Unresolved Issues


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Scene Title Unresolved Issues
Synopsis Aaron visits Wendy to apologize, again, for assaulting her. Things go south as soon as he hits the elevator.
Date September 3, 2009

Wendy's Condo - Solstice Condominiums

It's hard to sneak up to a person's condo when there are folks who greet you at the door and front desk, so Wendy has of course been informed of Aaron's pending arrival. When he steps into the elevator with a bouquet of purple hyacinths and a bottle of 1997 chardonnay, he's already regretting coming. It's been too long. He meant to see her in the hospital after Peyton was attacked, and then when she went to a hotel, but no, he kept putting it off. And now here he is, riding an elevator up to Wendy's floor, almost having a panic attack. Brilliant one, Aaron. He speed-dials Peyton but only gets voicemail. "It's Aaron, call me when you get this," he says, before hanging up. Because leaving no message would probably freak her out. He know it would freak him out.

The elevator dings and he steps off. Well, he almost trips, really, and loses one hyacinth to the floor, which he picks up and tucks into his shirt pocket. Then he travels the distance to Wendy's door and knocks gently. If he doesn't hear, maybe he can get away. Claim he knocked but that she didn't answer. No, that's cowardice. Of course, that's not really beneath him at this point. He's concerned about this meeting for more reasons than one.

"What the hell are you here for?" Comes through the door. No, gentle knock was heard, since the dark haired woman was at the door and peering through the peep hole. "I'm still not happy with you Aaron and flowers and wine don't make things right" That and the place has CCTV and she could see him in the foyer.

And the door man called up. The place has all the amenities so you can be around to immediately engage in the abuse of the unwanted, rather than having to wait until they knock. Aaron's expression drops from downtrodden to pathetically dismal as he sees the look on Wendy's face and she unleashes her first barrage. If he didn't feel, in part, that he deserved it, he might look terrified. Of course, then there's that other part of him, which hovers so closely to his the aches in his temples, fuelled by his limited information. "You know, I reported you two missing that night. They didn't find you, no, but at least I tried to be nice to you." He swallows, setting his gifts on the floor and holding his arms up. "Go ahead, do what you want, whatever will make you feel better. You know I won't care what you do to me. I can't stand people thinking I'm a monster." It's bad enough he thinks it. "What can I do to show you I'm sorry?" Because the tears in his eyes aren't enough?

"Fucking hell, you're not a monster. You're a fucking asshole is what you are" There's a roll of her eyes at the dramatics. "Woo hoo, you reported us missing, go team Aaron. So nice to know you cared. You know, I almost forgot about that what with all the flowers and the phonecalls and the sheer overwhelming concern for my bodily self" Wendy turns away from the door, leaving it open and leaving Aaron standing there and looking like a dork.

That right there, that lights his nerves on fire. His anger overrides his guilt. Aaron drags the gifts off the floor and enters the condo. "A fair sight better than Peyton got. I was the only one she had to turn to, the only one who cared. You nearly got her fucking killed and you're so damned concerned about yourself and calling me an asshole? Mirror much? For Christ's sake, if you didn't go around blurting out to everyone who will listen who's evolved and what their powers are, neither of you would have ended up in that position." It's only after his rant that he closes the door. Clearly he has some unresolved issues.

Oh wow. There's a fairly incredulous expression on Wendy's face as she starts walking away, heading off towards her studio. The smell of wet clay permeating the immediate area. "Wow, so glad to see she told you what happened in the bar there Aaron. Or in the mausoleum. Or you know, why she was on the tape and they never show'd me on the tape" Her sleeves are pushed up but not so she can turn around and punch him but so she can sit down on a stool before a turntable and a large slab of leather hard clay there. "Sure, Fine. Blame it all on me"

"Oh sure, because she told them what you could do. Well, she said half of what you could do. She thought they already knew and would kill her if she didn't tell them the truth. She thought it was a test!" Yeah, now Aaron actually raises his voice. "Given how you acted, how you almost got my audition fouled up, I'd have thought the same damned thing. So unless you can give me a reason not to blame it all on you, I'm fine with it. You already hate me, right?" He has only half-followed her to the studio, and stands at a distance in case she starts throwing clay.

"Wow, you really don't know about what happened in the bar, at all, do you. She didn't tell you how I just stopped and was sliding for the ground. That she told them I got like this around other Evo's? Yeah, she threw me under the bus Aaron. She couldn't have let me tell them what I could do, or she couldn't said 'hey, she does visions too'. She didn't tell you that it was me who came up with the idea to escape? That I'm the one who broke my shoes apart so that we could undo the screws. Get the whole FUCKING STORY asshole before you come marching into my home as bitching me out after bringing wine and flowers. Fuck, are you that in love with her that you need to take out your anger at the danger SHE was in, right along side me, all on me?"

"Oh, that's rich. I'm sure she just shouted it from the rooftops. And you came up with the escape plan? You come up with creative stuff all day, you're an artist! She doesn't even know what she wants out of life, let alone what she wants to do." But Aaron, he's not usually a bad guy. His steam runs out, and he can shout no more. He walks closer. "I came here to apologize to you. God forbid you give me thirty seconds to say my peace. Instead, you can't even stay silent long enough for me to say I'm sorry. Despite the fact that I hold a certain amount of dislike for you given how you've treated me and other people, I come to apologize, and you bitch me out. At least I can put aside my differences and admit I fucked up. Yeah, I did. I. Fucked. Up. I already admitted that. But you continue to act like you had nothing to do with this whole mess, but how could you not have? Sure, Peyton may have screwed up giving them your power, but you've gone around broadcasting to anyone within earshot what every evo's ability is. I'm sure someone in Humanis First has heard you. Great way to give them a hitlist. They don't need you. You already did their job for them." Aaron lets out a disgruntled sigh and turns around to walk back to the door. He should have brought chocolates. Women love chocolates.

"Yeah, you fucked up. You run around stabbing people in the neck with drugs. So mature. Get the fuck out of my place Aaron. Don't come back till you grow up out of your little emo woe is me. I never said I blamed her entirely. So get a grip on yourself. Get a grip and go before I call security" No word on whether his apology is accepted or not, just her concentrating now on carving long curls of clay off the piece of work before her.

"Don't remind me," Aaron says. Like he needs to be reminded of his single act of violence that he still can hardly understand. Nevertheless, he proceeds to the exit. He turns to say something but just ends up shaking his head and walking out. He's already made things worse. That'll teach him for trying to apologize.

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