Vaccine Shipment Raided
Date April 20, 2010
Relevant Logs Impact

STATEN ISLAND, New York — A late night shipment of vaccine for the H5N10 virus bound for the reclaimed zone of Staten Island was attacked today by an unknown gang of Evolved terrorists. The shipment, being safeguarded to its location by two members of New York City's FRONTLINE unit were ambushed on route 440 from New Jersey.

According to the truck driver and his passenger who both survived the raid, the attackers ambushed the truck when a masked man punched through the vehicle's engine block, causing the van to stop dead in the highway. Armed individuals emerged out onto the street and removed the driver while members of FRONTLINE attempted to bring the situation under control.

A detonation of a grenade caused an avalanche of the twenty-foot high snowbanks on either side of the street, allowing the group of attackers to escape with the shipment of vaccine. The Department of Homeland Security assures that they have leads they are following in the investigation and are working towards apprehending the individuals involved.

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