Unregistered Evolved Minor Destroy

Unregistered Evolved Minor Destroys Nightclub

MANHATTAN — On Monday evening, October 19th, the club lounge known as the Purple Rose on the Upper East Side was rocked by the destructive ability of an unregistered Evolved, whose name has not been released by authorities due to her status as a minor.

At least four people were killed, with two missing, and several others badly injured, including local songstress Adelaide Xylander and several other minors. Building safety authorities have already indicated that the building is no longer structurally sound and will have to be demolished before the lot is reused. Authorities are unwilling to state whether this was an accidentally violent manifestation, and due to recent media and Federal investigations of a growing demographic of teenaged Evolved malcontents following Norman White and Phoenix, nothing is being ruled out.

The child culprit is currently in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security. Efforts to contact the her guardian/s have been thus far unsuccessful and any individuals with information regarding the event or the persons involved are encouraged to contact the New York Police Department or the DHS.

After four years of operation, the Purple Rose has been closed and its management is under scrutiny for serving minors.

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