Unidentified Body Found

GREENWICH VILLAGE — The body of an unidentified male was discovered shortly after 9:00pm at West 4th-Street, the latest in a string of grisly murders that has left the New York police department without any substantial leads. Initial reports from the scene indicate the body was found in the same fashion as the previous victims of this serial killer that New York locals are calling "The Reaper."

Authorities were alerted to the body by an anonymous 911 call, and police said that they are following all leads available in an attempt to discern the safety and well-being of the informant. They have informed the press that they wish only to speak with the anonymous caller about any information he may have that is pertinent to the case.

With the string of bodies growing, authorities have not put forward any potential lads on the Reaper case, nor have any witnesses come forth with information regarding the perpetrator or perpetrators who may be responsible, leaving many wondering when it will all end.

An autopsy on the unidentified body is scheduled for Friday.

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