Unregular Women For An Unregular Bar


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Scene Title Unregular Women For An Unregular Bar
Synopsis Isabelle and Abby go in the back room to talk, as the younger woman confides, to a degree.
Date January 8, 2009

Old Lucy's

Julian's come and gone, the blonde woman's in the swing of things with the bar as patrons come and go, the girls all do thier dances now and then on the bar top while Abby consitantly serves up drinks. To her credit, not a single one is wrong, but there's something on her mind, something. Music blares, a coke and rum shoved across the counter to someone and a flare of a smile plastered across her face. "Jack and coke" Repeating back someone elses's request, turning to fill it.

Isabelle walks in from the back room, wearing a tight black tank top and a black mini skirt along with a pair of knee high leather boots. Apparently there will be no dancing on top of the bar for Izzy tonight. As she greets various people, she soon spots Abby and makes her way over. "Now, if you don't look like you have a lot on your mind." Isa observes she begins to serve a few drinks here and there. There aren't /that/ people in the bar at the moment.

The young woman looks over and nods "Stuff. A lot. Quite a lot" Abby answers, the jigger of jack measured out and splashed into the drink then the dispenser grabbed for the coke. No ice. "Someone was in, earlier. Said he knew you" The drinks pushed to the patron, money exchanged, tip put in her jar.

"If you need to take some more time off, you're welcome to it. I know things haven't been easy for you lately." Isa offers and raises an eyebrow. "What guy is this?" intrigued.

"I.. may need to. I think somethings wrong at home and I may have to go, see whats wrong" She looks over at Isabelle, and maybe, maybe she can see that it's likely a lie. But she says it anyway. She said home. Not Louisiana and here, NY is home. "his name was Julian. Friend of yours and Hagan's"

Isabelle is pretty good at reading people and she can take a guess that Abby isn't being all truthful with her. She nevertheless nods her head, "Consider it done Abs." Izzy slides a drink down towards a patron. She visibly stiffens when Abby says Julian's name. "How much did you tell him about yourself?"

'What Hagan told him apparently" She drops her voice, frowns and then points to the backroom in a gesture of 'should we go in the back?' To the older woman.

Isabelle nods her head and leads the way. "So he knows you can heal?" she says once the door to the backroom closes. Her arms and crossed and she leans against the table.

"And that he does something similar but opposite?" Once they are safely ensconced in the back room, away from possible ears. Abby shakes her head. "Hagan told him, when Julian noticed that Hagan's lungs and liver were… refreshed" for lack of a better word. Courtesy of course, of yours truly. "He came here, and asked me." There's a pause, and a stiffening. "Is he not a friend of yours…"

The pyro does nothing to betray her feelings on the outside, she just nods her head. "Oh he is a friend, gets free drinks here." Izzy tries to be as careful as possible with what she is going to say next. "Just be careful ok?'

'He said as much, that he'd get free drinks. he paid for the one he got today, till I could make sure he was yours. I gave him my number though. Same as with everyone. Told him if he needed.. my help, to call" Abby sits down, deciding to take the seats that are there. "Isabelle, it's not my parents. But there's something, and I can't say what, and I don't know what. It's a bunch of things. And I'm sorry if I'm not.. the best employee. I come in late, and probably look hungover, or I miss a shift. And you let it go. And I thank you for that. If anything happens, I don't show up for two shifts in a row or don't call in " She always calls in. "Go find Teo at my apartment, let him know?" The blonde looks up to the fire starter.

"Abby, if /anyone/ hurts you.." Isabelle looks away. "I don't usually trust that often or like people that much, or consider them friends.. but I consider you a little sister Abby." Izzy waits for that to sink in. "I will find Teo if you don't show up. Promise and together we will find whoever hurts you, if anyone does." The older woman looks down at Abby and squats to hold the healer's hand. "You don't have to tell me until you're ready." She assures the woman, "You're a great employee, earn me all kinds of money." She winks.

She should pull her hand back, but she doesn't. She just squeezes her hand back. "God puts us here for a purpose Isabelle. I think, mine's coming soon. Whether I live or not. That's up to him. I just, don't.. want people wondering where I am, and not being found. I'm either going, quiet painless death by sylar, or some other way. I think, frankly, I'd prefer death by Sylar" And that's saying a lot. She lets go of Isabelle's hand, wrapping her arms around the woman and holding tight. "I'm not a great employee. But I do the best I can and I have a great employer who doesn't complain when I drag my ass in an hour late and need to chug half her redbull to stay awake for my shift"

"It's quite alright sugar." Isabelle says and hugs the woman back. "I'll help you in any way that I can. You just have to let me know. I'm not above burning a few people." Izzy grins wickedly.

"someday, I'll sit and cry I think. When I'm back in my apartment, instead of staying at Niki's or here. Just another few days. THen life will be back to normal for a bit. As normal as it can go" She releases the woman, looking at her. "I'm registered, but seriously, your friend scan be quiet. FI someone they know is hurt, they can come fetch me, and bring me, but random people who are your friends coming to the bar, are going to put me in a grave earlier than I'm supposed to"

"I'll remember that." Isabelle nods and tucks that information in the back of her head. She is sure that Rupe knows of Abby already, she'll have to talk to him about the resident healer. "You have to be strong for now Abby, until everything goes back to normal for you."

"i"m always strong" Isabelle's informed. 'A fucking rock. He won't put mroe on my plate than I can't handle" Abby wrinkles her nose though before rubbing her face. The weight of ages it seems on her shoulders. "I should get back to work. People aren't gonna get their drinks with the two of us sitting in the back and gossiping like we're at the salon huh" Abby smiles then, sitting upright and reaching back to fix her ponytail.

Isabelle nods her head and stands. "Abby, I know things are at work in this city. I'm gonna say it again, no matter what. Be careful, I don't think I could take it if you died on me." Izzy nudges the door open with her hip and smiles at the woman, "Who would pour tequila down the men's throats then?"

"hoo, boy, who would. Not Huruma. That's for sure" Abby answers. I'm sure Teo would volunteer, all you have to do is ask" She stands up though, taking Isabelle's hand. "God protects me Isabelle. Three times now, he's come, Sylar, and three times, he's been rebukes or turned away. They call me crazy, for believing like I do, but.. that has to count for something. To have something he wants, and to survive each meeting"

"If anyone has given me the thought, no matter that it is a little one that God exists. It's you Abby." Izzy smiles and squeezes the woman's hand back as they return to their job, slinging drinks and dancing girls on the bar. Just a regular night at Old Lucy's with unregular women.

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