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Scene Title Unwanted
Synopsis In a meeting with Sarisa Kershner, Magnes Varlane finds out his parents never wanted him :<
Date January 18, 2010

USS George Washington

This may be the last time that Sarisa Kershner ever has to sit in this cramped little office with its dusty, plastic fern.

She couldn't be any happier.

Having been called down to meet with CIA Special Agent Sarisa Kershner is a bit like the adult version of being called in to the principal's office, and this analogy is unfortunately lost onr Magnes Varlane. With his youth just a few baby steps behind him, the feeling of getting called down to the principal's office is unfortunately absent, as all of his schooling was done at home. But where these memories should be fresh int he back of his mind, there's more "important" things like Wonder Woman's measurements and the names of every member of the Lantern Corps.

Seated in one of the two chairs across from Sarisa Kershner's high-backed leather armchair, Magnes feels a bit like a kid in the hot seat, and the silence from the somewhat severe blonde woman seated across from him is stifling.

She's reviewing a folder, sheets of paper, paperclipped photographs, charts, diagrams, maybe that's his permanent record, hopefully she doesn't frown on cutting AP English! "So…" Sarisa finally offers in a distracted tone, huffing out a breath to blow an errant lock of blonde hair from her face. "Mister Varlane," she closes the folder, then sits up straight and laces her gloved fingers together in front of her on the desk.

"Let's talk about your reward for a job well done."

"Scholarship, an issue of Amazing Fantasy 15, I'd ask for a Marvel 1, but I'm not greedy, no taxes for myself, Claire Bennet, Delilah Trafford, or Abigail Beauchamp, you know, like in that ansteroid movie. None of them ever get called in for crap like this again. I don't mind if I'm personally contacted and requested to help, but I won't be forced again. I want any money I may have missed for being gone for two months. And Flint Deckard as well as Hiro Nakamura get full pardons from anything they've done. Hiro isn't a terrorist, that crap was BS." Magnes crosses his arms, watching her with a serious expression… at least until his eyes momentarily dip to her chest, then avert quickly to the right.

Sarisa just laughs; she ducks her head down, snorts, shakes her head and laughs, then has to cover her face with one gloved hand.

That's good right?

"Oh— " Another tremor of a laugh runs thorugh her, and Sarisa has to breathe in and wipe at one of her eyes with a leather-clad finger. "Okay." It's a hard thing to get out, face red and smiling from the sheer absurdity of it and how hard she was laughing. "Well, the ah…" she snickers again, shaking her head as she withdraws a folder from under the stack and offered it out to Magnes. "The scholarship is a part of the package we're offering to you. Tuition to whatever university you'd prefer and whatever revisions to your transcripts need be made to get you in." That's quite the Presidential deal.

"I… the, what is it a comic book you're asking for?" Sarisa slowly arches one brow and looks at Magnes a little sideways, then just shakes her head and laughs. "Cute, cute I get it. A setup joke before the real question." Drumming her fingers on the desk, she pages thorugh a document with her other hand, then shakes her head.

"I can give you tax exemption for life for yourself and immediate family, but I can't offer it to anyone not involved in this mission. Miss Bennet is already handling her own packages, and miss Beauchamp has already received tax exemption for herself."

Blue eyes angle up towards Magnes, one brow slowly raised. "As for… ah, this Deckard fellow and mister Nakamura? I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do for either of them. I don't have their information, and whatever agencies are handling their case work likely have legitimate reasons for what they did."

Sarisa offers Magnes a lopsided smile and folds her hands again. "So, is that all?"

"I don't even know where my family is, they kind of disappeared after the bomb. I guess if you could find them, that'd be great, but Delilah's and a hand full of other friends are as close as it gets to family for me, right now. She's had a hard life, all her family died at once one day. I just want to give her something really good. You're like a hotter version of Skully, so I assume you have a heart of gold too, right?" Though when she suggests his question is a joke, Magnes raises an eyebrow, then tilts his head slightly. "You're a high ranking government official, and you don't know what Amazing Fantasy 15 is? It's like, Spider-Man's first appearance. Don't you need to know things like that? But alright, instead of that, just give me money and I'll buy it myself."

"And for the record, Hiro didn't do anything."

Squinting at Magnes, Sarisa leans forward on her desk, then opens the folder in front of her, flipping to one page and eyeballing it. "Donna and Peter Varlane, 1223 Wellfleet Road, Cape Cod Massachusetts." Blue eyes uplift to Magnes, and Sarisa pick up the piece of paper and holds it out towards the young man. There it is, plain as day, their address listed on a 2008 tax return. "They haven't claimed you as a dependant, so I assume they…" Sarisa just keep stsaring at Magnes quietly, "don't want anything to do with you?" Leaving the paper facing towards Magnes with that uplifting thought, Sarisa leans back in her chair.

"Fine," Sarisa offers in a quiet tone of voice, I can offer up one-hundred and seventy-six thousand dollars towards your, ah, private purchase. Most individuals were taking it as a condominium in New York City, but if you're prefer to spend that on a comic book you're more than welcome to."

Sarisa rifles through some papers, angles a squint down at them, and then looks back up to Magnes. "For the record, I don't even know who Hiro Nakamura is." Then, letting go of the papers and folding her hands, she leans forward again. "Should I?"

"What?" Magnes tilts his head, then quickly shakes it. That has to be a mistake, and to fully convey his confidence on that… he says absolutely nothing further on the subject. One doesn't care to discuss whatever crazy family crap is going on with a government person. "I get that much? Uh, sure!" His eyes light up a bit, and he doesn't bother explaining that said comic only goes for around 2-6k at most. "If I'm going to college, I'll probably move into a dorm or rent some sort of loft anyway. But we have one more thing to discuss… my employment. I was already on thin ice with the NYPD, missing two months means I'm most definitely fired. And to be honest? I don't wanna go back to those PR mongers anyway. But at least if I spoke to them, I'd have gotten to work something out. But just getting fired… I'm completely screwed. So, any ideas?"

He steeples his fingers, staring at her face as various thoughts run through his mind… thoughts that have nothing to do with his parents, he's keeping that on lockdown until he has time to process it. "And hey, just a random question, but why does it seem like people wanna piss their pants when they talk about you? You don't seem that bad to me. I had a police partner, Aude, man, when I pissed her off, I was sure she'd break my nose…"

"The stipend you're getting from the government should cover your back pay for…" Sarisa eyeballs her calendar, "two months I believe." Then, looking up to Magnes she furrows her brows slightly. "You're retiring from the police force, actually. Amicably, to persue higher education. Your alternative to that is to be fired. The New York Police Department does not want you, mister Varlane, so I would take that very generous offer to quietly resign on good terms and leave them as a… resume reference."

Sarisa cracks a smile as she looks to Magnes. "You know, I don't know either…" she says in this mild, hurt tone, as if their opinions may have trampled on her delicate feelings. "I think people are just afraid of someone in charge, and wrongfully so."

"When I was thinking about joining FRONTLINE, someone said to talk to you. But to be honest, I don't think this hero stuff is for me. Not that I'm bad at it, at least I don't think I am, but I don't wanna lose anything else while pursuing it. Despite all this stuff I'm getting, Claire's memories are still gone, Cardinal's still dead… So I'm gonna take all this stuff you're offering, make the best of it, and honor those sacrifices instead of jumping back into the fray. I'll be Peter Parker, but with slightly less complex issues."

Magnes reaches over, offering his hand for a shake. "I really could use a job, and if you're in a position to give me one, well, I'll consider whatever offer you have. I come off as a bit immature, I know, but… the world isn't flooded, so I'm not a complete screw up. And for the record, again, you seem like a pretty nice person. You remind me

"You're not cut out for Frontline, plain and simple." Sarisa states rather authoratatively. "Maybe in ten years? But right now, there's no way you could handle the chain of command. You can barely follow orders, and you have a lot of growing up to do. Once you realize you shouldn't be trying to model your life after something from a childhood fantasy, then maybe. But for right now, go back to school, and…" Sarisa squints, "please try to stay out of trouble?"

Getting the paperwork in order, Sarisa pushes up out of her chair and takes the stack of folders, leaving Magnes' hand unshaken and the slip of paper that has his parents' address on it in front of him. "Oh and…" Sarisa pauses by the office door, looking at Magnes with an arched brow. "If I mentored you, and this is how you turned out?" She laughs, almost like a cackle, and turns towards the door, offering her parting words over her shoulder.

"I'd have eaten my gun out of shame."

Well. Maybe is is like everyone says.

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