Up All Night


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Scene Title Up All Night
Synopsis Tahir is scheduled to be relocated. There is some interference.
Date October 17, 2011

Studio K

The Up All Night house band, PMS, plays as loud as they are scantily clad to mark the beginning of the show. As the epic theme of awesome is played and the studio audience is screaming and cheering, the announcer comes over the speaker system for those here and through the television speakers for those watching at home.

"If you don't know what time it is, you know exactly what time it is! Ladies! Gentlemen! Everything in between! It's time to climb into bed and stay Up All Night with the sexiest thing this side of the Rio Grande: TAHHHHHHIIIIIIIIR AVERY DUUUUUUNHAAAAAAAAAAAM!"

There's lights, sounds and the purple curtains are drawn back to allow for the arrival of Tahir Avery Dunham in all of his purple suited glory. He runs right out and dances to the left, then to the right and gives a mighty point out at the crowd. As PMS is jamming out to the Up All Night theme, he skids right over to the band and air guitars right along with them. This lasts just long enough for the song to start wrapping up and he goes to his mark up at the front of the stage with a final fistpump to end his music.

"Yes! Yes!" Tahir looks over at the band and blows a kiss at them. "Let's give it up for the baddest babes to ever grace a stage, P! M! S!"

The crowd explodes for the band and sit back down in just enough time for Tahir to get back to business.

"Alright, alright. Man. It feels like I haven't seen you guys in forever. I mean, I know we were just in this same bed, last night but it's been a long day. Mostly because I've been dodging calls. One of my Friends With Serious Benefits has been blowing me up and I don't think I'm ready for whatever that conversation with her is going to be." Even some of the crowd boos a little bit. "What? Oh come on. You know it's one of three things. She's either gonna' tell me she's pregnant, hit me up for some rent money or her husband's coming to kill me. And let me tell you right now there's only two things on that list I can afford." Tahir smirks and looks at both the crowd and one of the cameras for his punchline. "… at least until she moves out of Uptown."

Oh, god. This is his monologue. He's going to be going on for a while. Just cut to something else. Please.

There's someone coming for him alright and it ain't Lucille's husband. Right outside in an alley crouches the oldest lioness of the Ryans pride. Her dark hair pulled back into a high ponytail. A mask lifted over her face currently as she dials the number again. Hoping that someone would be around to answer Tahir's phone. She has been calling him for the past few hours. "You idiot." she grits her teeth and ends the call as she gets the voicemail. Her blue-green eyes harden as she dusts her knees off and stands. Clad in all black with light body armor she checks the magazine of her uzi before sliding it back into her backpack. A quick thought goes to the irish siblings that gifted this to her, her life has changed a lot since those days.

She flexes her fingerless clad gloves and stares up at the fire escape. With a deep breath Lucille Ryans closes her eyes going within herself to that special place in her chest that she feels when using her ability. Eyes burn a golden hue as she feels the adernaline flood through her body. Cracking her neck she leaps to the fire escape quickly scaling it and coming to the first landing. The young woman pounds up the stairs ready to enter through a window.

Please be okay. Please be okay." She thinks as she lets her ability die down to not exhaust herself.

The show is as always, phenomenal. Though the monologue may have had a rocky start with the womanizing bits on some parts of the croud Tahir eventually wins them over and begins to pull successful laugh after successful laugh. Though halfway through the monologue the house lights turn up. Unusual. Not unheard of, the lighting guy could've spilled something, or just made a mistake. But they don't go back down. Making it very hard for Tahir to be able to see in the crowd.

Outside Lucille Ryans races up the fire escape though her keen eye catches at the bottom floor in the alley several unmarked black vans are parked below.

How long have they been there?

Better hurry.

"… alright, ladies and gents, have we got one kick ass show for you tonight. We've got Barbara Streisand!" Tahir narrows his eyes and raises a hand to try and block out some of the light that's burning everything in front of him. "… and some other people but apparently our lighting guy has gone full monty on me." Tahir takes a few steps back to try and get out of the house lights that are making everything that much more difficult for him to see. Anything. "Live television, folks." Tahir says this as if it would explain everything.

A quick glance over to PMS and Tahir tries to keep smiling even though he's confused as ever.

"Uh! Let's see! We've also got Jaleel White coming out here tonight!" He remembers that much but that's it.


As the young woman peers into the window her eyes widen at the unexpected raising of the lights. That's her cue. Her gaze catches the unmarked vans and her grip on the window ledge. She lifts the window and ducks inside stepping onto a raised platform that hangs said lights as well as multiple ropes and cords. A ladder stands to her left. Pulling the uzi from her backpack she leaves the bag open and leans over the railing to shout down at the man in the spotlight. "Avery!" She digs in her pocket for a lighter and looks up at the fire detcetors above her. Lifting onto her tip toes she holds the flame over it.

A dangerous glint is in her eyes as the deed is done and well it looks like it's about to get real wet on Up All Night. The Ryans woman runs to the ladder to to scale down it towards Tahir. Her eyes flaring golden as looks over at the man.


The audience participation at this point is paltry at best. Clapping has died down to only a few people. What a dead night. After Tahir jokes about the lighting though, it gets a little brighter. That gets a bit of a laugh, though the normal ratio of laughter from the crowd has changed. Most of the feminine voices have gone.

Lucille is breaking in to the side of the set, rushing across it, where she is able to see.

Behind the cameras the studio audience has been vacated. The cameramen have been walked out, their equipment hanging limply in front of the set. The producers, the crew. All gone.

The lights shut off to give a clear view of the 'studio audience'.

It ain't Jaleel White.

At least a dozen armed men sit in the house seats, all wearing black flak jackets, all without any identifying uniform besides black garb and guns. All of them are wearing headphones.

As Lucille rips onto the scene a few of them stand up, training their weapons on her. At the same moment,

"I'm a big fan." It comes from the back seats, one man standing and slowly descending the stairs. "Mister Dunham. I'm a big fan." A blonde man, in the same getup is meandering down the steps.

"The hell?"

Tahir Avery Dunham motions for PMS to leave the stage as he makes himself the main target for whatever shenanigans is going down. Hopefully, they're out of there by the time the lights shut off.

Tahir keeps his hands where they can be seen and out of his pockets as he just narrows his eyes to try and get a better view of whatever has decided to make his studio audience go away. "Uh. I've got a lot of big fans. I do autographs after the show, though, man." Tahir has no idea who he's talking to. Not when he's trying to figure out what in the sam hill is going on around here.

"Uh, pay no attention to this weirdo." Tahir gives a thumb in Lucille's direction. "My lawyer was supposed to file a restraining order but APPARENTLY HE FORGOT." This part is yelled in Lucille's direction because he certainly doesn't want to be yelling at the people with, y'know, guns. Also, it gives him a chance to fully turn to Lucille and give her the 'WHAT THE FUCK' eyes.

Because, y'know, WHAT THE FUCK

As the lights flick on revealing the soliders around them Lu has her uzi trained on the blonde man as he walks towards them. Well.. er shit. Lot more guns than her.. Lucille gives the man a level stare then taking a moment to survey the soliders around then. A muscle twitches in her jaw as she takes her eyes off the imposing man to stare into Tahir's eyes. She ignores his stupid rebuff chalking it up to him playing the audience. Lucille raises her eyebrows in an indication to the TV host. Her shoulder with the backpack lifts a fraction. Still open Tahir might be able to see the two handguns she brought for him. Sorry dad! She flicks her eyes to the man, then to the couch and desk they can use for cover and then back to Tahir.

You get it?

"Don't tell him that he's gonna get an even bigger head." She sighs lidding her eyes with her eyelashes searching for a solution to the problem. Her gaze flicks to ropes hanging from the ceiling. What would Dad do?

"Unfortunately Mister Dunham. The show is over." The man walking down the steps sounds a bit sad, pained, as he makes the announcement. Letting his boots swing widely as he easily steps down, the man looks to Lucille then back to Tahir. "Well we did not plan for this one. Though we were ready for you." One hand goes out to pat-pat one of the soldiers seated near him on the head. Flicking at the heavy duty head phones each of them are wearing.

"I'm a fan of you, not only cause of the show, brother. But your service record." One hand grabbing the safety rail which partitions the audience from the section of the stage designated for crew, he languidly slides over it onto the ground floor. "Army, brother. You did good work."

Leaning against it, he smiles over at Tahir. "So in respect, I want to tell you straight up. You make this easy for them, in time, in time I bet you they'll set you up." His hands go up to the men around him. "Give you a squad like mine. Give you some power."

"You'll have to live in the blocks for a minute, but I'm telling you, brother. Go with it, they'll bring you back in, given time."

"I usually have more of a song and dance." He smiles, shaking his head. "But I wanted to be straight with you. So that's all I got. That's the speech. We can go back, grab you two suitcases, and we're off."


Tahir looks around for the longest time. Well, at least it just feels like the longest time. This all really has to happen quicker than it probably would but at least he's stalling for as long as he can. He seems to be listening to whatever the person is saying that's speaking to him. He has taken the time to take note of Lucille's extra additions. He's also taken note of the exits and how many of these men with guns there are. He's also taken note of the water and everything else that seems to have been part of this particular experience. There's a lot happening and he's trying to make sense of it all.

"I don't like to be reminded of those days. I was a dick back then. And it was the United States Government that made me one." Tahir's been slowly moving even though he's kept his hands where they could be seen this entire time. He's not doing anything stupid. He's just trying to make himself understand what's going on. "And to be perfectly honest with you? I have no idea who you are or what you want. I mean, if you're thinking that I'm going to just go with you, pack up my things and go sit and wait for that same US Government to remember that I took lives for them. That I ruined lives for them. That I brought broke up families, widowed wives and… well, I've done some seriously fucked up shit. As you know. Since you've read my file. If you think I'm going back to that?"

Tahir moves, quickly, snatching the guns out from the small of Lucille's back and bringing them up… stepping back… and aiming them right for his enemy…


"You're goddamn right." Tahir's smirks and turns his back to the people with black garb and guns, stepping backwards and keeping his guns trained on Lucille as he does just that. As much as he's stepping backwards and playing this Patriot Game, his eyes are telling her to 'get fucking ready because this shit is about to go down'.

"I need your word, though, Big Fan." Tahir is still talking. He talks a lot when he's trying to give Lucille time to get ready. "… My sisters. They're part of the deal. Both of them." Tahir spares one quick glance over his shoulder. "I'm not saying you have to agree right now. But just… tell whoever's listening that's what I'm asking for. That's all I'm asking for." He's hoping he can get this dude to make the 'call' while he's looking for the fastest way out of here.

"Are you fucking kidding me?! You're gonna sell out your own kind? You piece of shit." They're just acting right? Lucille's burn with the gold light as she tightens her grip on her uzi and looks from the blonde man to her NotMan eyes full of rage. The water plasters any flyaway hairs to her face. Since she's facing them she doesn't have the luxury of giving Tahir the signal that she knows what's going on. She backs away slowly, "I mean if you're gonna sell out I can just go on my way. What do you say to a five second headstart?" she grins wickedly towards the Big Fan and dips her head. Guys love watching her walk away right.

Her feet shuffle out a little and she looks towards the exits. The rope to her ring dangles just out of reach. With a look at Tahir she glares. "Make your move buddy."


The blonde man seems a little stunned. "I honestly didn't think this would happen." He brings up his hands, giving a fist pump of victory to the men sitting behind him who have been, thus far, sitting in absolute silence. "Kev. Kevin." The man is calling out over his shoulder, motioning to one of the soldiers in particular.

One of the men, one of the bulkier, bearded men takes his headphones off. "What LT?"

"He said yes." Temple says with exuberance and enthusiasm. Looking back to Tahir, Temple waves his hand dismissively. "Yeah, yeah. We'll get your sisters in on it." The man known as Kevin stands up and makes his ways down the steps.

As Lucille starts to exit, Big Fan lets out a laugh. "Nah, nah. Sister. You ain't going anywhere. Why don't you sidle back on over here. You get to take a trip with the one and only Tahir Dunham."

"… bingo."

Tahir Avery Dunham grins in the middle of his backpedalling. Either he's grinning at Lucille walking away. Or he's grinning at the fact that his sisters are going to be safe. Or he's grinning at the fact that he's managed to learn one of these idiots' names. Maybe it's all of the above. Either way, he keeps his guns trained on Lucille the whole time.

"Hey Kevin. Do me a favor and kill all your friends." Tahir spins with relative speed and ease, which should be the cue for Lucille because Tahir's not waiting for her to get on board. Nope. He's pissed off and he doesn't even like the government anymore. AND. AND! There's one more infraction that he just cannot let slide.

Weapons hot and trained on the piece of jerk that was talking crap to him this entire time. Both guns. Aimed and ready. "It's Tahir /AVERY/ Dunham, asshole. Next life, say the whole thing."

BLAM! BLAM! Bullets for Big Fan!

Tahir starts shooting, because he's pretty sure Lucille is going to start shooting and he's even diving to the side to make sure he doesn't get shot as well, because there's some choice television studio cover nearby for him to land behind, even if he doesn't get the insta-kill he was setting up for.

If Lucille's movements were quick enough, she should be by some cover as well.

"… if these assholes make me ruin this suit. I just /got/ this one." Tahir doesn't even know if the cameras are still on or what.

"I've already taken him out for a ride thanks!" Lucille pipes and she tenses as she is called forward whatever Tahir is gonna do no-. Yep that's now.

A smile dances across her lips as Tahir utters the words using his ability. Her body is flooded with adrenaline as she fires at the soliders with her uzi eyebrows creased in concentration she shoots for vital places. Head, heart, balls. You name it.

Diving out of the way towards cover the same moment that Tahir does. Slipping a hand into her pack she withdraws a new clip of ammo and she reloads her gun. Breathing heavy, "Listen you're pretty with or without the suit! Just shoot those mothefuckers!"

Ah, shit.


Kevin is already hoisting up his assault rifle and opening fire into the studio audience. The sound of automatic fire fills the sound stage of Up All Night as Kevin stands blasting into his former comrades. He doesn't last long. Though he takes out a few of his friends, several rifles are trained on him and his head is blasted open in near moments.

As for James Temple..

Apparently the Big Fan isn't just a loud mouth. Because as the guns even start to come his way. He's gone.

Temple is careening off the side of the sound stage, taking cover behind the far wall as he is followed by Tahir's shots. As he goes it is clear to Tahir that he is literally dodging bullets. Once safely secured behind the wall. A yell comes out from behind it.

"Light it up!"

Lucille opening up her clip takes down two more of the soldiers who are now feeling quite dumb about their dramatic be sitting in the stands move. However after two more go down. There are still a dozen left. All their rifles are aimed towards Tahir and Lucille.

And it is carnage.

The set, the desk, the couch, the backdrop. Everything starts to practically evaporate at the onslaught of pounds of bullets rocketing through the former set of Up All Night.

With their brutal opener Tahir and Lucille are able to slide behind the left back stage wall safely before the barrage begins. Both of them diving for safety. But as Tahir turns to get to his feet he gets to watch for just a split second the life he has known, the career he has built for himself.

Get completely hammered.

From backstage right however, Temple is poking his head out. Leveling his own sidearm their way, letting off a shot.

"Move in!"

And now, the chase begins.

"… motherfucker."

Tahir's pissed. His entire set is getting blown to smithereens and there's not a damn thing he can do about it. Not when there's an exit right there. "My— my show." Tahir stands up for a moment, as if he's about to just give in. He's not even shooting and he's probably become a huge target. "I finally found something I'm good at and these /fuckers/ are taking it away from me." Fury. Anger. Frustration.

Oh and bullets.

As bullets pass by him, Tahir's brought back to reality and he ducks again, trying to make sure that he's not shot. Well, he's not really focused on whether or not he's shot or not. He leans in close to Lucille and looks her dead in her eyes. "Get the car. I've gotta' say goodbye." And when he pulls back, he's got a grenade in his hand.

If the cameras that are still working are showing this, it probably looks like slow motion. Tahir Avery Dunham stands up, down one gun and up one grenade. The pin looks like it's pulled in a single motion as he brings the grenade up into view. The damn thing gets tossed in the general direction of whatever assholes are left. Whatever jerks are shooting up his set. Whatever idiots are still alive. They won't be after this.

The grenade sails and Tahir's gun is raised, firing off a shot as he decides it's time to let some final words flow from his lips.

"Good Afternoon. Good Evening. And Good Night."



That bullet speeds towards that grenade and Tahir's already turning to run like hell for the door that Lucille should definitely already be out of…

"Get the fuck down Avery!" Lucille shierks as they are huddled for cover. Checking her firearm she slides the mag back inside and gives a light smirk to the man. A hand goes to his cheek as his hand goes to her backpack. "Left a surprise in there for ya, don't be late you big dummy." As her hand makes contact Tahir would feel a jolt of adrenaline the same pumping through her body. It lasts only as long as her hand rests on his cheek but her golden colored eye winks as she tightens the hold on her gun and zips up the backpack before racing towards the exit and presumably where the car is parked.

Her heart pounding in her chest and allowing a quick mental note that she couldn't keep up the steady constant strain of using her ability so hard, they needed to get the fuck out. She takes one second to watch that Moment of Awesome before she's diving through the doors.

The blast is deafening. Shot perfectly into the crowd of soldiers. The blast rips through the remnants of the sound stage and then…


Tahir and Lucille are beelining for the back door to the indoor stairwell. Ramming through studio halls that have been long vacated. Their steps hammering against the tile, for the moment, victorious.

The pair race down the stairwell, thus far impeded as their feet clipclipclip quickly against the stone steps. Fourth floor.

Third floor.

Second floor.

The door flies open, and James Temple is careening through it. One hefty glove colliding mightily with Tahir's chin, and then another into the man's eye. Lucille is hit with a quick front kick, sending her slamming into the wall and on her way down a flight of stairs if she doesn't catch herself.

James Temple then refocuses his attention on the dazed Tahir, flinging a knee at his gut and finally an elbow to the former talk show host's temple.

Then the knife slides from his belt. "You motherfucker.. Those were my friends." He seethes.

Tahir Avery Dunham hasn't been involved in this close quarters of combat in a long time. In fact, the last time he was involved in such things, he had to kill a man… with a fork. It wasn't pretty. It was actually kind of traumatic and he doesn't want to relive those Jason Bourne moments.

However, the fact that this dude is rocking him under the chin, staggering him back and then rocking him in the eye to send him into slightly dazed territory is enough to make things a lot more… PTSD flavored.

Agent Dunham flinches when Lucille gets kicked towards the stairs and that's not something he wants to see. His punched eye is bleeding but also twitching. He's caught before he could do anything by the knee to his gut that doubles him over. He takes the elbow to the temple and goes all the way down to a knee. He's wobbly, that's for damn sure and spitting up blood. But it's all good. Because he's laughing.

"Newsflash, idiot. Kevin did it." Tahir tosses a bloody toothed grin and pushes himself up to his feet, leaning on the wall to do it. Strangely enough, he doesn't even try to fight back. Not yet. He's too busy pissing this asshole off.

And keeping him distracted from the fact that while he's leaning up against the wall, he's wrapping a hand around the only gun he's got left. "The real tragedy here? My set. It's gonna' be a bitch to clean." Tahir sits at the floor in front of Temple and laughs.

They are victorious and if there was a song playing right now maybe it's It Was A Good Dat Ice Cube. Lucille pumps her arms as she runs down the staircases. "Almost." She nears the second to last floor and BAM. Temple bursts through onto the landing and then Lucille is being kicked right in the front with a cry she falls back and almost cracks her head on a stair but the adrenaline flooding her system helps with her reaction time and she grips the railing narrowly saving herself from a tumble down the stairs and trip to a cell.

As Tahir and Temple face off Lu times her moment huffing seeing Tahir get hit like that just strokes the fire inside her, that rage. She chooses that time to launch herself at his back throwing hersef at Temple eyes full of rage and the golden fire within her, hair loosened from it's ponytail now a cloud of dark mass framing her pale face. With a cry she reaches for him, if any of her skin were to make contact with his then he would be in for a surprise. Netrualize the enemy. Races through her head.

A snort of a laugh is given up at Tahir as he starts to stagger up.

"Funny. But Kevin didn't throw the grenade you dumb fuck."

And with that a boot is sent flying at Tahir's face. Giving him a faceful of his steel toed boot, the impact is only lessened by the fact that Temple is having to move quickly and not according to plan.

As Lucille goes at his back, his body is bending in sync with her hands going forward. As if his back knew her hands were coming and was told to flee just miliseconds before. Temple's body turns with inhuman grace as he take a pivoting step and spins around Lucille, ending up at her back.

Lucille will feel the hot sensation of blood across her shoulder, Temple maneuvering to the right, his blade now glinting with just a smattering of blood on the edge of it. Another boot is sent at her back before Temple is practically leaping upon Tahir.

The knife is plunged into his stomach as Temple slams his forehead into the other man's. And then again, bringing the knife out of the stab wound he starts to drag it diagonally upwards in the direction of Tahir's heart.

Boots are pounding on the stairwell, soldiers are coming from the bottom floor.

"Get the fuck up here and kill her." Temple screams.

Agent Dunham isn't particularly in love with what's happening right now. Not when he's caught a boot to the face and he's barely able to keep up the charade much longer. He's on his back and still only trying to use one hand to stop the blade from coming up further. He's in serious pain and the agony shows on his face but there's something in his eyes, something that keeps him going.

Family. Friends. Freedom.

Maybe it's all three.

Dunham seems to find some semblance of strength from somewhere and just plants a hand on the wrist that's dragging that blade up. He grits his teeth and instead of pushing back against the blade, he closes those fingers around that wrist and holds tight. Tighter than he's held before and almost pulls up with the strength.

Tahir leans up and gives one of those 'see you in hell' stares to Temple and says through gritted teeth, "I know your name."

Whether he does or not is irrelevant. Psychological Warfare is at play here and Tahir only needs a millisecond of hesitation so that he can pull that pistol, plant it against Temple's gut and fire a shot. He's hoping between his grip and the point blank range, that even Temple's own superhuman reflexes won't allow him to get out of this one.

He only needs this asshole to back off long enough for Lucille to get him the eff out of here because, y'know, BLOOD.

Foiled. Luce winces as he kicks her in the back and she slams into the wall. She hisses at the cut at her shoulder and pushes her teeth together hard. Flipping herself over she cracks her knuckles after she removes her fingerless gloves. Blinking, she shakes her head watching Temple. Her body ripples as the knife sinks into Tahir's body. A strangled noise escapes her throat and her eyes bug wide. Her heart pounds even harder in her chest as veins pop in her neck. Tahir's move to fire a gun into Temple might give the dark haired woman enough time as she lifts the muzzle of her uzi and fires a quick burst at the man. If he backs away enough she would throw a kick out at his face.

"Don't you.. fuck. Shit." She goes to grab at Tahir.

'I know your name.'

Eyes go wide for a milisecond. As Temple meets Tahir's gaze. Though as soon as he does the bluff is recognized and the man begins to move.

But he's not that fast.

The shot slugs right into his kevlar jacket, sending him up and stumbling backward. Slamming into the wall behind him, his knife left behind, he seems overall still fine. Winded. But not wounded.

Pop. pop. pop.

The uzi peppers his vest, sending him stumbling back into the hallway he came, a flake of blood flying from his shoulder to the tile behind him. The uzi goes dry, the door closes behind him.

They have a moment without him as the footfalls continue to hammer up. They're close now.

The door whips back open, Temple holding an automatic rifle in both arms aimed at the two of them.


In an instant, Temple is dancing back into the building as a chunk of wall disappears from his cover.

Appearing behind Lucille Ryans is a man, similarly dressed, but his face is unmistakable. Brian Winters. Three of them dressed in the same getup the soldiers were dressed in, and it looks like they've seen fighting as well.

"Come on!" The first yells as the other two go to place themselves around Tahir to try and gently heave him up, the third continues to cover the door.

As they bust out of the door and are fired upon Lucille whirls around but any action is negated by the appearance of Brian Winters. That guy.. or guys that can be seen patrolling the island. It's still so strange for Lucille to see so many of the same exact face in one place. She wonders how she would feel in a room with her family, all the faces that resemble hers. She would feel like home that's what and that's all she wants right now.

The sight of Brian makes her smile lightly and she nods to him going beside one of the Brians and insisting he let her help carry him. "He's gonna bleed out, I have to make contact now. It'll slow the bleeding." She lays a hand on Tahir's neck while they move him and the man would feel her ability working through his system slowing the bleeding down siginficantly, while her hand stays in place he might have a better chance at survival. Using her ability so much is tiring her out almost to the point of exhaustion. "You're gonna feel a little funny feeling inside but I'm helping." she whispers to Tahir.

Agent Dunham doesn't let go of his gun. He's ready to keep shooting. All he knows is that bad things are coming and that there's going to be hell to pay when he gets out of this.

Or that he's going to die.

He has enough energy to pull off some weird frownsmile combination upon seeing Brian. "… figures. Now I can't hate you, can I?"

It's all too much. There's been too much bad news and too much pain and too much blood and too much everything.

Tahir Avery Dunham closes his eyes, his grip on his gun finally loosening as he slips away. A final word whispered on his lips as he goes…


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