Unusual Pizza Delivery


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Scene Title Unusual Pizza Delivery
Synopsis Who knew there were boobs at a strip club?!
Date October 22, 2008


The lights are low, the club is filled with smoke, the dancers on stage twisting and writhing sensually to the music. There are three girls onstage right now and a group of them sitting at a table. The few at the table are still in street clothes for the moment, waiting for there shift to start, one of the girls holds a cellphone in her hand, having just ordered the hungry dancers a meal. Krystal waits with the group for the food to arrive enjoying herself a glass of water.

Simon knows he shouldn't be here, but there's a certain appeal to skipping in school to go see a bunch of ladies on stage. Apparently, doing Fred Miller's math homework for a month will get you a fake ID that will allow you to do just that. As he walks into the dark and smoky room, though, he looks nervous, because it's his first time. He stands in the doorway for a relatively long time, just watching the strippers on stage bend themselves into all sorts of crazy positions. He's intrigued, at the very least.

Panucci's Pizza prides itself on being one of the few pizza places that can still deliver in an hour or less, or the pizza is free. This particular delivery only takes about thirty minutes, since Magnes has a bit of trouble finding the place. "Oh god, it's really a…" he trails off, swallowing hard and slowly rolling into the place on his inline skates. He keeps his head down, staring intently at the box and bumping into a few people. When he finally finds the table he was instructed to deliver to, he lays the pizza down and asks, "A-are you the ones, who ordered the pizza?" without looking anyone in the eye, or even raising his head. It doesn't take a psychologist to read the intense nervousness on his face.

Krystal looks up from the table, her smile broadens as she sees the man actually skate the pizza into the club "Did you see that Lizzie?" she asks another woman beside her. Her happiness is almost infectious, the smile and gentle eyes of a confident woman. She takes the Pizza from the mans fingers and she moves it to the center of the table opening it up for the girls to eat. "How much did it come to?" she asks as she moves her fingers to her pockets. She waits a moment or two before leaning in to murmer "could offer you a dance in trade if you like?" she teases gently

"Hey! Watch it," Simon says as he's brought back to reality by the pizza boy who lightly bumps him as he skates by. He recognizes him from his own pizza delivery the night before. His brow furrows at the coincidence and also at wondering if strippers should take greasy food into the back room or something. He shrugs to himself and walks to the bar, doing his best to get the attention of a bartender. This brings him closer to Krystal and Magnes, which for some reason makes him very happy. Yes, he's smiling.

"A-ah um, no that's alright!" Magnes says nervously, moving to take a step back before he realizes he's on skates, then falls to the floor right on his butt with a quick yelp. "Sorry, that'll be eleven dollars, Panucci's Pizza is currently not accepting change…" he answers uneasily from below the table, slowly trying to stand up again. Hard to believe he's been skating for years at times like this.

Chuckles escape the girls at the table, joined by Krystals own tone, she reaches down to him her eyes alight "ahh but they wont know you were not over an hour late" she says happily, "You will enjoy a dance much much more then the eleven dollars no?" she asks her eyes playful, and lightly flirting. The Table of girls are disbursed by managment now that they have the pizza to the back room "I will get your outfit ready Kris" One of the girls calls back to the woman trying to score the free pizza

Simon finally grabs the bartenders attention and orders a coke, because it's the middle of the day. Come on. When it comes to him, he pays with cash and turns to lean against the bar. Magnes on the floor is given more attention than the women on the stage, because watching someone try to get up on roller skates is pretty funny. "Hey. You need help?" He takes a few steps over and reaches down to help Magnes up, should he want it. Krystal gets a lingering glance and a smile.

Magnes is quick to take Simon's help, still unable to look Krystal in the eye. "I couldn't, that would be stealing from Mister Panucci…" he manages to say while trailing off into nervous mumbles. He's like a deer in the proverbial headlights. "I mean they're—/you're/ very nice! I just couldn't, I mean, how about my friend?!" he asks with a sudden bright smile, pointing at Simon as his scapegoat. With his mind going numb from the intense situation, he reaches into his pocket and gives /her/ eleven dollars, forgetting for the moment that he's trying to get her to pay. "There you go!"

Krystal giggles ecstatic that she's just somehow managed to get money to pay for the pizza. Overjoyed she hugs Magnes "Oh oh thank you ever so much!" she says and quickly hands it back to the pizza boy. She's not out to really rob him after all, if you.. wait just a moment, I will change and dance.. She seems excited to do so as well so excited shes bouncing a little on her toes, she turns a flirting eye to Simon and hugs him too. "I'll be right back!" she says all bubbly

For some strange reason, Simon gets super excited as well when Krystal hugs him. So much that he actually squeals a little. "Yay for you. I can't wait!" He pushes away from the hug, though and sticks his glass in his mouth to chug some coke. He glances over at Magnes and nods to an empty table nearby. He doesn't feel like sitting through this alone.

Magnes slowly rolls over to the table, his face filled with shock after being hugged. He sits at the table and just keeps staring down, concentrating on the table itself. There's no way he can watch this! "I don't think I should be here, I'm not even twenty one yet…"

The mood changes as Krystal herself is gone to change, the music of the club is altered just a little bit, more for a belly dancing tune. For the moment the pole dancers break away to work the crowd. The lights flicker slightly as Krystal makes her way onto a small stage completely dressed as a dancer of the middle east.

Simon takes a seat next to Magnes and rolls his eyes. "You're even more nervous than I am. I mean, look at me. Do I look twenty-one?" He arches a brow and sets his coke on the table as Krystal comes out. "I say just take a moment to try and relax. Unless this isn't your kind of thing." He looks over at the other guy to see how he responds to that, then looks back up to the stage as the dance starts.

Magnes briefly glances at the stage, then his eyes dart back to the table. "Oh god, she's going to get naked, how can I relax?" he asks, standing up and starting to go for the door, falling down a few times but scrambles his way back up. "Thanks for ordering from Panucci's Pizza!" he yells to the stage before escaping.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Simon watches Magnes humorously stumble to the door, shaking his head and maybe understanding just how some kids at school view him. He doesn't think too hard on that, though, because there's a show to watch. He may be here alone, but he's not about to head back to school.

Excitement starts to build in the room, as the dancer takes the stage. A fire aglow touching her soul. To A primal beat the first sensuous, smooth flowing steps are taken into a well practiced belly dance. Slender hands shift horizontally beneath her chin only her head slides back and forth in a fluid motion slowly, ever so slowly beginning. Deft fingers flutter a small ribbon between her fingers her hands down to her hips as she begins to shift her chest left and then right to the hypnotizing music, the golden coins on her
outfit catch the light dancing themselves against the womans body. The dance is rather exotic, and sensual movements.

Simon watches the dance with tense limbs. He's happy it's not as raunchy as he was expecting, and as Krystal moves and clinks her little finger cymbals dramatically he starts to relax a bit. He reaches over for his coke and takes a sip from the glass, settling into his chair and watching intently. He's never seen a real belly dance before.

The music continues and the dance goes on. Krystals emotions are calm and almost serene as she embraces the music like a lover. In a controlled step her body fluid with an enticing display of muscle control carefully undulating, rippling her chest into a gentle accompanying motion to her hips; the dance changes in tempo. The coins clatter as the rage building within her she sways her hips in a figure eight, soft clattering of her finger cymbals are heard as her hips swing out and her dancers ribbon becoming one with her

Simon is calm and serene as well and completely entranced by the woman's movements. He never thought he would be, but he is. As the dance continues, he slowly works on his coke, not even paying a mind to the other women winding their way through the tables. Maybe they sense this, because none of them come up to while he watches. Or maybe they know he's younger than his ID says he is.

Krystal dances faster still her hips sway, dancing upon the stage, her fingers pass the twirling ribbon over her form. her finger cymbals clatter delicately in her fingers as she controls them with practiced effort. Her body turns lightly her body forced intp a tight shimmy of glittering coins. Pivoting on her toes, her hips sway out to urge her body to turn, her arms up and poised, her body slows now. Nearly, slithering as she rotates her hips slowly moving once again her hands snake out from her body twirling slowly. As if in slow motion the ribbon spins within her finger tips until; a liquid ripple of muscles coursing over her sensuous female form has her release herself from the spell bound dance.. she kneels her hands slide across the stage. Breathless and pleased.

That ribbon is starting to get pretty hypnotic, and as Krystal sways her hips and moves across the stage, Simon can't help but start to clap. It doesn't last long, though, because he's the only one doing it and that makes his self conscious. Soon, his coke is finished and that makes him look pretty sad, because now he nothing to do while he watches. He briefly thinks about taking up smoking, but scares the thought from his mind.

Krystal catches her breath and she smiles slightly slowly she raises from the stage and she makes her way off. Two new shows start up without missing a beat, the girls writhing against the poles as they remove there clothing. Krystal herself takes to walking amongst the crowd and bringing drink refills to the customers.

Simon claps some more as Krystal heads off the stage. When she finally starts to make her way through the crowd, he raises a hand to grab her attention. The empty glass is also in his hand, which he hopes can be refilled by the lovely belly dancer.

Krystal smiles a bit as she looks up to the youth, raising his glass "One moment dearie" she says as she fills up some beers and other soda's along the way. She smiles a little as she weaves herself through the crowd and finally reaches Simon's table

When Krystal finally arrives next to him, Simon smiles up at her and holds out his glass. "That was awesome. Can I have a coke? What's your name?" There are a lot of thoughts going on in his head so he feels it would be best to blurt them all out at once.

Krystal smiles gently as she looks to Simon a bit more she grins softly "Kris" she says gently "That's what they call me here" .. she pauses as she looks about then takes his glass to her fingers.. "shouldnt you be in school?" she laughs softly her voice humored and low

"Um, no. Not today. My professor said we could have the day off to study. You know how professors can be. I think he just wanted to head up to his weekend house early." Simon grins and lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "So here I am. Why should I go or something?"

Krystal laughs as she tops his glass off and returns to his table "oh not if you have the cash to blow and want to watch the ladies jiggle their goods" she chuckles as she looks about before returning the gaze to the youth, "did you enjoy the show?"

Simon laughs nervously and shakes his head. "Oh no, I'm not here for that, I swear. Or, well, maybe I am. I don't know to be honest with you. I'm just checking things out." He lets out a sigh and then looks at his watch. School's almost up. He can't stay much longer. "Actually, don't worry about that coke. I really did like the show, though. You were something else."

Krystal smiles a bit as she tilts her head to Simon "glad you enjoyed, maybe I will see you again in here" she winks a little bit and turns to help other costomers

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