Unwanted Vacation



Scene Title Unwanted Vacation
Synopsis Audrey takes down the Sylar room, just in case.
Date September 12, 2010

Le Rivage

What posessed her to talk like that to him? He was going to rip her a new one, she was sure of it, after tossing orders at him and nearly yelling.

Audrey kneels in front of a box, peeling stuff off her wall, mentally marking it's location on the wall. She was suspended, pending investigation. She knows what that means. Death knell for most careers. Black mark on your sheet whether you're cleared or not. Fucked, and without lube to soften the blow. Tracy had the right of it to a degree. Four years, more actually, on the Sylar case and what did she have to show for it?

A couple near misses, him sitting in her office in another persons skin and nothing.


Assignments to Siberia or the HomeSec equivalent was looming.

She unpin's a string, the red pin dropped into a container and the map laying out all the places where a murder had popped up, is folded carefully, stuffed into the box along with everything else. It's not like she keeps copies of files here, anything she brings home is files permissible to leave the building and locked up in a briefcase.

But still.

This box will be going to Coopers, asked to stuff it in a closet. It wouldn't look good on her that she She has a copy of her wall, in her own home. Might bring about questions of her mental stability if there wasn't already.

A dog whines from the doorway, the clack clack of it's claws unheard till he makes his presence known. He sniffs around the cans of paint that are dropped at the door along with the bags of painting supplies. Being suspended leaves plenty of time to do other stuff, like paint spare rooms, take dogs to training classes, sit and wait for the verdict to come back and whether she's out on her ass.

"Just doing what he demanded Cooper. For that, I'm getting shafted up the ass. Get the robot, wipe her of Apollo. Right, like I'm the telepath" She mutters to the dog, closing up the box and sealing it. "Looks like you and Felix get to spend more time with me. Suppose we need to load up the netflix queue" Bitter, oh so bitter.

Suspension will not go well. Not when Audrey Hanson's life is her job.

"Come on, lets go get your leashes, go for a walk before curfew cracks down on our asses" She heaves the box into her arms. "We'll drop this at Coopers on the way down. Tomorrow, we'll paint"

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