Vaccinations Made Public

On the evening news of the 4th, every news program worth watching is proud to report that the vaccination for the H5N10 "Evolved flu" will be made available starting on the morning of the 5th, available at all local hospitals and most clinics, as well as immunization set ups at schools and community centers. These are, of course, free of charge. However, you need to be Registered in order to be eligible for the vaccine, and Registration stations have started showing up at the same places to encourage Evolved to come forward if they wish to be immunized.

There is also reiteration that any Evolved who feels they are suffering the effects of the flu are encouraged to get in contact with the Coler-Goldwater Hospital and seek immediate care. Transportation for those unable to provide such for themselves will be offered.

OOC Note: Obviously this is all true and can be expected to be seen ICly. It is also possible that sites where vaccines are being distributed are also watched carefully by law enforcement, pretty obviously so.

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