Up in Flames


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Scene Title Up in Flames
Synopsis A conversation through the radio.
Date June 5, 2011

Secure Airwaves

"Colonel Heller? Dobrý vecer. This is Valentin. I had an interesting story for you."

"So let's hear it."

"I was attacked by, I am told, three hostiles around nineteen hundred today. One of them, a young man from the Dome crisis, had set up a meeting with me. I took the liberties I had to to ensure my safety, naturally, but so did they. Clendaniel went in unarmed, but equipped with his Evolved ability — the other two, young women, carried guns and wore armor. No casualties."

"This meeting of yours, Michal. What purpose did it have?"

"Mine or his, Leon?"

"I'm not questioning your judgment."

"I believe the boy wanted to know if the terrorist actions that took place in the Dome had a higher authority. Someone like you, perhaps, or our friends in the Department of Homeland Security or Evolved Affairs. But of course, they are civilians — they turned to their ways and gunfire when they realised I had brought friends as well."

"Not civilians. Enemy combatants. Were you able to make any positive identifications based on the files I've given you?"

"Let me see here…" There is a rustle of pages. "The boy is named Devon Clendaniel. Known as unmanifested, but I can testify to the opposite. I only saw one of the two women, and she is not in your files — she spoke fluent Russian and I could identify her if I saw her again. The third, Emile Danko was able to spy — he had seen her before, either. Her name is— " Rustle rustle. "Melissa Pierce. Pain manipulation. I believe I suffered the effects of it at one stage."

"Pierce? He's sure?"

"I have not known Emile to be good at uncertainty."

"How depressing. We had an arrangement. Out of curiosity, what exactly were you planning on telling them?"

"Short of torture, nothing that would possibly give them the illusion that all that hard work was the designs of some bureaucrat. I take pride in my work, you know?"

"And so you should. I have a job for you, assuming you're interested."

"I am all ears."

"I want to send Pierce a message that communicates my displeasure with her. Do you think you can meet Tavara in Brooklyn tonight? Birds and stones — she recently acquired a new ability and I've been looking for an opportunity to test it out in the field."

"Tavara." There is only a dusky shade of reluctance in the tinny voice over the radio. But it is what it is. "Of course, skvelý. We can hope Pierce appreciates pain as easily as she deals it."

"The address is 215 Erasmus Street. It's a brownstone: three stories, English garden the size of a postage stamp in the back. So quaint you can't miss it. I'll send further instructions with my girl."

"I'll bring the wine."

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