Scene Title Unite
Synopsis u·nite yo͞oˈnīt — v. come or bring together for a common purpose or action.
Date December 26, 2019

A shower of sparks float motionless in mid-air. The curving arc of these brilliant flares slings over the shoulder of a man in gray overalls with a white construction helmet on and a welding mask covering his face. The torch in his hand extends a jet of blue-white fire from the end where it fuses two pieces of steel together. Nearby, two other workers in gray jumpsuits hand off electrical tools, repairing wiring behind metal wall panels. A host of people in white vinyl clean suits stand around a computer console on a raised dais in the middle of the room. Some hold tablets in their hand, checking schematics and blueprints, others are sitting at workstations, checking files and system trees.

A pair of men in suits stand by a round metal door open to a lush and overgrown forest just outside. A winding catwalk over mirror-still water cuts through that space outside. The geodesic dome overhead is streaked green with algae and grime, though workers in gray jumpsuits suspended on tow cables work on cleaning up the triangular glass tiles. One of the men in black suits holds out a phone for the other, he was expecting a call. Neither of them are moving.

Neither of them notice the child ducking between them though the doorway. Her bare feet leave subtle footprints where she walks, the ratty hem of her navy blue dress rustling around her narrow ankles. She pauses by the dais where the computer technicians stand, her golden eyes focused on each one of the people there. Her head angles to the side, eyes flare brightly, and a scintillating wave of rainbow-colored energy burns within the veins of one man. But he doesn't notice. Doesn't realize.

No one is moving, not even the sparks hanging still in the air.

The gold-eyed girl moves past them, through a halfway open door where other technicians have opened part of the wall, trying to get the door's hydraulic systems functional again. There's more people dressed in white here, checking schematics, pointing to portions of the metal-plated corridor, others holding bundles of wires, some carrying building materials over their shoulders. The girl weaves between them, walking on her toes more so than the flat of her feet. She skips past a couple people, bouncing in her stride, arms held out to her side as she does. She knows her way through this place, or at least acts with the confidence of familiarity. The truth is more than she can feel where she needs to be, and makes haste there.

Her journey ends at a round doorway open to a laboratory where metallic harnesses hang from the ceiling. Old plastic tubing connects the harnesses with dark, dried blue fluid in the tubes. The floor has been covered with a white plastic tarp, some of the technicians have disassembled the machines, others are analyzing the fluid inside of the tubes. She navigates past all of them, not caring about the science done in this room. Instead, she moves toward the back of the lab that ends at a bare concrete wall. There is a man nearby holding a phone up, horizontally, the face of his phone shows the wall. Shows an image of what is burned into the wall.

A black triangle.

Geopoint Scientific Enclosure
20 Miles West of Boulder, CO
December 26, 2019
5:03 am

The girl with the gold eyes pauses, drawing in a deep breath, then slowly approaches the burn mark on the wall. The person taking the photograph doesn't notice — can't — frozen in time like a fly in amber. But the girl with gold eyes walks freely, stepping over to the scorch mark and touching it with the bare palm of her hand. Her gold eyes flutter shut, lips part, and she whispers a breathless gasp onto the stone. Her brows crease, jaw muscles clench, and she turns her head to the side as if looking for an answer. She exhales a sigh through her nose, bare fingers brushing blackened concrete. Frustration takes her over, and with a sharp exhalation of breath everything changes.

Sound comes flooding back in an instant, the noise of industrial work. There's an electric shutter snap and a flash and the girl's back straightens. She glances over her shoulder to the man holding the phone, who backs up in utter confusion. "What— holy shit. Hey— fuck— hey kid, you're not supposed to be down here." He's not sure what to make of the moment, and some of the other researchers in the facility stop what they're doing and turn to look at her. But the gold-eyed girl ignores them, closing her eyes and pressing her face to the black mark on the stone. Her gold eyes glow brightly, something inside of her changes, and now she can hear the crystalline whisper like wind moving through a keyhole.

"Ama," she whispers into the rock, "ama-gi."

By now the other researchers have stopped what they're working on and the man with the camera tucks it into his pocket, slowly approaching the girl. "Miss? Miss?" She's so young, part of him wonders if she even realizes she has an ability. Someone who translocated here on accident. "Hey, are your parents here? Are you lost?" Her eyes slowly open, gold irises staring at nothing, then slowly track over her shoulder to the scientist standing a few feet away. "Are you ok?" He asks again, gently reaching out with one hand. A couple of the other scientists have left the room, going to report what is happening to someone higher up the food chain.

"Lost," the girl says in a small voice, gold eyes flickering and then glowing brightly.

"Where are your parents?" The researcher asks, taking a knee down beside her with his brows raised, looking around and watching the other scientists keeping an eye on the situation. She looks down at the ground, brows knit together, lips parted in uncertainty. When she looks back up to the researcher, she gives the best answer she can.


The scientist exhales a sigh through his nose. "Okay well, I'll help you find your parents, alright?" He notices she isn't wearing shoes, and hurt shows on his expression. He feels for her. Sympathy, pity, it's a very real and palpable reaction to someone in her situation. "Hey, is somebody trying to hurt you? You're safe here." This time the girl's brows crease together and she looks back to the mark on the wall, the electromagnetic burn caused by the Looking Glass opening from another timeline. She looks back to the scientist.

"You can't," she says softly, her eyes glowing brightly gold, "but I know who can." She says before she vanishes from sight like a frame cut out from a film reel. The scientist jolts back when she disappears, standing up straight and sweeping off his hard hat as he looks around wildly.

"Where did she— did anyone see where she went?" He asks the others, who all look equally as confused as to what happened. Stunned for a moment, the scientist pulls out his phone and flips through the photographs, finding three of the girl standing by the wall. One where she is looking directly at him, her eyes glowing a fiery gold. He exhales a slow sigh, shaking his head from side to side and wiping sweat from his brow.

Someone needs to see this.

Whatever it was.

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