Us Military Stabalizes Madagascar

AFRICA, Madagascar — The world was shocked into activity on the morning before Christmas Eve by a stunning display of military power covertly brought into operation by the United States of America. Operation Madagascar Freedom (also known as Operation: Apollo's Arrow) commenced in the pre-dawn hours off the west coast of the beleaguered island nation of Madagascar. Led by an airstrike launched from the USS George Washington, a strike force of unknown size was inserted into the capital of Madagascar to remove the nation's dictator General Edmond Rasoul from power.

General Rasoul officially seized power on March 20th after an assassination of the nation's Prime Minister Pascal Ramahatra. However even prior to the Prime Minister's assassination, Madagascar had been a hotbed of strife following a brutal genetic cleansing as a result of the infamous 2007 speech by then Senator Nathan Petrelli revealing the Evolved to the world.

The United States had repeatedly warned General Rasoul to return control of the government of Madagascar to the hands of its people and step down, but repeated threats against the United States and intelligence confirming atrocities and war crimes committed within the country forced the nation to act.

In coordination with internal freedom-fighting elements of the Malagasy people, the United States military was able to successfully perform a precision strike against General Rasoul's military assets and cripple his armed forces. Word out of the nation indicates that General Rasoul was killed in the assault, and that his supporters and remaining military element are surrendering under the presence of the United States military's forces.

As of January First, a coalition force consisting of soldiers from Great Britain, France, Germany and Canada will supplement the US military forces on ground in restoring law and order to the Malagasy people and institute a transitionary government until such a time that the nation is able to recover from the conditions instituted by the General in his grasp of power.

President Nathan Petrelli attended a brief press-conference today to say that he was "Exteremely proud of the bravery of the United States military and those whom closely worked with them to ensure that America remains a force for peace and stability in the world." He continued to say that he, "Wishes the best for the people of Madagascar, and hopes that the hearts of the world will reach out to aid these people in this difficult time."

Critics of the Petrelli administration are up in arms about the prospect of another military occupation taking place while the nation's armed forces are spread thing across Iraq and Afghanistan. Only time will tell whether the US occupation of Madagascar will lead to stability in the troubled region or become yet another prolonged occupation in the shades of the Middle East.

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