the angrier Brian seems to get. At the points of leaving Prince and the phone, she draws her hands out of her pockets, curling her fingers around her elbow instead. "I-I .. I thought we were going to a local club.. for only an hour or two. I-I didn't know .." Even to her, 'I didn't know' sounds like a pathetic excuse. There's a puzzled frown at the mention of the note - he's exaggerating right? It had to have been more thorough than that.
It's what comes after that feels like being doused in ice water. He sat up worrying? Scared for her, probably thinking that the same thing might have happened to her that happened to Abby? She closes her eyes -she doesn't even want to see what little of her friend she can see. It takes a few minutes for her to find her voice, "I…" Her voice cracks, and she clears her throat again, "I didn't mean to make you worry." Again, a poor response to make, but she didn't think, 'No I had a horrible time' would make him feel any better. He was worried, angry, and lashing out. She would simply have to take responsibility and bear the brunt of his anger. Somehow. "I'm sorry."

Oh yeah? Well- But Kameron isn't arguing, which doesn't do much for his temper. He has been planning all these angry things to say and all she's going to do is apologize? He had been planning his counter arguments to what she was going to argue. But there are none. This significantly takes the rug out from under him, giving him pause.

Why I oughtta… Brian sits back down on the couch. His anger failing for the moment. Instead he lets out an exasparated sigh, placing his elbows on his knees he lets his face sink into his hands. Nothing to add for the moment, she kind of took away all his angry arguments at least for the moment.

She couldn't counter the arguments, because she had no counter-arguments. He was absolutely right. It didn't matter if she "didn't know" until it was too late. The damage was done. Brian was angry with her, and there wasn't a thing she could say to change that. "..I .." No. "If .." …No. Quickly she tries to think of something to say, consciously aware of Prince attempting to get her attention with a soft whine. She doesn't acknowledge the dog yet, instead clearing her throat. Again. "If you need h-help…with.." She makes a vague gesture. "… packing."

"She didn't write anything." He says, his voice faltering now. "She said, we're going to Miami. And that's it. Not, be back later, nothing. What the hell did you guys do?" His throat starts to tighten, not good. He takes a moment to take a deep breath. "I'm sorry, I'm probably overreacting, but I was really worried." He admits. "I wish you would have taken your phone. Why did you go with her?"

Kameron wavers on her feet slightly, and stumbles back a step, dropping downnto the chair across from the couch. Which is easier on her. Pressing back against the chair, grasping the armrests as tightly as she did on the plane. "…that's it?" Her voice is a little clearer for a second, stunned by that little revelation. Dangit. That's what she gets for not taking the responsibility for herself - but then, it would probably have been just as bad anyway. All her note would have said is, 'Lori's taking me out clubbing, back in an hour.' and then Brian -really- would have flipped out when she didn't get back until morning.

"We.." ahem. "…went clubbing." She had soda she didn't much care for, nearly had a number of heart attacks on the plane, nearly had a heart attack at the club, sprained her ankle and and made her friend cry. All in a day's work. ".. you aren't overreacting." After all, Abby got kidnapped. But as for why she went? ".. why.. wouldn't I go? She's my friend." Well, maybe not anymore after that fiasco. ".. I thought we were going to the club over in.." A point in a general direction, then she fails to come up with the location. "… I didn't know it was in Miami." She adds more quietly. "Not until she got me on the plane." No excuse, Kam.

Well this isn't the fight he had been planning on. Letting his hand drops he just stares at her for a moment. "Why did you get on the plane?" He asks dumbfoundedly. "Why didn't you just say no? Don't you hate flying?" Brian asks, arching a brow at her. "You went to Miami to go clubbing? There- What the hell?" He asks, a little more agitation rising up. "I don't like her." He says simply. Someone's got to be blamed.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have answers for those questions. Not ones he would be happy with anyway. Sometimes, 'She's my friend' just isn't a very logical response to something you know in your heart is really a bad idea. Kameron had gone along with the idea simply because she had trusted Lori to give a decent note. That was her first mistake. Or had it been letting Lori lead her around without questioning? Maybe it had been at the plane. Again, the trust. Or the alcohol. She honestly didn't know which of her bad mistakes was the damning one.

She flinches slightly at the sound of the agitation again, "..I don't know." She says instead to the first round of questions, leaning forward against her knees. But at his declaration, Kameron shakes her head slightly, ".. don't be angry with her," even though he had every right to be if he -wanted- to. "You're right. I could have said no, should have, and didn't, because.." … she doesn't even know. "If you're going to be mad at someone, be mad at me. I have to take responsibility." And not mention the other bad things that went down. That would just make it so much worse, and she wasn't sure if it could get worse.

And the easiest way to make the blame go to the other person? Try to claim it for yourself. At least that's how it works with Brian. An exasparated sigh but then he's off the couch. Stepping over to her, he goes to sit again. This time on the ground. Leaning his back against her knees. His attempt at showing he's not angry with her. Even if he still is, how could he be mad at her? It's like kicking a puppy.

Tilting his head back he lets out another long breath. "I'm sorry I yelled at you." He says softly, hugging one knee to his chest. "We don't have to move tonight.. I was just.. mad." He waves his free hand dismissively. "Are you okay?"

Drat. Kameron didn't want Brian to be mad at Lori - she really had meant well. Leaning forward on her knees, she's startled when Brian moves to sit in front of her, with his back against her knees. There's an instinctive flinch as she leans away and shifts to move her injured ankle a bit away so there's no danger of him accidentally touching it. The last thing she wanted was him to know about -that-. He'd probably blame that on Lori too.
She accepts the apology without comment, though no smile or sigh of relief follows. She still thinks he's angry, after all. "You.. you don't have to put it off for me." She says quietly, tense. Angry words they might have been, don't people often say what they really thinking when they're mad? At the latter question, she gives a tight nod. ".. yeah, I'm fine." Liar.

Brian frowns as he looks over his shoulder up at her. His anger may be settling down, but things are obviously not good with her. Scooting over so that his back is not against her legs his hand goes to find hers. "Come down here and sit with me." He suggests, his tone is most likely ten million times more gentle and softer than it was just a few minutes before. Giving a little tug on her hand, he looks up at her expectantly.

She hesitates again, at the tug on her hand, "I think…" She tugs on her hand, "I think I should stay in the chair." If she scoots down onto the floor, her dress - probably would end up riding up on her, and she can't think of a good way of sliding down onto the floor without horribly embarassing herself. Otherwise she'd have no problem, ankle notwithstanding, to sit on the floor. She does offer a very slight squeeze of his hand to accompany the expected, "… Sorry." Brian wouldn't want her to embarass herself more than she already would be right? God help her if papparazzi start tryin to find things out about her because she went clubbing with the sociliate. It will make her a sad panda.

He gives a little frown, the whole dress thing written off. After all who's there to see? In his mind, he doesn't count. "Okay." He answers, sounding a touch hurt, but after all the rollercoaster of emotions, what is another miscommunication between friends? He doesn't let go of her hand though. Looking straight ahead. "You look really beautiful." He murmurs, though it sounds like it's a difficult thing for him to say. He's not very good with compliments.

Lovely misunderstandings. Kameron seems to be serving up a platterful today. And while he didn't exactly count if her dress /had/ ridden up, there's her own sensibilities to consider (which were enough to keep Lori from stuffing her in the darn thing), and of course,there was also the injured ankle factor. Wincing slightly at the hurt tone in her friend's voice, she musters a faint smile at the awkward compliment. Instead, she shakes her head slightly, "You don't have to say that." Just trying to be nice to make up for yelling at her. GAWD Kam just take the compliment. Poor boy was uncomfortable with it enough as is! "It's really not the sort of thing I like wearing." She adds, with a pained grimace.

Bwuh. "I'm not just saying it." He retorts, his hand releases hers. You can't hold someone's hand while correcting them, there's just something about it. "I know it's not something you like wearing… I'm just saying. You're really pretty, I mean, not just now. In general, but also, tonight, this morning, whatever. You look really—" He flails with his hands. "Nevermind." He gives a little sigh, going to hug both of his knees to his chest. And now he's at an odd loss for what to do next.

Aw, that's so nice, he's still upset but he's still going out of his way to make her feel better. Probably because he knows she can't see what she looks like anyway. So considerate! At the flailing and sigh, Kameron smiles, reaching forward with the released hand, to rest it atop his head lightly. From anyone else the compliment and correction would be a little weird, but from a trusted friend?
"Thank you." She says, "You're a good friend, Brian.." She draws her hand back, curling fingers into a fist as she rests her hand on her lap again, ".. I'm sorry I let you down." She shakes her head, with a bitter little smile, "I.." Hrm. She shifts a little on the chair, gingerly. Ow. "I hope I can make it up to you, somehow." She adds quietly, "A-and.. um." Hrm. "Even.. I mean, I hope.." Deep breath, "I-I hope you'll let me still help out at the lighthouse." She can commute! Somehow. "If you don't want me to, I understand though." He might worry Lori will come around and be a bad influence!

"No. I was just upset. Of course you will still come." He assures her, letting his head tilt back into her hand. "And I do mean it, you look beautiful." Okay, time to give up on that. He twists his body and gets on his knees to face her. "I couldn't do it without you." He assures, well he might but it would certainly be a lot harder. "I got overly angry. I'm sorry." Again his tone is apologetic. As for Lori, it's not much of a concern for now. They will be living on Staten Island. Staten Island is not a place for socialites or the paparazzi, and even if they do show up. It'll be on his turf, and he's pretty confident he'll be able to deal with the problem then.

Reaching over the chair to pay some attention to Prince at this point, she smiles - and at the assures, she does let out a quiet sigh of relief. Her ankle probably won't be healed fully by the time they move out, if they did still plan on moving out tonight. "Sure you could," Kameron insists. It would just take longer. At the apology, she shakes her head, "No, you don't have to apologize." It's true, the odds of Lori visiting her on Staten Island were veeeeeeeeery slim. No Lori meant no papparazzi, and at -that- thought, she almost cringes. She just knows her mother or father is goin to call about that whole fuss. "Now, why don't you go get some sleep? You were up all night." So was she, but she wasn't going to get to sleep until later. She just had to think of getting to her room, getting clothes, back to the bathroom to change without letting him find out about the sprain. She didn't want him to worry!

"I couldn't sleep now if I wanted to. Are you going to sleep? Did you sleep on the plane? Are you hungry, want me to make you something?" He asks, pushing up on the chair he goes to stand. Since he's still oblivious to the poor ankle he goes to take her hand, to help her up. "Joe should wake up now anyway. You go in, get changed, and get some rest and I'll have a breakfast slash dinner made for you. A brinner." He says, with a thin smile.

"I might. I couldn't sleep on the plane," which is weird, because she slept like .. well, not a baby, but she had managed to be relaxed enough to sleep. "I was too scared. Flying death traps." She adds in a quiet mutter. Hand taken, she doesn't have a chance to refuse the offer to help her up before she's on her feet.
She sucks in a breath once weight is put on her injured ankle, and she quickly covers it up with a stumble and a choppy, loud, laugh. "-aaaaaahAHAHahahaha!" ohgodow. "B-Brinner? Really?" Tickled by the term, she moves to release his hand, "Okay, sounds like a plan." Pain. So Much Pain.

He gives a little grin, he has flown a lot for his age. And has no problem with planes, but even he would never force her on a plane. Okay, unless they absolutely had to. But not for a clubbing trip. He arches a brow as she stands. "Are you okay?" Really, it wasn't that funny.

Giving her a funny and somewhat suspicious look, he lets his hand drop. "I'm looking at you suspiciously. So you know." He announces. After all, what's a suspicious look if the person can't see it? "What was that?"

"Gehahaha—ah, yeah, I'm absolutely okay." Uhoh. She's being given a suspicious look(tm) according to Brian. "Why? No reason to look at me suspiciously." Kameron takes a small step backwards, towards her door. "U-um. Wha- What was what? The laugh? Aaaahahahaha? Like that? It.. oh! That!" Yeah Kammy, that, now stop stalling. "Pins and needles." She points, "In my foot." See, that's why she's not putting weight on it unless she has to. Like now. "EEEGHgah..hahahaHAHA."

"Are you hurt, KamKam?" Brian asks, a little sternly. "Come back and sit. Let me see it." He commands, watching her closely. Why the heck would she be walking all weird and laughing like a weirdo. Pins and needles obviously isn't a good enough excuse for him, obviously. Walking swiftly to the door he gives a sound rap at the door. "JoeJoe! Time to wake up buddy!" And with that, he rounds on Kameron.


"NO!" Is a denial a wee bit too strong to read true. Too strong and too quickly given. "Really I'm fiiiine." It's pins and needles! "But -" she points at her room as Brian raps at it to wake Joe up. "I - but-" and when Brian rounds on her and informs her to sit down -again-, she makes a face, sighing weakly. Dernit. "It's just …" she feebly gives up on the excuse, edging her way back over to the chair with as little of a limp as she can manage, and sitting again. All it needed was a little ice and elevation - it wasn't even a bad sprain.

Taking off his track jacket, he tosses it onto her lap. She was still wearing a dress, and checking her ankle might make it…awkward. Going to one knee in front of her he goes to take the perpetrating ankle. "What did you do?" He asks, going to deshoe her in order to find how bad it really is.

Once the jacket is on her lap, she quickly moves to drape it over her knees, grateful. She has to put both hands over her leg to keep it from reflexively twitching and accidentally hitting her friend though, when the shoe is pulled off - the heel of said shoe probably has some stress at the base, having almost snapped off. "Um.. I just.. stumbled a little." Kameron answers, scritching her cheek, "My foot twisted a bit when I fell - it's just a minor sprain," she adds hastily, "Nothing to worry about, so.."

"I can wrap it up." He offers, attempting to roll her foot around a little bit. "I'll get you some ice. I can carry you into your room. Why were you trying to hide it?" He asks with a little snort, going to stand. He gives a look over his shoulder to the closed door. And he replicates. And all of the sudden there is a naked Brian in the apartment going to the kitchen to get ice. Not like she'll ever know his replicates are naked anyway.

In that, she is incredibly lucky. If she were able to see and saw that, she would probably have a heart attack. Of course, hopefully little Joe hasn't seen his dad's clones walking around buck nekkid. Her hand flex on the arms of the chair tightly, stifling a small yelp when her foot is shifted slightly. "I can walk…!" She protests. "Well. Limp." As for why she was trying to hide it, she gives a shake of her head, "Because I didn't want you to worry more than you already have."

"You don't have to do that." Little baggie of ice wrapped in a cloth, check. NakedBrian comes back around the couch handing off the ice to the other Brian. A high five is done by the two, and the naked one is gone once again, reabsorbed back into the former. "Well at least let me help you in there, please?" He asks, making his voice sound a little more pathetic than it had to be.

She did so- but she had a feeling that /that/ argument would be circular in nature, so she doesn't say it. Instead she makes a vaguely amused noise in her throat, and voices it as a soft chuckle at the 'patheticness of his voice. Silly, Silly Brian! "Well.." She supposed she could put aside the self sufficiency for now. "All right, when you ask me like that," she grins, "How can I say no?" He obviously wanted to help so..


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