Unity Group Raided

Associated Press
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LOS ANGELES, California — In an unexpected show of reinforcement to the Linderman Act, the highly visible pro-evolved rights organization "Unity" based out of Los Angeles, California found its home offices and satellite offices in California, Oregon and Washington raided by the Department of Homeland Security. 67 arrests were made in conjunction with charges of violations of the Linderman Act by Unity founder Fallon Prescot.

Unity, a charitable non-profit organization promoting Evolved rights and in direct opposition to the Linderman Act had been in tight legal situations since the arrest of founding member Wallace Kilpatrick just last month for illegal possession and trafficking of firearms across international borders.

A joint investigation between the FBI and Department of Homeland Security revealed that the Unity group had been operating as a front for anti-government terrorist activity on the west coast of the United States for nearly three years. In the raid of the Unity headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, a stockpile of unregistered firearms ranging from semi-automatic handguns to full-automatic assault rifles was discovered in a concealed sub-basement level of the compound.

Unity's spokesman and legal representative Donald Poulin had this to say outside of the Los Angeles superior courthouse earlier today. "The Unity organization has not and will never participate in human trafficking across international borders as we are being accused of, nor dow e support acts of violence against any government agency. These accusations leveled against the Unity group are baseless and I personally have not seen the alleged weapons cache that has been mentioned in the news. My clients are innocent of the crimes leveled against them and I will see justice done no matter how long it takes."

Officials from neither the Department of Homeland Security nor the FBI have verified that there is a connection between the August arrest of Kilpatrick and the firearms he was attempting to move from Mexico into Texas and the alleged cache of weapons discovered beneath the Unity group's headquarters. The Department of Homeland Security released this statement earlier today stating that "The actions of the Unity group undermined the stability of this country through the Linderman Act and the Evolved Registry. Members of Unity responsible for this trafficking will be held accountable for their actions and receive due punishment for their crimes should they be found guilty."

With just two months remaining until the four-year anniversary of the 2006 nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan by the serial killer Sylar, the Department of Homeland Security is stepping up measures to ensure that this anniversary is a peaceful one that does not dishonor the memory of the men and women who were killed in Midtown Manhattan.

Speculation within sources inside the Department of Homeland Security cite the May 2010 mass hallucination in New York to have spurred on this surge of activity by the department's counter terrorism unit in an attempt to pre-emptively bring an end to the violence that was reported by so many who experiences the hallucination.

No word has yet been released on if the Unity group was suspected of any connection to that incident or the violence witnessed therein.

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