Unless The Worst Happens


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Scene Title Unless The Worst Happens
Synopsis Keira makes sure that her dog is in good hands, just in case.
Date December 11, 2018

Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office

The cigarette she was smoking is tossed to the ground, snubbing it out beneath her foot as she makes her way into Raytech Industries. The guards fussed a bit about the dog, but ultimately let Keira and Kaang through, and after all of the extra security hoops have been leapt through, the gangster makes her way to Richard’s office.

She’s getting close to doing something that is probably monumentally stupid, and while she trusts Tanith and the 41st precinct, Kaang is like her child, and requires a bit more of a trustworthy hand. And while her and Richard may not always see eye to eye, she trusts him. That, and he is the best liason between her and her older brother, who has disappeared to seek out his daughter(s).

Kaang doesn’t need a leash, but he wears one anyhow — the well-trained dog slowly walks beside his human, occasionally nosing her hand. He knows something is up.

“Keira.” Richard has picked up his kitten, since he doesn’t know how he’ll interact with a giant dog. He’s regarding the woman and the animal across the desk, eyebrows raised a little. “Why do you have your dog here?”

There’s a long pause.

“Oh god, please don’t tell me that’s Fedor.”

The way life’s been recently, it really wouldn’t surprise him.

Kaang’s ears perk as he peers at Richard from that floppy face of his, and lets out a soft rumble as greeting. It’s friendly, but anyone not well-versed in dogs, or how Keira trains her dogs, might find it intimidating.

Keira blinks a few times. “Fedor? No.” She shakes her head, reaching down to place a hand atop the giant dog’s head. “This is Kaang. He’s a South African Boerboel dog. I’ve had him since he was a puppy, and he’s my best friend.”

Introductions over and done with, Keira unhooks Kaang’s leash. In response, the dog sits down, wagging his tail lazily. “He’s here because I’m about to do something monumentally stupid, and since you’re one of the most trustworthy people I know…” She grins at Richard. “Kaang is going to hang out with you until I come back for him, or until Graeme comes back. Whichever comes first.”

She’s trying to act nonchalant, but Richard has known Keira for years. She’s nervous — and maybe a bit afraid, too.

“Oh.” Richard relaxes some at that declaration; fingers brushing over Richelieu’s head fur as the feline stares in utter curiousity at the big canine beast, because he’s never seen a dog before. He squirms a bit to escape and try to investigate, but he’s held firmly by his owner.

“You’re… leaving your dog here until you or Graeme…” His brow knits as he looks up from the beast to her, “What on earth are you doing, woman?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you,” Keira replies with a nervous grin. “But I’m sure you’ll end up seeing it on the news, if all goes well.” Crime stuff, probably. “It’s better that you don’t know, for the sake of not having culpability.” She grins at the cat. “Don’t worry, Kaang was raised around a cat telepath. The most Richelieu has to worry about is getting slobbered on when Kaang tries to groom him.”

Then, she’s turning, kneeling down and wrapping her arms around the dog’s neck, placing her face against the side of his head. “Don’t get rid of him, no matter what, okay? This guy is the closest thing I’m ever gonna have to a kid.”

“M-hm.” Richard sounds dubious, to say the least. His frown just deepens as he looks between the two of them. “The fact that you’re dropping off your dog here doesn’t sound good, though, Key.” He steps slowly around the desk, brow furrowed, “Seriously, is this really worth it— whatever you’re doing?”

He knows a suicide mission when he sees one.

“I think so,” is the somewhat unsure reply from Keira. “I mean, my plan is good — excluding any unforeseen factors, I should be fine.” And it’s worth it for the business aspect — her employees will be much better off when they are running guns for the Ghost Shadows.

She hugs the dog, before pulling away — Richard might see a sparkle there. Is that a tear?

“Wouldn’t want to have a good roll in the sack just in case there are unforeseen factors, would ya?” She only half-jokingly grins over at the man she has known for so long, fidgeting a bit.

“Not gonna happen,” Richard replies with a faint smirk, shaking his head a little as the smirk fades; stepping over, he reaches his free hand up to brush against her shoulder, looking at her worriedly.

“Uh huh. Your plan’s good, you should be fine,” he repeats, “You know you almost sound convincing, Key.”

The woman smirks, turning her gaze down to Richard’s hand, then up to his face. “Kinda have to convince myself. But this job I got — it’ll make things better for me and all of my employees. I can give all of them raises, help ‘em feed their families, y’know?”

Keira may not do legal things, but she at least cares about her employees.

After a moment, she pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket, pushing it against Richard’s chest. “These are all of the commands he knows. You’ll like him, he’ll guard Raytech.” She jerks her head back toward the door. “I have his food in the car for you, too.” She takes a breath, and pulls out a pair of envelopes, as well, thrusting these at Richard’s chest. “One for you, one for Graeme. Don’t open them unless the worst happens, okay?”

She’s trying pretty hard not to panic.

The paper’s taken as it’s pushed to his chest, and Richard glances down to it before looking up again. “Alright,” he says, collecting the envelopes, “Don’t make me have to open these, though, alright? I’d rather give them back to you with this big doofy dog of yours.”

A pause, “Be careful, Key.”

For a moment, Keira just kind of…stares at Richard, taking a few deep breaths. And then, suddenly, she just kind of…grabs him, planting a firm kiss on his lips. For luck, or something. If he fights it off, she doesn’t push, but it just feels like something she should do — she has a bad feeling about this, but she’s never been good at avoiding danger or trouble.

“He’s not doofy, he’s very smart.” She pulls away, before suddenly ducking down and hugging the dog. “Kaang, be good for Richard. He’s nice. He’s a good person.” She kisses the side of the dog’s face, and accepts the slobbery cheek licks that come in return. “I love you, buddy.”

Then, she’s standing, handing Kaang’s leash off to Richard. The dog chuffs softly, shifting so that he’s seated next to Richard. “I’ll do my best,” she adds to the CEO of Raytech, and then she’s quite abruptly heading toward the door.

The envelopes are shaken at her in emphasis before they drop back to his side, Richard’s frown there still even as she grabs him. “Ke— “ No further words get out before there’s that kiss, and he doesn’t fight it. It’s not the first time, after all, her being his ex!

Once she pulls back, he looks back at her with even greater worry now. “Key…”

Then she’s going, and he’s holding a leash, looking after her before looking down to the dog with a sigh, “What’m I gonna do with you, then, huh?”

The one-eyed ex girlfriend of Richard Ray pauses at the door, glancing back over her shoulder at Richard and Kaang with tears sparkling at the corner of her remaining eye. Then, wordlessly, the shapeshifter slips out of the office, leaving Richard alone with his new companion.

Kaang whimpers softly as she departs, then turns a rather sad look up at Richard, giving the man a small lick to the back of his hand.

Richard will just have to keep him, it seems.

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