Unwanted Calls


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Scene Title Unwanted Calls
Synopsis Elaine and Quinn decide to spend at least part of the day fulfilling the obligation presented by the auction, but something's bothering Elaine.
Date June 26, 2010

Gun Hill

No rest for the weary, as they say. Straight from a busy Thursday night, to a day spent in “hell” and spending far, far more money than she meant or wanted, and now it was Saturday – the day the rest of her things from Brooklyn are being moved into Gun Hill, and finally, it was almost done. With Magnes incapacitated (there would be words about that later), she had had to resort to movers to get her things moved – and considering she already had a truck, getting some guys on short notice hadn’t been too hard.

And now, the majority of the stuff was in her room. The last piece of import, her upright piano, is in the process of being handled by three guys wiggling their way into the door of Gun Hill, while Quinn stands outside watching approvingly. Eyes move up and down the building, a smile on her face. It felt good to be in a new home.

There's a head peeking over the railing from above before Elaine has soon headed down the stairs to come to rest outside of Quinn's apartment, peeking at the piano movers before looking back over to Quinn. "That the last of it?" She asks, making sure to stand out of the way.

As Elaine pops into view, a wide grin spreads across Quinn’s face, gaze centred on the other woman. “That’s it. Kinda scary to imagine.” She remarks, even as she lazily walks up to Elaine, leaning herself against the taller girl. “But hey, it’s almost done! What are you up to, today? We should celebrate.”

Wrapping an arm around Quinn's waist, Elaine gives a bit of a nod. "Not up to much, though if we're going to go celebrate, I'm paying." She gives the woman a bit of a smirk. "I mean, Jesus, Quinn… although you did a good job of making Magnes wonder what you're getting for that price."

Quinn shrugs, shaking her head. “Well, that wasn’t all me. Besides, it was for charity. It’s not my fault I really wanted a pretty girl.” Quinn laughs a bit too close to Elaine’s ear before standing straight again, and smirking. “You don’t have to pay. Despite what it was called, we don’t have t’, you know, do anything special.” That wolfish grin she had the night before returns, looking up at Elaine. “I mean, unless you want to. I have no idea what I’m getting for that price either.” A wink, and then Quinn hops away, laughing with a hand over her mouth.

Elaine swats at the air where Quinn was, making a face at her. "No, we're doing something special for our date. You paid for a date and I'm making sure it's a good one. You did a good job of making me feel like the prettiest girl in the whole place, considering I was the most expensive. Magnes was even a little bummed because he wanted me to feel like I was worth paying for even though he already had me." She puts her hands on her hips. "So, charity or not, that was a hell of a lot of money, Quinn. I owe you."

“Well, I hope you didn’t sell th’ boy short,” Quinn says, turning back around with a pointed finger. “He did put up a pretty penny. I hope he got a good night for that.” A pause, and a frown. “I hope he was conscious for that good night. How is he, anyway?”

"He was awake, no energy though." Elaine chuckles. "Still think he wants a camera when we go out. I don't think he's got that idea out of his head yet." She grins, then turning more serious. "He's okay. He's mostly just tired. And he's gonna be spoiled rotten eating steak all week. He was a sweetheart, though, 'bout it. He can be romantic when he tries, and when he does it's the sweetest thing ever. It's.. nice to feel pretty, and important. Last night did a lot of good for me."

“Well… I’m glad he’s okay. I’m still going to yell at him later.” Quinn’s face is stern, hands on her hips as she speaks. “It was really stupid what he did last night. It worked out, but he could have really hurt himself.” It almost sounds, for a moment, like she’s scolding Elaine, but another beat, and a happier expression returns to her face. “Well, you deserve t’ feel that way, regardless of who’s doin’ it, you know.” Quinn nods, and smirks. “I have a hard time picturing Magnes and romantic though. Not when he’s cooking, dressing up women in costumes, and suggesting threeways.”

A shake of her head. "When he mentioned what he did to get there? If I wasn't so worried I'd probably have slapped him for it." Elaine frowns heavily. "He's stupid, but his heart is in the right place. He wanted to come through for you guys. Even if he's misguided in his ways of doing it, his heart's still gold." The idea of Magnes and romance makes her laugh a little bit. "Granted, he isn't the most romantic of people. It's a little disappointing, he and I have yet to go on a real date, but he's sweet and when he starts talking about how much I make him happy… kinda makes me forget when he says something really awkward in public." She chuckles. "I think he was serious about the threeway, though."

“Ah, I know he meant well. An’ I appreciate it. But… you know. It’s just short sighted. He could have really hurt himself, and not been able t’ do something else with us.” She gives a rueful look, and then shrugs. Hands slide into the small pockets of her skirt, and she smirks. “Serious? Ah, that’s a shame for him.” A beat. “Maybe.” She snickers, and motions for Elaine to follow her. “If we’re doin’ something, what do you want t’ do?”

"I know. But that's Magnes. He tries to come through even if he doesn't think about the consequences. He started worrying me with talk of immortality and if I wanted to grow old and stuff. For a minute I thought he'd made a deal with the devil or something. Fitting, considering Tartarus." Elaine peers back at her. "Well, we can always send him a video later." She winks, then chuckles. "So. Right. We're gonna go celebrate the whole you being moved in thing. Whatcha feel up to? Food? Drink? Fun?"

Quinn tilts her head to the side, and shrugs. “Whatever. If you’re payin’, I don’t care. We’ll have t’ take my scooter, you comfortable with holdin’ on?” A beat, and then another laugh. “If there’s a tape, I get first dibs on a copy,” she replies, before spinning back around.

"I think I can handle it." Elaine states with a grin, and then a suggestive waggling of her eyebrows. "Well /that/ could be arranged. I'd say a meal and drinks, but are drinks proper when you go for lunch? Isn't there some rule about five o'clock or something?" She chuckles. "Anyways.. my treat. So you pick whatever type of place you'd like."

“We can make it an’ all day thing. Lunch now, an’ we’ll stop the store and get some drinks for later. How’s that sound?” Down the stairs and back outside, Quinn has a distinct spring in her step as she leads Elaine back outside. Money is given to the men and their moving van, and they take off, Quinn now free of most of her obligations for the day. “You really don’t have t’ pay if you don’t want,” she says as she makes her way over to her scooter, an eyebrow arched. “Oh. Talked t’ Ygraine yet?”

Elaine beams. "All day? Well, now you're talking. I can't complain. So lunch it is, drinks for later. And I'm still payin'. Seriously, Quinn, I owe you so I'm not gonna let you get away with payin'. Besides, I've got a job now and since Magnes is the one paying rent, I've got some money." She follows Quinn out to the scooter. "Nah, haven't talked to her since the event. Need to set up something with her. I'm kinda glad I ended up winning… would be nice to talk to her s'more."

“Maybe we can get her t’ join us later,” Quinn remarks, phone withdrawn. Several moments spent fiddling with it, and its stowed back into her back and into the compartment on the scooter, two helmets withdrawn. One is tossed to Elaine, even as Quinn climbs on. “Come on, then.” She motions for Elaine to join her.

“If I can handle riding the back of a motorcycle,” Quinn quips, “You can handle my scooter. We’re getting something simple. Burgers! I had Italian the other night, and bar food last night. I need something simple, big, and filling.” And with that, the two are off, rounding corners, Quinn’s scooter, still in ill need of repair, jerking suddenly on numerous occasions. The place Quinn brings them to is a fairly innocuous looking diner, back a bit into Manhattan and out of the Bronx.

Elaine does make sure to hang on, simply because she hasn't ever ridden one (much less a motorcycle). "Mm.. burgers I can do. Burgers sound amazing right now, actually." She notes the diner, especially since she wants to remember it if the burgers are good, and once they've stopped she slowly gets off the scooter.

Parked, off, and ready to go, Quinn removes her helmet, and instantly procures a brush from bad in an effort to correct the damage done to it, the object offered to Elaine afterwards. “I’ve been here a few times, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed,” she remarks as her hands move to her pockets, beginning to mosey towards the build. “They do all kinds of crazy shit, if you ask for it.”

The brush is used, then offered back. Elaine moves towards the building, looking over towards Quinn. "Burgers any way you want it.. well, that's always a plus. I don't know that I'm particular. I usually just order whatever they offer on the menu. I'm not creative enough to think of an alternative."

“Yeah, I’m not too good at it either,” Quinn remarks as the door is pushed open, and a booth taken. “But I know some people who like wild stuff on their burgers, so it never hurts t’ ask.” She grins, and slides the menu placed ni front of her off to the side – clearly, she knows what she wants. “So, besides all this, what do you want t’ do today? I still gotta talk t’ Magnes, and get some of my crap out of Sable’s room, but that’s it.”

"Whoa. Apparently you're a woman who knows what she wants." Elaine comments, peering through the menu before looking quite satisfied as she makes her selection. Sliding the menu out of the way, she looks back to Quinn. "Oh, I had no real plans. Nothing major going on. So we can have lunch and meet back up when you've done your errands? I might pop out for a trip to the bookstore.. been meaning to do a little bit of research on something."

“Let’s go by my work!” Quinn replies enthusiastically. “I can get you a discount, and I need t’ pick up my paycheck anyway. When the waitress comes by, an order for water is put in, and then Quinn leans forward with her chin rested on her palms. “Well, we’ll have t’ do something tonight, too, like I said earlier. I figure I have you all day, right?” Wink, wink.

There's a laugh from Elaine. "Got me as long as you'd like. And I think this whole, ridiculous amount of money date type thing gets to involve more than one outing. Just cause I feel like that's a lot of money for just a day. I'll feel guilty until I plan somethin' spectacular to at least make me feel like you didn't waste your money. Even if it was for charity." She winks. "But you get me all day. Make whatever demands you'd like. Although, that's a very broad statement now that I think about it."

“Intent on opening Pandora’s Box, are we?” She asks with a smile, and then a shake of her head. “Let the whole money thing go. We’ll just hang out and let it be. If I wanted and actual date, I would have- bought someone else. No offense.”

"Now I'm worried what I'd do, but Pandora was curious." Elaine teases before shaking her head. "I know, I just… it was a lot of fun and I just want you to know I really appreciate it." A pause. "So… if you were picking someone for a real date, then, who'd you have picked?"

Quinn leans back in the booth, a grin on her face. “Assumin’ it wasn’t you?” She wrinkles her nose, and tilts her head. “That Peyton girl was right cute, but she seemed…” Quinn waggles a hand, and then shrugs. “And I think that just leaves Sable and Ygraine, so… I think you can figure that pretty easily.” She smirks, and narrows her eyes at Elaine. “What about you?” Turnabout is fair play, after all.

"Ooh, cheater. You're single and I'm not, so this makes it a much more dangerous question." Elaine pauses, thinking again. "Well.. the guy Magnes bet on wasn't really up to my taste, so I'd have to go with girls.. and if we're counting you out, then we've got to count out Sable for the very same reason." Another pause. "I think I'd go with Ygraine, which makes it more interesting since I did win her."

“I never said anything about counting anyone out,” Quinn is very quick to remark, a finger pointed at Elaine. She’s only able to keep a straight face for a few moments before erupting into a fit of giggles. “Ygraine’s fun, and I think she does it without tryin’. She’s the one who helped me get m’ clothes for last night.”

"Well, she's got good taste then, you looked good." Elaine laughs. "But if we're not counting you and Sable out… then I might have a three-way tie." She can't keep a straight face either. "But I realize the connotations of that word are /very/ bad, thanks to Magnes."

Quinn sighs, and shakes her head. “We had better drop that before he overhears and keeps the idea in mind. Or just not tell him when it happens.” Quinn winks, though a bit of a blush crosses her face. “You looked good too, though, I’m glad my suggestions worked out for you. I just pulled some of them from th’ ideas Ygraine gave me.”

Maybe there's a blush on Elaine's face too, though from what it'd be hard to tell. "I can keep a secret." Ahem. "Don't sell yourself short, you had good taste for what'd look good on me, and it certainly proved true. I mean, there were people I didn't know bidding on me, so clearly I must have done something right. You knew just what to make an entrance with. Though it was kinda a bummer Magnes wasn't all there. I kinda feel like it got lost in the shuffle with all of what he was doing. I'll just have to kill his brain with my looks some other time."

“Put it on for him one afternoon.” And then Quinn coughs, gaze angled off to the side as she slips the follow up in. “…And then make a show of taking it off.” A beat, and then her eyes move back to Elaine, laughing. “So! On the subject of things a bit less perverse, what are you thinkin’ for lunch?”

A cough from Elaine's end as well. "Oh, he'd definitely like that." She laughs, glancing back at the menu. "I'm thinking one of those really big western ones, with the barbecue sauce and the onion rings.. don't let the size fool you, I'm quite the eater. Metabolism burns it off quick."

Quinn laughs, and shakes her head. “You’re not the only one, though I need to exercise more. I’m startin’ to get flabby again.” She leans forward and girns. “Americans have such an interest with putting bacon on everythin’, and burgers are one of the best. That’s what I usually get.”

"Bacon meets my stamp of approval." Elaine grins. "I don't get the fascination with bacon on everything though. Did you know they make bacon-flavored salt? You can put bacon in everything that way in a handy shaker-bottle. I /should/ work out. I kinda feel like I owe it to the world to show up in gym clothes somewhere."

“See, that’s… gross. That’s like putting bacon in mayonnaise, which is already gross on its own.” Quinn sticks out her tongue with a disgusted look. “Maybe we can go t’ the gym together sometime soon. I have a membership to one, I just don’t use it as well as I should.”

Elaine nods approvingly. "That'd be good. I always feel like a dork working out alone. Don't ask me why. I just do. Just let me know which one, I'll pick up a membership." She pauses. "I don't think I've ever had a gym membership now, come to think about it."

“It’s kinda a waste of money,” Quinn states frankly, shrugging. “I had it because I didn’t have enough room at home to work out, and was too lazy to just run around up and down streets like some people do. But I’d probably have trouble motivating in my new place, too.”

Elaine giggles. "So.. we can run up and down the stairs at Gun Hill? That's one way of working out, and considering I'm all the way up top.. we could easily work out daily." She seems thoughtful. "Working out is better so long as you have the right motivation. Or you reward yourself with something."

“I’m right below, so It’d be good for me too. I dunno, that’s an idea.” Quinn eyes around the diner, waiting for the waiter to return. “I prefer to let someone else reward me with somethin’” A beat, and a sigh. “That came out wrong. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.”

Elaine laughs. "Quinn, we just need to find you someone to flirt with. Y'know, other than me. Someone who's single. We need to get you out on the town, take you to a club, take you dancing and shove you in the arms of a cute girl." She lowers her voice. "Quinn… you need to get laid."

“I-“ Quinn blushes furious at that, scratching the back of her head. “It hasn’t been that long.” Well, Elaine may not know that, actually. “And, I work in a club, you know.” A grin on her face, and then a dismissive wave. “I won’t necessarily argue if you find someone, but I don’t think that’s the problem. I think Sable’s wearing off on me.” And then a look of mock horror flashes on her face, and she leans forward. “If you ever repeat that to Sable, you’re going to have penance to pay.” Quinn’s eyes are narrowed, and there’s a blend of humour and seriousness to her tone.

"What do you mean she's wearing off on you?" Elaine chuckles. "You mean you're wanting someone special instead of lots of love interests?" She seems thoughtful. "Don't worry. Secret's safe with me. I'm good with secrets. Kept a lot of them in my day." There's a look that somehow says she still does. "Just cause you meet someone in a club and bump and grind doesn't mean there's no romance in it. I mean, Magnes saved me from street thugs and then we had sex and now we're together. Odd beginnings can make good things."

“I mean, she’s given me a gutter mind,” Quinn intones humorously, shaking a finger at Elaine. “I’ve never really been a multi-girl kinda… girl, anyway.” Time to break out that thesaurus when she got home. “Well, rather, I’ve never had the opportunity.” Quinn shrugs. “And I know, I never said their wasn’t.” Quinn reaches up and scratches her chin. “You’d never think it, but I’ve just never been good at approachin’ people. Not about something like that, you never know how anyone’s going to react. I’ve been… getting better about it, though. Definitely. Sable told me I should be a bit more headstrong, I think it’s workin’ out.”

A grin. "Girls are fond of people who have a little bit of strength to them. I like to be a bit of both. Magnes likes to be the hero, and I can let him be, but it doesn't mean I'm not a bit of a fighter myself. Well, not literally. I think I'd break my fist." Elaine looks over at Quinn. "I think you just need to show some initiative. Next cute girl you see, come on a little stronger. Give her those longing looks.. lure her in! Girls like that. Hell, kinda makes me wish Magnes had a bit more of that, to be honest."

Quinn quirks an eyebrow, and smirks. “Oh, trust me. I know. I’ve just never been good at that. Fall for it like a puppy falls for attention, though.”

Elaine leans forward. "Oh, come on. Give it a try. You've just got to be bold and look /right/ in their eye and kinda do that… not quite smile. You let 'em know you want 'em without saying a word."

“What, right now?” Quinn sounds petrified. “Hell no. Maybe at the bookstore or something, but later.”

“What, you can't just look me in the eye?" Elaine peers around the restaurant. "You can practice on me or you could always flirt with.. hm.. the waitress. What's wrong with here?"

“Wait, you mean-oh. I… can manage that,” Quinn replies with a grin. Trying her best not to burst into giggles, she makes an effort to give the look Elaine described. It’s a little off, but she thinks she’s got it.

"Not bad!" Elaine remarks, leaning back a little. "I wasn't /quite/ convinced, but I figure it'll be easier once you're /actually/ trying to lure someone in. Always stare into their eyes. And smile. Catches people off guard, especially in New York. Found that out the /fun/ way. Made a guy run into a lamp post, once."

Quinn quirks her lips back and forth, and then laughs. “I wish I’d been able to see that. Things like that are always classic.” She nods, and then leans forward with her head resting on her palm. “Alright, well, it’s a start. I guess.”

Elaine is all grins and smiles today. "Oh, don't even get me started. I'd like to think I could still do it if I tried. I've got quite the 'come hither' stare, if you didn't know." She raises her fingernails, as if inspecting them proudly.

Quinn snorts, and shakes her head, even as the waitress comes up and gets Quinn’s order – the bacon burger she had mentioned previously, a large smile on her face as she places the order. No fries, though, she has to hold something back.

“So, what have you been up to lately, besides Magnes and the auction?”

Elaine is happy to order her burger, splurging on the fries and even a strawberry shake. As the waitress heads off, there's the faint sound of a vibration and Elaine reaches to check her phone for a minute. There's the /slightest/ hint of annoyance there as she tucks it back away, then glances to Quinn. "Eh, the usual. Doing some translating work, bit of reading.. not getting out in the sunlight enough. I aughta try tanning one of these days, if I can manage to do it without turning into a tomato in the process."

“We should have a tanning party. You, me, Colette, Tasha… Sable if we can drag her. Though it might kinda weird, you bein’ the only straight girl there.” Quinn chuckles, and then eyes the phone as it reenters Elaine’s pocket. “Something’s not wrong with Magnes, is it?”

The pocket is glanced at, as if daring the phone to vibrate, and she shakes her head. "No, Magnes is fine. S'not him." Elaine pauses, taking a sip of her water and changing the topic back without skipping a beat. "Oh, but it won't be so bad. Just cause I'm the straight one? It just means I can be the one you all pine after." She states, mockingly. "Besides, I can admire a female body just as much as any other person can."

Quinn gives a smile nod in response. “It’ll be fun. I should see what the others say. I think a lot of us could use it.” A long sip of her water, and then suddenly, she gets this look like she just saw or remembered the most amazing thing, a bit of water sputtering to the table as she coughs. “Ack…” She says as she recovers, wiping her mouth and reaching for a napkin. “I just remembered. What do you think of a small party on the roof sometime soon? With m’ DJing stuff, and maybe some finishing of the garden, and just general fun?”

"Oooh, roof party. I like this idea. I'll be there with bells on. Well, not literally. That's just a saying and all. Kinda weird to show up with bells on." Elaine nods. "Sides, need more opportunity to see you DJ. You did great at Tartarus."

“I’ll have t’ talk to Doyle and Colette. I think they’re in charge. I hope so.” For a moment, Quinn looks unsure. “Well, that gig was a bit… unique. As much I’d like to be, I’m not one of those renown DJs known for remixes and showmanship. I’m gettin’ more into the former, though. At lot of it is still standing behind a console and turntables and playing songs people ask for. I do try and find ways to jazz it up, though.”

“Do you need t’ take that? I have some things to do. I can bring your burger to you, and we can regroup,” Quinn says with an arched eyebrow. “I don’t mind, really.”

The phone continues buzzing in her pocket. "No, it's /definitely/ not important." Elaine states. "But if you've got your stuff you need to get to, we can cut lunch short. Besides, we're getting drinks later anyways."

Quinn shrugs. “If you’re in no rush, I’m not either. I can do my stuff whenever I get back to Gun Hill.”

Bzzzzzzzzzt. "God dammit." Elaine reaches into her pocket, pulling the phone out, and presses the power button. A little chime sounds it shutting off, and she shoves it back into her pocket. "Sorry." She mutters, staring at her water glass for a second before she smiles again, as if there wasn't a thing in the world wrong. "I'm in no rush, trust me, I like hanging out with you and if I can steal your time for longer, I sure will."

“Who’s the persistent little bastard, if you don’t mind me asking.” Quinn’s got a very curious look on her face as she eyes Elaine. “Secret boyfriend?” And then a grin. And then a wider grin. “Secret girlfriend?”

Elaine chuckles, shaking her head a little. "Just that, a persistent little bastard." A pause, almost as if she's thinking, then there's the abrupt smile. "Now, Quinn, I thought you were my secret girlfriend." She grins and winks. "I mean, that's clearly what Magnes thinks."

Not one to pry, Quinn simply nods, and gives an amused chuckle. “Ah, it’s going to be such a shame to let him down about that.” A serious look crosses her face, and she leans forward a little. “You know if someone’s botherin’ you, you can tell me, right? I’ll kick his ass right good. Or badger him until he walks off, whatever.” Okay, maybe pry a little.

"Sorry.. he's a bit of an ongoing issue that I'm not quite sure how I want to handle yet." Elaine frowns, probably looking the most vulnerable that Quinn's ever seen her. She looks over at Quinn seriously. "Listen.. whatever you do, don't tell Magnes something's going on, okay? Don't want him worrying over nothing."

“You have nothing to worry about there, Elaine.” All sense of mirth seems gone from Quinn, the woman’s expression almost exceeding simple seriousness as she sits up straight, eyeing Elaine appraisingly. “Just make sure he doesn’t check your phone. I had a girlfriend who… she wasn’t paranoid, but she’d get worried sometimes, and she check things like my phone, or the answering machine, to help assure herself everything was fine. It was part of the reason we ended up breaking up.” Quinn gives a matter of face nod, and then a tilt of her head. “And remember, if you need help with anythin’, let me know.”

Elaine sighs, rubbing the back of her neck, pulling the cellphone from her pocket and putting it on the table. "Him checking the phone would probably be a /bad/ idea, yeah." She stares at it for a moment, as if it were the most hated and feared thing in the world. "I'm not gonna let it become an issue between me and Magnes. Shouldn't have even /been/ an issue in the first place if the asshole would just…" She trails off. "Anyways, I /might/ just need your help if I can't figure this out and.. well, I'm not really sure what to say about it to Magnes right now anyways. I'm sure I'll figure it out." There's a long, serious sip of her water.

"For now, let’s just keep this our little secret?"

Quinn grins and gives a confident nod. “I’m gonna tell you somethin’ I’ve been telling a few people lately, Elaine.” She leans forward a bit, head resting on palm. “I’m big on trust. I don’t break it, at least I try not to, an’ I don’t take well to people who do. So, you’re safe with me. I promise.”

"Thank you," Elaine murmurs. "I just… y'ever feel like the past comes back to haunt you sometimes? It's a bit of that. And I trust you with this. I mean, I could just be making too much of it. Might not even be an issue."

“It’s as much an issue as you let it be,” Quinn remarks with a smile. “Don’t let it get t’ you, and you won’t have to worry about it.”

"Yeah, as long as he doesn't /get to me/, we'll be just fine." Elaine mutters, poking at the phone.

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