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Scene Title Up To Speed
Synopsis Shortly after leaving Cally, Brian encounters Kammy. She brings him up to speed regarding the runaway, and he brings her up to speed regarding Abby.
Date February 14, 2009

Lower East Side

Not long after Cally left the deli, Kameron decided to pick up a few things herself - just a small bag of groceries held in the same hand she grasps the leash. The cane is tucked under an arm once she's gotten to more familiar surroundings, remembering the layout. The taptaptap of Prince's paws against the floor brings a faint smile to her face, rounding the corner towards the apartment.

Pocketing the keys to his car, and opening the passenger door of the old beatup 91 Dodge Spirit, Brian reaches around and presses down on the lock as Joe stumbles out of the car. Shutting it behind him, the young man goes to bend to grab Joe's hand Hastily making their way, away from the car and towards 'home'. "KamKam." Brian calls out as his gray gaze settles on her. Picking up the pace, Brian practically lifts Joe up by the arm as he trots forward. Which elicits a giggle from the boy. Once he arrives at her, his arm is quickly draped around her shoulders in greeting.

The voice gets her attention first, nevermind it's a nickname only one person has ever addressed her by. She smiles, steps slowing to turn her attention to Brian as she hears the car door closing. "Hello Brian," she greets cheerfully, givin Prince a little slack on the leash so he can trot over and give the pair a sniff hello, tail wagging gladly. A short bark follows, and Kammy tilts her head in Brian's direction when he drapes the arm around her shoulders to greet her. "Where were you two all day? I ran into that girl from the park a little while ago." Not literally.

Fastening his arm around her shoulders, Brian gives a gentle little shove forward on the boy urging him forward. "Not much. Robbed a couple of banks, did a little pot. The usual." He responds to as what he and his boy were doing all day. To the last bit, his eyebrows arch. "Oh realy? That's neat. Did she run away from you, or are you a better person than me?"
Kameron gives a short chuckle, stepping forward at the light shove, signal enough to start walking. "Did not," she chides gently, cheeks dimpling as she adds, "If you don't want to say, you could just say, 'I'd rather not say, Kammy.' you know. I'm not going to pry." She probably SHOULD pry, instead of simply trusting in the word of everyone around her. Especially in this day and age. That kind of naivete could get her in trouble one day.
"She didn't run." Kameron adds, "And it doesn't have anything to do with who's a better person than someone else. Don't put yourself down like that," she replies gently. "It was really just a matter of approach. According to that hot dog vendor, she was a runaway. That's bound to make her a little skittish, especially if she was running away from parents who were cruel to her." Mentioning cops didn't help, "She's probably like me - she doesn't want people to know about her ability. With people like that, you have to go slower and let them set the pace, mostly."
More importantly, "Her name is Cally; I treated her to lunch, let her know that I hang out in the park and told her where I stay at the apartment. That way in case there's anything she needs, or if she's in trouble, maybe she'll come look me up." Cally doesn't know that Brian is staying at the same apartment. Yet.

Giving her a little smile as he looks at her, he tilts a head his eyes becoming a little bright. "You're awesome." He murmurs in admiration, tugging her closer to him in a brief side kinda hug thing. "Maybe we can let her stay at the Lighthouse. If she doesn't have any place to stay, and she's obviously Evolved. She could stay there until we could help her get a job." Brian suggests.

Kameron muffles a soft chuckle at the compliment and the side hug, "What, for talking to someone? It was nothing, really." She's thoughtful, and nods slowly, "I did think about that. I think we should be really careful before bringing up the Lighthouse to her, or we'll end up making her run again. Give her time, let her get to know us, earn a little trust, and then…" She trails off thoughtfully.
"You know..I could offer to let her stay at the apartment, sort of to keep an eye on things, and receive any deliveries and the like after the move to the Lighthouse." She turns her head slightly, "If the offer to stay there is still open I mean. I'm not sure it's such a good idea to just up and leave the place unoccupied." While she's still renting it and all. And if neither of -them- were there, at least someone could apartment-sit. Or something. "As an alternate I mean, if she doesn't want to stay at the Lighthouse."

"You don't know her. You're sure you just want to pay for her rent." He tilts his head. "We should probably get to know her. Like you said, let her get to know us, but we also need to get to know her." Brian reminds, looking forward as the pair moves on. "And of course the offer is still up, Kammy." Brian insists, giving her a light frown as if it hurt him that she would assume he would go back on his word. Oh yeah, body language. lol.
"It's almost finished. I figure we could move in some time this week." He says, with a little smile over to her, giving her shoulder a squeeze. "And go public."

"Well I think it would be all right. She hates Prince, but she seems really nice otherwise." She nods slowly, "Still you are right, it would be better to at least get to know her before jumping the gun on things." …naturally she doesn't see the frown, but if she had, she'd have kicked herself for making him frown. "That quickly? That's great!" Grins the girl, "Things are going really smoothly with this. I thought it was going to take a while, with zoning license and red tape and all that sort of thing." His contacts must be doin a lot of the work on that. "Is your uncle helping you out with that?" Mike. Deckard. Hopefully going public won't bring trouble.

"Who could hate Prince?" Girls who drop sticks on skateboarders and burst soda cans with heat, that's who. "It helps to know the mayor's son." Brian admits with a little triumphant smirk. "Right.. about uncle Mike." Brian takes a look around. "You know how—what I do. Isn't you know.. the most-uhh.." Wild gesticulating, "Upstanding type of thing? Mike is his fakename. His real name is Flint. Flint Deckard. You remember that name, okay? If you ever get in trouble. He can be trusted. He's a dick. But he can be trusted." Brian assures her.

Kameron laughs, "Well, in her defense he did make her drop her soda the first night they met, and then today he made her drop her lunch. I guess that didn't really help them be friendly. "Wait — you know the mayor's son?" Kameron blinks behind her glasses, and immediately wishes she hadn't. Stupid. . fricking..
She turns her head away, thoughtfully, and closes her eyes again, "And you were saying I never told you I knew a famous person." She's obviously teasing him from the grin and amused tone in her voice. And then Brian goes on about 'Uncle Mike', causing her to turn back in his direction. "…yeees.." is a slow drawl, until the explanation continues. "Wait, so he's not your Uncle?" TSK. "… Flint Deckard, huh?" Deckard is a d.. there is a slight /clearing/ of her throat at that. Hopefully Joe wasn't in earshot. "Okay, I'll .. remember the name." Whatever good it did her.

"Just.. don't wear tight clothes around him. Or bend over. Or talk.. And he's a great guy." He assures her. "Yeah he's not my step-cousin's uncle. He's.. One of my contacts." Brian informs her, still deciding 'my armsdealer' sounds too strong. Not that he would hide his proffession from her, just that a little tact would probably be good, here. A little smirk, "Well.. If anyone knew I knew the Mayor's son. I don't know, there might be eyebrows raised. He's connected." Hopefully that term will make sense to her by now. Bringing his arm off of her shoulders, "Deckard has x-ray vision. I was thinking maybe he could teach you how to use your vision better." He suggests, his voice low.

"I don't think I have any tight clothes," Kameron muses. ".. I don't think I can prevent myself from bending over or talking though," the brunette adds with a laugh. Surely it's an exaggeration of Brian's. She's thoughtful a moment, "Well no one's going to hear that sort of thing from me- I don't exactly know all that many movers and shakers, and the ones I do know probably don't even care."
An eyebrow twitches upwards briefly curiously, "He does?" … no, she doesn't think about the possibility of /him/ looking through clothes, since the only time that ever happened with her was by accident. Long ago. Surely Deckard wouldn't be so crass, right? right? "Maybe, but.. don't get your hopes up, okay?" She smiles hesitantly. "Anyway, how has Abby been?" Blindly (literally!) plowing ahead, "She should be back from her parents by now right? I guess we've been missing each other."

Mayday! Mayday! Get out of the way! Whatever Kameron just said pushes the shutdown button and pulls the power cord. He just stops dead in his tracks, brows furrowing deepy, hands hanging limply at his sides as his eyes go down. It's not supposed to be a show of how angry or upset he is, but if she could see it might look that way. He just stands there for a bit staring down, mouth shut tight. Steady breathing…

Uhoh. UH OH. Kameron actually gets a few steps ahead of him when she realizes he isn't walking with her. "…" UM. Kameron pulls back on the leash to stop Prince, "Joe don't go too far!" Is another caution to the yellow, red and orange shape ahead of them. And then she turns towards Brian, realizing that somehow, she just stepped in it.
"Brian…?" Her voice drops to a softer, concerned tone, and she approaches Brian again, a hand reaching out to get his attention via a light touch to the arm, "…what is it? What happened..?"

Get a hold of yourself. Joe's here. Kameron is here. Looking up he offers a reassuring smile that isn't reassuring it all. A little shake of his head. "I'm fine." The tone doesn't sound fine. In an attempt to reassure her, he simply shrugs off her hand from his arm, moving forward. Though it may seem a little angrier than he intended. Stepping forward, "Come on. Let's get inside." He suggests, moving forward once again.

…. Kameron doesn't follow right away. Brian is mad. At her? But why? There were only two things she had brought up. Abby, and her request that he not get his hopes up about the training and things. So what would have upset him? Abby is his friend, so he couldn't be mad about that. Maybe it was ..
Swallowing, and tapping her forehead with a finger for her own stupidity, Kameron and Prince continue into the apartment, where Kammy releases the dog and fidgets a bit. Should she approach Brian and apologize? … Of COURSE she should. It would be several days of awkwardness if she didn't.
A quick glance of the apartment to mark locations as best she can - small boy shaped blob, dog shaped blob .. "Listen.. Brian." She swallows, stepping forward, "I.. I'm sorry, I didn't mean.."

Turning to face her, a smirk scrapes across his lips despite himself. "You're so sweet." His tone still sounds wounded, the lyrics contradicting the tune. Stepping forward, he goes to take her wrist, going to wrap his arm around her back. Bringing her close to him. "Abby was kidnapped." He whispers softly into her ear. His eyes darting to find Joe's location.

She's sweet? That's not what she'd expected to hear from someone who might be mad …oh wait, he's not mad. Erming softly as she's pulled into the hug, she draws in a soft breath that is probably a gasp at the whispered words. Abby was what? "Wh… what?" Oh poor Abby! And Brian was obviously really upset by this news. "I… Oh, Brian I had no idea -" She pulls away, frowning in concern, "When..? I- I mean h.." When, where, how and who - questions she probably shouldn't ask. As upset as he was, and she had to go and PUT HER FOOT IN HER MOUTH. Way to go, Kam. He'd been in such a ..well, relatively good mood too.

"That's what I was meeting Uncle Mike for." He says in soft tones. "I'm the search party." He informs, giving a little shrug he goes to sit on the couch. "People use her for her power." The young man informs with a sigh. "Someone wants a healer." Brian mutters.

All this subterfuge and secret names and things. Kameron kind of wonders just what sort of people she was involving herself with here. Oh well. "Because she's a healer.." She folds her arms and paces over to sit on the far end of the couch, facing Brian. ".. so someone wants a healer to.. heal injuries or .. or sickness? Do you have any idea who or ..where she is?

"No idea. Who would force a healer.." He raises up his hands in exasperation. "No idea. I have to find her though. I was supposed to take her to the airport." His tone is angry again. "But she let that idiot Magnes take her." He practically growls now. "I wouldn't have let anything happen to her. Why did she change her mind, God.." Lowering his head, he goes to support it with one hand.

Kameron is silent for a few minutes, shaking her head. Who -WOULD- force a healer to heal? "Someone desperate." At the anger in Brian's voice, Kameron is silent, waiting for him to get at least some of the anger out. "You're going to find her," she points out quietly, calmly; a total contrast from Brian's anger. "There are others helping you aren't there? I mean, not just others of -you- but other people. Like your Uncle."
As for why Abby changed her mind? "I don't know," Kameron answers honestly, even though it's probably a hypothetical comment to make. "You can ask her when she's found." Not if, when. The important thing is to think positively and hope - and more and more, Kameron was beginning to think that positivity and hope was dying in the city.
Good thing she has a surplus of it!

"I'm going on a run." Brian mutters, clasping his knees he pushes up on them. Taking a step away from the couch he looks over his shoulder, sympathy there for a moment. "I'm not mad at you. I just need to think. I'm upset. You've been amazing KamKam." The young man lets out before going to wherever he has been storing his clothes.

Well, Running *IS* a good way to vent some of that excess anger. "All right."Kameron says slowly, head following Brian as she hears him moving around. She doesn't think she's been amazing in any shape or form, considering she was responsible for killing his previously good mood. Maaan. "I'll keep an eye on Joe while you're out." Only not -LITERALLY-. She'd just entertain the little one for a while. Without being able to see him.

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