Vasya Grigorovich
Vasya Grigorovich
Portrayed By Patrick Bauchau
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Illusions
Age 63
Date of Birth November 11th, 1945
Occupation Alcoholic
Family Estranged
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance Upcoming
Last Appearance

Once upon a time…

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, there lived a famous acrobat. He was a brave young man, aspiring to entertain the children of his distant land as performers before entertained him. One day, he met a young dancer, who's grace and beauty was unmatched by any other of the land. The acrobat fell in love with the dancer, and together they would perform and warm the hearts of every village they traveled to.

One day, they were blessed with a wonderful daughter, a bright and beautiful young girl who brought nothing but joy to their lives. And so they traveled the land as a family, performing and entertaining, bringing smiles and laughter with them wherever they went.

But eventually, the dancer and the acrobat realized that something was wrong with their beautiful daughter. For whenever she was around, strange and unexplainable things would happen. Eventually, the other people of the circus began to fear her, and fear the dancer and the acrobat, saying she was cursed.

"No!" The dancer cried, "She is gentle, and kind, and would never harm anyone! That was just an accident!"

"Lies!" The juggler would shout, "She is jealous and fitful and restless! What of the poor barker!?"

"No!" The acrobat cried, "She is sweet, and innocent, and knows only kindness! That was just an accident!"

"Lies!" The lion tamer would shout, "She is spiteful and vindictive and now they are all dead!"

And so with a broken heart, the dancer and the acrobat knew not what else to do, and they fled from their beloved circus, from the life they knew and the cheer they brought. They fled with their beloved daughter, to a cold and dark city perpetually shrouded in snow, ruled by a cruel king and his tyrannical army.

The dancer and the arcobat sunk into sadness, and their beloved daughter no longer saw the smiles that would light up their faces. The dancer no longer danced, and she would stare long and tired out the windows at the snowy land around her.

The acrobat no longer tumbled, he sat with his flask and his cup, and stared long into the snow and the cold that sunk into his bones. They knew not smiles or happiness.

"Mother?" the girl asked, "Do you still love me?"

"Of course we do, my darling dear." The dancer would say, without light in her eyes.

"Father?" the girl asked, "Do you still love me?"

"Of course we do, my precious princess." The acrobat would say, without cheer in his heart.

"Then I will still love you." She would add, full of hope and honesty.

But one night, the acrobat could no longer bear to look at his young girl. For even after they left the circus, strange and terrible things would still happen. Strange figments and ghosts haunting the dancer and the acrobat, and he realized that the juggler and the lion tamer were right, that the girl was wicked.

"My precious princess," the acrobat said, "Let me run you a hot bath, to take out the winter chill"

"Yay!" His daughter cheered, "Thank you father!"

And so the acrobat would run his daughter a bath, and when she was most comfortable, held gently held her head in the warm water. He would hold her there as the tugged, and thrashed, and splashed. He loved her so much, but he had no smiles to give to the children, and no smiles of his own.

"No!" The dancer cried, seeing what was happening. She was frightened, and saved the young girl from the acrobat. "How could you do this!?" She asked, her heart broken.

"I was saving our smiles." The acrobat pleaded, his beart broken as well. But the dancer would hear none of this. She could no longer tend to his drawn scowl; his flask and cup. The dancer and her precious daughter fled, leaving the tired old acrobat all alone.

And when they were gone, and he was all by himself in the land of snow and ice, with the tyrannical king and his army. He would never truly be alone, because the ghosts and spirits that haunted this place would always remain.

For his young daughter was not the one who was cursed after all; It was he.

And he would never be able to tell her how sorry he was, no matter how hard he shouted, or how loud he cried.

And the acrobat grew into a lonely, and old man.

Kept company by his shadows, and his ghosts.

In the frozen city, lost in the snow.

Evolved Ability (Illusions)

Vasya Grigorovich possesses the ability to create illusory figments. His ability does not allow him to conceal himself or change his environment, but rather create spectral and illusory creations that can be of any visual design he desires. Vasya's illusions are always exaggerated and slightly abnormal in appearance, with limb just a touch too long, or faces too gaunt to be healthy. Even if he tries to mimic someone's appearance, they look thin and drawn out, their features exaggerated to charicatures.

Vasya can create illusions anywhere within his line of sight, but the further an illusion is away from him, the less detail it possesses. Were he able to have binoculars or a telescope, he could create an illusion out to the range of the vision. He has never tested the furthest range of his capability. As long as Vasya can observe an area, he can create an illusion there, as long as he has line of sight. He could not watch a security camera and create an illusion in a room, but if he were on a rooftop he could create an illusion at street level, but it would be indistinct and vague in detail and clearly not able to pass as anything quite real, unless he had a way of viewing closer.

Vasya's illusions have no tactile stimulation, and if touched they are passed through as if they were smoke or mist, having a semi-tangible presence, but no solidity. They have no smell or taste, and can only create sounds as long as he is close enough to hear them.

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